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Chance Miller / 9to5Mac:
Apple says its OpenELM model doesn't power any AI features, including Apple Intelligence, after a report said Apple used YouTube subtitles to train the model  —  Earlier this week, an investigation detailed that Apple and other tech giants had used YouTube subtitles to train their AI models.
Arjun Kharpal / CNBC:
Global chip stocks fell sharply after reports of tighter export restrictions from the US and comments from Trump, who said Taiwan should pay the US for defense  —  WATCH NOW  —  Global chip stocks fell sharply, with ASML, Nvidia and TSMC posting declines amid reports of tighter export restrictions …
Cagan Koc / Bloomberg:
Ina Fried / Axios:
Meta plans to withhold future multimodal AI models in the EU due to what the company says is a lack of clarity from regulators; text-only models will be offered  —  - Apple similarly said last month that it won't release its Apple Intelligence features in Europe because of regulatory concerns.
Vitalik Buterin:
People in crypto should not choose political allegiances based on who claims to be “pro-crypto”, as such politicians might go against crypto's underlying goals  —  Over the last couple of years, “crypto” has become an increasingly important topic in political policy …
The Information:
New York Times:
Shaurya Malwa / CoinDesk:
Indian crypto exchange WazirX says one of its multisig wallets “experienced a security breach” after $230M+ in withdrawals; WazirX had $500M in holdings in June  —  One of the exchange's multisig wallets experienced a security breach, the exchange confirmed in an X post.
Joseph Cox / 404 Media:
Leaked documents: Cellebrite couldn't forcibly unlock an iPhone running iOS 17.4 or newer as of April 2024; most of the listed Android devices could be unlocked  —  The leaked April 2024 documents, obtained and verified by 404 Media, show Cellebrite could not unlock a large chunk of modern iPhones.
Tribe AI:
Build AI products that matter  —  Tribe AI helps organizations rapidly deploy AI solutions that have real business impact.  We bring together world class AI talent and tooling to drive differentiated results.
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Sheila Chiang / CNBC:
TSMC reports Q2 revenue up 40.1% YoY to $20.82B and net income up 36.3% YoY to $7.62B, both above estimates, as demand for advanced AI chips continue to surge  —  Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company on Thursday beat revenue and profit expectations in the second quarter …
Carl Franzen / VentureBeat:
OpenAI researchers detail an algorithm by which LLMs can learn to better explain themselves to their users and improve the legibility of their outputs  —  One of the most interesting and useful slang terms to emerge from Reddit in my opinion is ELI5, from its subreddit of the same name …

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