September 21, 2018, 10:45 AM

September 21, 2018

10:10 AM  •
Mark Coppock / Digital Trends:  Review: HP's Chromebook x2 has outstanding build quality, great performance, very good battery life, but screen is a little wobbly in laptop mode
9:32 AM  •
iFixit:  Teardown reveals iPhone XS has a notched L-shaped battery, iPhone XS Max has an extended logic board with an Apple-designed power management chip
8:55 AM  •
Christopher Mims / Wall Street Journal:  A look at how Amazon Prime has compelled Target, Walmart, and many Google Express vendors to offer “free” two-day shipping and the challenges in matching Amazon
8:35 AM  •
Taylor Soper / GeekWire:  Trucking and freight-booking startup Convoy raises $185M Series C led by CapitalG at a $1B valuation, bringing its total raised to $265M
7:50 AM  •
Jennifer Pak / Marketplace:  China's “pay-for-knowledge” economy, primarily podcasts with subscription fees, is estimated at $7.3B in 2017, compared to US ad-driven podcast revenue of $314M
7:05 AM  •
Wall Street Journal:  In letter to Congress, Google confirms it continues to allow third-party apps to scan and share data from Gmail accounts, though Google itself stopped doing so
5:00 AM  •
Dan Thorp-Lancaster / Windows Central:  Bing rolls out AMP support for searches on the mobile web two years after adding support for the protocol to its mobile apps
2:05 AM  •
Sara Salinas / CNBC:  Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya appears unconcerned about the string of exits from the firm and says it will no longer raise outside capital
12:30 AM  •
GeekWire:  A roundup of all the major announcements from Amazon on Thursday, from a new microwave to a subwoofer to new Alexa skills and developer tools

September 20, 2018

11:41 PM  •
Alex Heath / Cheddar:  Sources: Facebook plans to unveil its “Portal” video chat device for home with Alexa support next week; it will come in two screen sizes for ~$400 and ~$300
11:10 PM  •
Catalin Cimpanu / ZDNet:  China-based Huazhu Hotels Group says hacker who was selling 1.415GB data on millions of its guests and tried to blackmail the chain, has been arrested
10:00 PM  •
Alex Barinka / Bloomberg:  Farfetch, the UK-based marketplace for high-end fashion and luxury goods, prices its US IPO at $20 per share, above the expected $17 to $19 range, raising $885M
9:50 PM  •
Timothy J. Seppala / Engadget:  PlayStation Now announces subscribers can download PS4 and remastered PS2 games, as the service becomes more like Xbox Game Pass
9:00 PM  •
Patricia Hernandez / The Verge:  RIAA: revenues from streaming up 28% YoY to $3.4B in H1 2018, accounting for 75% of recorded music revenue; 75% of streaming revenue comes from subscriptions
8:20 PM  •
CNN:  Google confirms the personal Gmail accounts of an unspecified number of US senators and Senate staff have been targeted by foreign government hackers
7:55 PM  •
Casey Newton / The Verge:  Instagram is testing a way for users to reshare posts from other accounts to their own feeds; obtained screenshots suggest the feature is early in development
7:35 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Facebook says that for future political campaigns, it will pull back from dedicated on-site support like the kind it provided to Trump's 2016 campaign
7:20 PM  •
Andrew Gebhart / CNET:  Amazon introduces Wi-Fi Simple Setup to automatically share a user's home wireless network credentials with compatible smart home devices
7:15 PM  •
Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge:  Hulu rolling out an updated web interface designed for watching shows on a computer that shows more options and controls
7:10 PM  •
Tom Simonite / Wired:  Amazon says it is experimenting with giving Alexa a rudimentary form of emotional awareness, such as listening for the sound of frustration in a person's voice
6:50 PM  •
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:  Microsoft says Skype is coming to Amazon Alexa devices later this year, letting Alexa users make outgoing voice and video calls, accept incoming calls, and more
6:25 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Amazon introduces APL, a design language for building Alexa skills for devices with screens, says APL-powered skills coming to Alexa device owners next month
5:45 PM  •
Motherboard:  Facebook says it is reviewing its policies on white supremacy, white nationalism, and white separatism after a backlash from civil rights groups
5:20 PM  •
Sara Salinas / CNBC:  Online ticketing company Eventbrite closes up 59% on its first day of trading after raising $230M in its IPO at a $1.76B valuation
5:15 PM  •
Laura Stevens / Wall Street Journal:  How Amazon wants to win the smart home with Alexa Connect Kit, a wireless circuit board that manufacturers can add to any device that has a microcontroller
5:00 PM  •
Hayley Peterson / INSIDER:  Sources: Amazon plants empty packages with fake labels in delivery trucks to catch drivers who are stealing
4:45 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Sources: Uber is in early talks to buy London-based food-delivery company Deliveroo for several billion dollars; Deliveroo was last valued at more than $2B
4:42 PM  •
Josh Ye / Abacus:  Twitch website is currently not accessible in China and its app has disappeared from the App Store, indicating that Twitch may have been blocked in the country
4:27 PM  •
Shannon Vavra / Axios:  John Bolton says Trump signed off on a new national cyber strategy to guide how the administration handles cyberthreats, offensive and defensive cybersecurity
4:12 PM  •
Ron Miller / TechCrunch:  Adobe says it is acquiring the marketing automation company Marketo for $4.75B
3:45 PM  •
Dani Deahl / The Verge:  Amazon unveils Alexa Connect Kit, a module with Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, and a real-time OS that companies can put in their products in order to make them smart
3:35 PM  •
Kirsten Korosec / TechCrunch:  Alexa Hunches use AI to help Alexa learn from and predict user behavior to offer suggestions and reminders; Amazon expects to roll them out later this year
3:14 PM  •
Dan Primack / Axios:  Sources: Meredith Perry has stepped down as CEO of uBeam, the controversial wireless charging startup she founded in 2011
3:05 PM  •
Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge:  Amazon adds Alexa Guard to Echo devices enabling them to notify users of sounds like smoke alarms or breaking glass
2:55 PM  •
Mallory Locklear / Engadget:  Amazon updates the $179.99 Ring Stick Up camera and adds a wired version with an ethernet cable, available for preorder now and shipping Oct. 18
2:48 PM  •
Brian Heater / TechCrunch:  Amazon unveils Echo Auto, a $49.99 dash mounted in-car accessory that puts Alexa in any car with an aux jack and gives directions using Waze
2:35 PM  •
John Falcone / CNET:  Amazon announces a DVR called Fire TV Recast, shipping Nov. 14 in two versions: a 2-tuner 500GB model for $229.99 and a 4-tuner 1TB model for $279.99
2:25 PM  •
Jessica Conditt / Engadget:  Amazon's $29.99 Echo Wall Clock connects to nearby Echo devices via Bluetooth to track and display timers via LEDs around its rim
2:22 PM  •
Brian Heater / TechCrunch:  Amazon announces an update to the $229.99 Echo Show, with a 10" display, Dolby speakers, an eight microphone array, built-in Skype, third party browsers, more
2:15 PM  •
Ashlee Clark Thompson / CNET:  Amazon launches a $59.99 AmazonBasics-branded microwave that works with Alexa-enabled speakers, has built-in WiFi, and an Amazon Dash Replenishment
2:05 PM  •
Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge:  Amazon announces a $24.99 Smart Plug that allows users to turn devices on and off via Alexa remotely and does not require a smart home hub in order to work
1:50 PM  •
Pocket-lint:  Amazon launches $129.99 Echo Sub subwoofer for Echo speakers, $199.99 Echo Link that connects to receivers and amplifiers, and $299.99 Echo Link Amp amplifier
1:40 PM  •
Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge:  Amazon unveils $34.99 Echo Input that can plug into any speaker to turn it into a smart speaker; coming later this year to US, UK, and Germany
1:35 PM  •
Brian Heater / TechCrunch:  Amazon will add a whisper feature to Alexa, allowing the assistant to whisper back or play a song quietly when whispered to, as part of Freetime for Kids
1:28 PM  •
Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge:  Amazon announces updates to the $49.99 Echo Dot and $149.99 Echo Plus speakers with updated designs and improved sound quality, shipping Oct. 11
1:05 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Instagram app code shows new potential features like adding hashtags without including them in captions, geofenced posts, quiz stickers, and video tagging
12:35 PM  •
Alex Wickham / BuzzFeed:  Sources: UK plans Ofcom-like regulator with powers to enforce new regulations on legal content and behavior online, fines for non-removal of illegal content
12:05 PM  •
Malvika Joshi / Livemint:  Amazon and Indian private equity firm Samara to buy More retail chain with 500+ locations; sources say for around $580M with Amazon owning 49% of the company
11:30 AM  •
Shalini Ramachandran / Wall Street Journal:  ESPN says it has signed up more than 1M paying subscribers for ESPN+, its $4.99 a month streaming service launched in April
11:15 AM  •
Alex Wilhelm / Crunchbase News:  Eventbrite prices its IPO at $23 per share, at the top end of the range, raising $230M and valuing the company at $1.76B
10:55 AM  •
Lucas Shaw / Bloomberg:  Study: online ad sales will increase 16% this year to $106.6B, accounting for more than half of all US ad sales
10:35 AM  •
Dani Deahl / The Verge:  Spotify says it will now allow indie artists to directly upload their music to the service; the upload feature is debuting in beta on an invite-only basis in US
10:30 AM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Israel-based WalkMe, which helps users navigate the features of other web-based services, raises $40M Series F led by IVP, source says at a $1B+ valuation
10:25 AM  •
James Trew / Engadget:  GoPro Hero 7 Black review: much improved stabilization, improved UI, and native live streaming make it a winner, though there is no improvement in battery life
10:10 AM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Cloud-based unified communications provider Vonage to acquire NewVoiceMedia, a UK-based startup that builds cloud-based contact centers, for $350M
9:55 AM  •
Paul Vigna / Wall Street Journal:  Crypto pioneer David Chaum is unveiling Elixxir, a platform that promises to improve on bitcoin's speed by processing thousands of transactions a second
9:45 AM  •
Sam Kim / Bloomberg:  Sources: Samsung is planning to curtail growth in memory chip output next year to keep supplies tight and keep prices high, amid an expected slowing in demand
9:35 AM  •
Sean O'Kane / The Verge:  GoPro launches Hero 7 Black with live-streaming, super slow motion, smooth stabilization, and 4K video at 60 fps for $399, going on sale September 27
9:25 AM  •
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:  MariaDB announces that it has acquired Clustrix, a scale-out database and drop-in MySQL replacement, and that cloud computing company ServiceNow is an investor
9:15 AM  •
Natt Garun / The Verge:  Amazon is holding a surprise event in Seattle at 1pm ET today to announce new hardware
9:00 AM  •
Noam Cohen / New Yorker:  Reporter says Linus Torvalds' decision to temporarily step away from Linux maintenance came after he was asked a series of questions about his conduct
8:15 AM  •
Mike Wheatley / SiliconANGLE:  Google announces Cloud Memorystore for Redis leaves beta, vulnerability scanning for Container Registry, partnership with NEC Corp. to expand GCP in Japan
7:20 AM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  A look at Facebook Dating, which launches today in Colombia as a test and limits users to expressing their interest in a maximum of 100 people per day
6:45 AM  •
Wall Street Journal:  A look at how Google decides on Gmail's Smart Reply suggestions, which make up 10% of all Gmail responses, as the feature gets rolled out to all 1.4B accounts
6:00 AM  •
Patrick McGeehan / New York Times:  A remote corner of New York, which once attracted heavy industry, is coping with an influx of Bitcoin speculators, lured by an abundance of cheap electricity
4:25 AM  •
Kate King / Wall Street Journal:  Research: New York City startups closed ~1,500 deals worth $12B last year, nearly double the $6.3B in capital invested in 2014 for a similar number of deals
3:40 AM  •
BBC:  Equifax fined the maximum £500,000 by UK's Information Commissioner's Office for failing to protect the personal data of ~15M Britons in 2017 breach
2:55 AM  •
Securelist:  Overview of the most popular attack vectors against IoT devices and which are most often compromised: MikroTik devices top the list, followed by TP-Link
2:10 AM  •
Jessica Davies / Digiday:  Multiple publisher sources claim Google Ad Manager has been down for several weeks; Google confirms issues but says the problem had been global for only 3 days
1:35 AM  •
Lulu Yilun Chen / Bloomberg:  Chinese on-demand services provider Meituan-Dianping closes up 5.3% on its first day of trading in Hong Kong after raising $4.2B in its IPO
1:20 AM  •
Madhav Chanchani / The Economic Times:  Indian Twitter-like social platform ShareChat, which supports multiple regional languages, raises ~$100M led by Shunwei Capital, at a $460M valuation
12:45 AM  •
Anna Hensel / VentureBeat:  Quantum Metric, an enterprise SaaS startup that helps companies calculate how much revenue is lost from bad website design, announces $25M Series A led by IVP

September 19, 2018

11:40 PM  •
Anna Baydakova / CoinDesk:  Coinbase hires Brian Brooks, former Fannie Mae executive VP and general counsel, as its chief legal officer
10:35 PM  •
CNN:  DOD's new Cyber Strategy will allow the military to use offensive hacking operations to defend against cyberattacks on election systems and the energy grid
10:05 PM  •
Wolfie Zhao / CoinDesk:  Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Zaif says it was hacked and ~$60M worth of cryptocurrency, including 6,000 bitcoin, were stolen from exchange's hot wallets
9:05 PM  •
Suzanne Barlyn / Reuters:  John Hancock, one of the largest life insurers in the US, will now only sell policies that track fitness and health data via wearable devices and smartphones
8:30 PM  •
Zack Whittaker / TechCrunch:  Researcher shares flaw, reported to Western Digital in April 2017, that bypasses admin password for WD's My Cloud NAS drives; WD says fix coming in a few weeks
7:10 PM  •
Alyza Sebenius / Bloomberg:  Report says illicit cryptocurrency mining has surged 459% in 2018 YoY and that the spike is tied to the 2017 US government leak of hacking tool EternalBlue
6:10 PM  •
Jordan Pearson / Motherboard:  The developers of Bitcoin Core, the most popular client software for Bitcoin, patch a serious flaw that could have let anyone bring down the network for ~$80K
5:45 PM  •
Chris Hall / Pocket-lint:  Echo Sub, an Alexa-powered subwoofer, leaked via, listed at £75, coming Oct. 11, can be paired with one or two Echo devices for stereo pairing
5:45 PM  •
Chris Hall / Pocket-lint: listing leaks Amazon Smart Plug, an Alexa-enabled plug to add voice control to any electrical socket, listed at £95 and releasing on Oct. 11
5:20 PM  •
Daniel Eran Dilger / AppleInsider:  Counterpoint Research: in Q2, Apple sold 43% of all $400+ phones and 88% of $800+ phones globally, and took 62% of global handset profits
5:10 PM  •
BuzzFeed News:  Ethereum cofounder Gavin Wood wrote a blog post in 2013 in which he described having sex with an 11- or 12-year-old girl dying of AIDS; Wood says it was fiction
4:50 PM  •
Zack Whittaker / TechCrunch:  Cloudflare says it is rolling out resource public key infrastructure to all of its customers to stop route leaks and route hijackings
4:15 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Strategy Analytics: in Q2, Google Home Mini led with 20% smart speaker marketshare on 2.3M shipments, and Amazon Echo Dot had 18% market share with 2.2M shipped
3:38 PM  •
Spencer Soper / Bloomberg:  Sources: Amazon is considering a plan to open up to 3,000 Amazon Go cashierless stores by 2021
3:25 PM  •
Kyle Wiggers / VentureBeat:  IBM announces cloud service to help businesses detect and mitigate AI bias and launches an open source bias-mitigating toolkit called AI Fairness 360
3:10 PM  •
Foo Yun Chee / Reuters:  EU sources: Facebook may face sanctions because it has yet to comply with EU consumer rules; Airbnb has made necessary changes in response to regulatory demands
2:55 PM  •
Nat Levy / GeekWire:  Documents show Nest's plans to enter the digital health business via the acquisition of Senosis, a startup focused on smartphone-based health monitoring systems
2:26 PM  •
New York Times:  Inside Facebook's election “War Room”, which will be the company's hub for safeguarding elections around the world
2:20 PM  •
Jillian D'Onfro / CNBC:  Alibaba's Jack Ma recants promise to Trump, made early last year, to help US economy add one 1M jobs, citing the current state of US-China trade relations
2:10 PM  •
Arjun Kharpal / CNBC:  British P2P lending startup Funding Circle sets IPO range at £4.20 to £5.30/share, hopes to raise £300M and be valued up to £1.8B after IPO
1:40 PM  •
Andy Hoffman / Bloomberg:  Oil traders and banks, including Citi and ING, partner to form a new platform called Komgo, to develop a blockchain-based system to track commodity transactions
1:17 PM  •
Kelly Weill / The Daily Beast:  Cody Wilson, 3D printed gun advocate, charged with a second degree felony count of sexual assault of a child
1:02 PM  •
Aoife White / Bloomberg:  EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager says regulators are probing how Amazon gathers and uses info on sales made by competitors on Amazon Marketplace
12:40 PM  •
Mitchel Broussard / MacRumors:  Apple finishes paying $15.3B in back taxes to Ireland, prompting EU regulators to drop lawsuit against the country
12:30 PM  •
Ari Levy / CNBC:  Amazon is testing a new site called Scout that recommends products to customers based on their likes and dislikes in categories like furniture and women's shoes
12:17 PM  •
Paul Sawers / VentureBeat:  GitLab raises $100M Series D led by Iconiq Capital at a valuation of $1.1B
12:00 PM  •
Kyle Wiggers / VentureBeat:  Salesforce debuts two new AI voice assistants atop its Einstein platform, Einstein Voice for enterprises and consumer-facing Einstein Voice Bots
11:35 AM  •
Cate Cadell / Reuters:  Alibaba says it will set up a chip subsidiary to make customised AI chips for its cloud and IoT businesses, aims to launch its first AI chip in H2 2019
11:25 AM  •
Devindra Hardawar / Engadget:  Nvidia RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti review: great 4K gaming, excellent cooling, ray tracing tech has potential, but expensive and there are few games optimized for it
11:05 AM  •
Reuters:  Sources: Tencent Music Entertainment Group has confidentially filed for a $2B US IPO, down from the up to $4B rumored earlier
10:52 AM  •
Ashley Carman / The Verge:  Fitbit launches a new premium fitness coaching service called Fitbit Care, available via a new Fitbit Plus app, that also lets users connect with their doctors
10:15 AM  •
Joe Rossignol / MacRumors:  Filings from Chinese regulator TENAA: iPhone XS and XS Max have 4GB of RAM, iPhone XR has 3GB; iPhone XS Max and XR have larger 3,174 and 2,942 mAH batteries
9:50 AM  •
Zack Whittaker / TechCrunch:  Threat researcher: hackers stole customer credit cards in a month-long data breach at online retailer Newegg, between August 14 and September 18
9:35 AM  •
Cade Metz / New York Times:  How companies like Quanergy, Palmer Luckey's Anduril, and Alphabet-supported Cogniac are testing virtual patrols along the US-Mexico border using lidar and AI
9:20 AM  •
Sarah Krouse / Wall Street Journal:  Google partners with T-Mobile to send Google Maps-like location data from Android phones in the US to emergency call centers
9:05 AM  •
Jon Porter / The Verge:  Code snippets in iOS 12.1 beta suggest new iPad to be announced this fall, possibly an iPad Pro with Face ID and an edge-to-edge notched display
8:20 AM  •
Iris Deng / South China Morning Post:  Tencent announces a China-focused platform, which includes WeChat's natural language processing capabilities, to help other companies pursue AI initiatives
7:40 AM  •
Nick Statt / The Verge:  Sony unveils miniature PlayStation Classic console for $99.99, with 20 pre-loaded games, launching on December 3
7:25 AM  •
Sara Fischer / Axios:  eMarketer study: Amazon's ad business will bring in $4.61B this year, putting Amazon at 3rd place, ahead of Microsoft, in its share of the US digital ad market
7:10 AM  •
Dieter Bohn / The Verge:  Apple Watch Series 4 review: beautiful screen, great battery life, and health-tracking features, but Siri is unreliable, and there is no always-on screen option
5:45 AM  •
Elaine Teng / ESPN:  Profile of Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, one of the top Fortnite players in the world who shot to fame in March after he played the game with Drake
2:40 AM  •
Christine Lagorio-Chafkin /  Book excerpt: how Reddit co-founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian patched their fractured friendship and reclaimed Reddit's helm

September 18, 2018

10:55 PM  •
Paul Sawers / VentureBeat:  Google Cloud launches Work Insights, a tool that provides data on G Suite adoption rates and collaboration patterns across teams in a company, available in beta
9:20 PM  •
Garrett M. Graff / Wired:  Court filing: US government seeks to continue FBI work with Mirai botnet hackers, who pled guilty to creating the malware last Dec., as part of their sentencing
7:35 PM  •
ProPublica:  Investigation: 15 employers, including Uber, have advertised jobs on Facebook exclusively to one sex in the past year, with many ads playing to stereotypes
7:25 PM  •
Zack Whittaker / TechCrunch:  Cloudflare adds new “one-click” DNSSEC setup to make it far more difficult to spoof websites, likely increasing the protocol's woeful adoption rate
6:05 PM  •
Larry Dignan / ZDNet:  Salesforce updates Quip, adding a new PowerPoint-like feature called Slides with real-time collaboration, new apps from Dropbox and Box, and Giphy integration
5:45 PM  •
Connie Loizos / TechCrunch:  In a leaked email, Evernote CEO says the company has cut 54 jobs, or 15% of its staff; the news comes amid a recent report that several senior execs have left
5:00 PM  •
Ry Crist / CNET:  Amazon launches the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit, a set of software tools designed for third-party gadgets that connect with Amazon's Echo devices via Bluetooth
4:50 PM  •
Abner Li / 9to5Google:  Google is rolling out Chrome OS 69 with Material Theme, Linux support, Night Light, dictation, and more
4:08 PM  •
Kerry Flynn / Digiday:  HQ Trivia co-founder Colin Kroll becomes CEO, replacing Rus Yusupov, who will take a creative role, as the company previews a new Wheel of Fortune-like game
4:05 PM  •
Alex Konrad / Forbes:  Microsoft says HoloLens apps Remote Assist and Layout generally available on Dynamics 365 along with previews of new AI-infused CRM tools on Oct. 1
4:00 PM  •
Dan Primack / Axios:  HQ Trivia has a new CEO
3:55 PM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  Google Maps is now available on Apple CarPlay with iOS 12, which previously just supported Apple Maps; Waze also plans to support CarPlay in a future update
3:35 PM  •
Yoree Koh / Wall Street Journal:  Women startup founders own 39 cents for every dollar of equity a male founder owns, says study that used anonymized data from more than 6,000 US-based companies
3:20 PM  •
Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:  Ampere launches its first ARM-based eMAG server processors to challenge Intel, with power efficiency, high performance, and high memory capacity
3:10 PM  •
Lucas Matney / TechCrunch:  Illumix, a startup making tools for more dynamic phone-based AR games, raises $8.6M seed round co-led by Maveron and Lightspeed Venture Partners
2:55 PM  •
Nikhilesh De / CoinDesk:  NY AG report on cryptocurrency trading platforms finds many are vulnerable to market manipulation, refers some to regulator for potential legal violations
2:40 PM  •
Steve O'Hear / TechCrunch:  London-based Divido, a marketplace for lenders that offer B2C and B2B financing to customers at checkout, raises $15M Series A
2:25 PM  •
Kyle Wiggers / VentureBeat:  Pinterest rolls out a new API to help brands find and keep track of influencers
2:20 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Instagram to run ads in Stories and feed to point US users over 18 to midterms voting registration info, will let users add an “I Voted” sticker
2:15 PM  •
Megan Farokhmanesh / The Verge:  YouTube extends its $4.99/mo Channel Memberships, previously available only to channels with 100K+ subscribers, to smaller channels with 50K+ subscribers
1:50 PM  •
Kate Clark / TechCrunch:  Agriculture tech startup Indigo raises $250M Series E and launches marketplace to help farmers sell grain online; source: funding values firm at $3.5B
1:25 PM  •
Wall Street Journal:  Sources: as recently as last year, Facebook pressed banks for the ability to use customer financial data passing through Messenger for purposes like advertising
1:20 PM  •
Malte Ubl / Accelerated Mobile Pages Project:  Google says it is moving the AMP project to an open governance model, forms steering committee with reps from other companies
1:10 PM  •
Jon Porter / The Verge:  Shopify adds support for AR Quick Look, an iOS 12 feature that lets users place models of products in real environments from within Safari
12:39 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  YouTube announces it will shut down its standalone Gaming app and launches a new YouTube Gaming destination at, first coming to the US
12:15 PM  •
Andrew J. Hawkins / The Verge:  Lyft passes 1 billion trips six years after its founding, amid some concerns about its future growth ahead of a potential IPO
12:02 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Sources: Tesla under criminal investigation by DOJ over public statements made by Tesla and CEO Elon Musk, alongside a previously-reported civil inquiry by SEC
11:40 AM  •
Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed News:  ACLU files complaint with EEOC against Facebook and 10 other employers, alleging job ads on site were targeted to exclude “female and other non-male” prospects
10:10 AM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Zurich-based WayRay, which develops holographic AR hardware and display tech for cars, raises $80M Series C led by Porsche, source says at a $500M valuation
9:55 AM  •
Dami Lee / The Verge:  Google's Family Link, which allows parents to set screen time limits and more, expands to teens, adds support for Google Assistant, and rolls out worldwide
9:45 AM  •
Polina Marinova / Fortune:  On-demand delivery startup Postmates raises $300M led by Tiger Global, source says at a ~$1.2B valuation, to accelerate its growth across the US
9:30 AM  •
Stephanie Condon / ZDNet:  Mozilla releases Firefox Reality, a web browser built to work with VR and AR headsets, available in the Viveport, Oculus, and Daydream app stores
9:20 AM  •
David Ingram / NBC News:  ACLU, others file formal complaint against Facebook alleging that its advertising platform is being used by prospective employers to discriminate against women
9:05 AM  •
Nicole Lee / Engadget:  Withings launches Steel HR Sport smartwatch with GPS and fitness level analytics via a VO2 max indicator, available for $200 today
8:20 AM  •
Paul Sawers / VentureBeat:  UiPath, which develops AI-based bots that automate mundane enterprise tasks, raises $225M Series C at a $3B valuation from CapitalG, Sequoia Capital, and Accel
7:45 AM  •
Violet Blue / Engadget:  Female ASMR video creators have been permanently banned from PayPal and had funds frozen after 8chan harassment campaign; PayPal says it has no anti-ASMR policy
7:10 AM  •
Nilay Patel / The Verge:  iPhone XS and XS Max review: terrific display, great speakers, and long battery life, but expensive, very good camera but not great, portrait mode a hit or miss
6:55 AM  •
South China Morning Post:  How China is working to expand industrial robot usage tenfold to 1.8M units, 70% of which are to be made in China, up from 30% currently, by 2025
5:30 AM  •
Wall Street Journal:  Google partners with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance to provide Android-powered infotainment systems, with integrated maps, assistant, more, starting in 2021
3:35 AM  •
Biswarup Gooptu / The Economic Times:  Indian ride-hailing service Ola has raised $50M from two Chinese investors at a valuation pegged between $3.7B and $4.3B
12:30 AM  •
Rick Porter / Hollywood Reporter:  HBO and Netflix tie for the most Emmy wins, taking home 23 each; Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel won eight awards; Hulu won four

September 17, 2018

9:10 PM  •
Nick Statt / The Verge:  Twitter update lets users revert to a chronological timeline, says it is working on a way for users to easily switch between algorithmic and chronological feeds
8:45 PM  •
Brian Krebs / Krebs on Security:, used by ~2,300 US government agencies for online payments, has exposed 14M+ customer records dating back to 2012, says issue has now been fixed
7:45 PM  •
Paul Sawers / VentureBeat:  Amazon opens a checkout-free Amazon Go retail store in Chicago, its first such store outside Seattle
7:10 PM  •
New York Times:  Trump placing 10% tariffs on an additional ~$200B in Chinese imports on Sept. 24, drops ~300 types of goods, including smartwatches, from list of those affected
6:40 PM  •
Music Business Worldwide:  Leaked email to Dubai ad agency shows Spotify plans to launch across the Middle East and North Africa in November with a new regional headquarters in Dubai
6:10 PM  •
David Katzmaier / CNET:  Apple releases tvOS 12 for Apple TV and Apple TV 4K, with support for Dolby Atmos audio, NASA screensavers, zero sign-on for some cable apps, and more
6:00 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  Apple launches watchOS 5, with Walkie-Talkie, Apple Podcasts, Siri Shortcuts, new watch faces, raise to speak, new workout types like yoga and hiking, and more
5:06 PM  •
Eugene Kim / CNBC:  Sources: Amazon plans to release at least eight new Alexa-powered devices, including a microwave, an amplifier, and subwoofer, by the end of the year
4:20 PM  •
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:  Microsoft Managed Desktop launches as a subscription service whereby Microsoft provisions, deploys and manages companies' Windows 10 devices
4:12 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  List of some of the iOS apps supporting Siri Shortcuts, now available in the App Store, including Pandora, The Weather Channel, Google News, and Trello
4:07 PM  •
Mike Memoli / NBC News:  Facebook debuts pilot program to expand its security tools and procedures, like 2FA and threat monitoring, for candidates and campaign staff ahead of midterms
3:43 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Instagram Shopping launches personalized Explore channel, expands Stories tags after testing them since June, and lets brands add a shopping bag icon to Stories
3:35 PM  •
Rebecca Smithers / The Guardian:  TripAdvisor plans revamp later this year to include a “travel feed”, to let users follow other travelers or content creators, including major publishers
2:50 PM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Getty Images partners with Amazon to provide images from its catalog of 200M digital pics for searches on the Echo Show and Echo Spot
2:15 PM  •
Nikhilesh De / CoinDesk:  Cloudflare debuts IPFS Gateway, an easy way to access content from the P2P-driven InterPlanetary File System that does not require installing special software
2:05 PM  •
Charlie Osborne / ZDNet:  Researchers disclose 0-day flaw allowing remote code execution on security cameras running Nuuo software, say hundreds of thousands of devices may be affected
1:35 PM  •
Federico Viticci / MacStories:  iOS 12 review: mostly incremental improvements to iOS 11 rather than breaking new ground, except for Siri Shortcuts, which is a productivity playground
1:19 PM  •
Andrew Cunningham / Ars Technica:  Testing shows app launch times on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad Mini 2 improve between 7% and 27% after installing iOS 12
1:07 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  iOS 12 officially launches out of beta, with faster performance, Screen Time, smarter notifications, Memoji, Siri Shortcuts, improved privacy in Safari, more
12:25 PM  •
Lily Hay Newman / Wired:  Facebook expands its bug bounty program to include third-party apps and services that involve improper exposure of Facebook user access tokens
12:25 PM  •
Jason Del Rey / Recode:  Stripe unveils Stripe Terminal, a new service for in-person payments with Warby Parker and Glossier as launch partners, will charge 2.7% plus 5¢ per transaction
12:10 PM  •
Jordan Crook / TechCrunch:  AR startup Blippar announces the close of a $37M financing round, bringing total raised to $137M; the company says it hopes to reach profitability in 12 months
11:25 AM  •
David Meyer / Fortune:  Italian court sentences a man who sold hospitality businesses fake reviews on TripAdvisor to nine months in jail
10:55 AM  •
Catherine Shu / TechCrunch:  Freightos, a marketplace for logistics providers that lets users book, manage and track shipments, raises $44.4M Series C led by Singapore Exchange
10:25 AM  •
Mihir Dalal / Livemint:  Sources: Flipkart has held early-stage talks with Indian video streaming service Hotstar about acquiring a stake in the company
9:50 AM  •
Ron Miller / TechCrunch:  Sisense, a startup that helps customers understand and visualize their data across multiple sources, raises $80M Series E led by Insight Venture Partners
9:20 AM  •
Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge:  Amazon adds a new section to its website called Amazon Storefronts, a retail hub exclusively for US SMBs, featuring 1M+ products from ~20K companies
8:45 AM  •
Catalin Cimpanu / ZDNet:  Security researcher finds a new CSS-based attack that crashes and restarts iPhones after malicious HTML is rendered, like when a user visits a malicious link
7:00 AM  •
Steven Levy / Wired:  Current and former Apple execs including Eddy Cue, Tony Fadell, Greg Joswiak, and John Sculley recount anecdotes from their time at the Infinite Loop campus
5:55 AM  •
Eric Johnson / Recode:  Q&A with Roku CEO Anthony Wood on working at Netflix while running Roku early on, partnering with Chinese TV makers, competing with tech giants, and ads on Roku
4:30 AM  •
Jon Russell / TechCrunch:  Mobile social network Path, which Google reportedly tried to acquire for $100M and which was once raising money at a $500M valuation, is closing down on Oct. 18
2:50 AM  •
South China Morning Post:  A look at 6 of 36 members of Alibaba Partnership, an organization set up in 2010 to ensure the continuity of Alibaba's management after Jack Ma retires
1:05 AM  •
Jessi Hempel / Wired:  WeWork acquires Teem, an office space scheduling and workplace analytics platform, to add to Powered by We product suite; sources: WeWork paid $100M for Teem

September 16, 2018

11:27 PM  •
Shona Ghosh / Business Insider:  UK-based Babylon Health says it will invest $100M in hiring more than 500 researchers, scientists, and engineers over the next year to improve its AI for health
10:55 PM  •
Cherie Hu / Billboard:  MusicWatch: paid music streaming subscribers surpass 50M in US, nearly doubling since end of 2016, with ~20M separate users sharing but not paying for access
10:35 PM  •
Leigh Cuen / CoinDesk:  Coinbase says it plans to expand its New York City office, which caters to institutional clients, to 150 employees next year, up from 20 currently
9:07 PM  •
Danah Boyd / Data & Society:  How extremists exploit tech's respect of “free speech” and media's bias to cover “both sides” to amplify fringe messages and get into mainstream conversation
8:25 PM  •
Chris Welch / The Verge:  Google remotely enabled Battery Saver mode for users running Android 9 Pie, during an “internal experiment”, has since apologized and reset settings to default
7:40 PM  •
Linus Torvalds / LKML Archive on  Linux creator and project lead Linus Torvalds apologizes for years of rude behavior, says he is temporarily stepping away from Linux maintenance to get better
6:51 PM  •
Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg / Wall Street Journal:  Salesforce founder Marc Benioff and his wife, Lynne Benioff, to buy Time Magazine for $190M from Meredith Corp., expecting to close within 30 days
6:05 PM  •
Owen Thomas / San Francisco Chronicle:  Interview with Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, on his philanthropic priorities in SF, and why he invests in schools to help solve the “digital refugee” crisis
4:40 PM  •
CB Insights Research:  Research: healthcare AI startups have raised $4.3B across 576 deals since 2013, topping all other industries in AI deal activity
3:30 PM  •
Sigal Samuel / The Atlantic:  How citizen journalists and scholars are using the internet to find Uighur internment and “reeducation” camps and expose the persecution of minorities in China
2:15 PM  •
Jon Fingas / Engadget:  Facebook seeks to hire a Director of Human Rights Policy to steer investigations into human rights abusers on its platforms
1:10 PM  •
Alana Semuels / The Atlantic:  California law, mandating cannabis-delivery drivers to be classified as employees, shows the real-world effects of changes in gig-economy worker classification
11:35 AM  •
Wall Street Journal:  Amazon confirms it is investigating claims that its employees in US and China accepted bribes for internal data and other confidential info on Amazon merchants

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