January 23, 2022, 4:25 PM

January 23, 2022

3:10 PM  •
Mark Gurman / Bloomberg:  Sources: Apple is readying the widest array of new hardware products in its history this fall; Joe Bass, head of software engineering for Apple's car team left
1:15 PM  •
CNBC:  Dealogic: Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet announced more acquisitions in 2021 than in any other year in the past decade
11:05 AM  •
Chris Metinko / Crunchbase News:  Analysis: AR/VR startups raised nearly $1.9B in Q4 2021, more than any quarter ever, making 2021 the second-best year for AR/VR funding at nearly $3.9B raised
8:05 AM  •
Patricia Allen / EU-Startups:  Berlin-based Lendis, which helps companies set up and manage employees' equipment and software for hybrid work, raises an €80M Series A in equity and debt
2:00 AM  •
Wall Street Journal:  How longstanding disagreements between the FCC and FAA over potential risks to aircraft remained unresolved in the lead up to the 5G C-band rollout in the US

January 22, 2022

10:00 PM  •
Luca Bertuzzi / Euractiv:  EU Parliament passed Digital Services Act, including provisions banning targeted ads based on highly sensitive personal data, limiting dark patterns, and more
7:05 PM  •
Andrew Dickson / New York Times:  How UK stage theater companies are using AR and VR to broadcast productions to viewers at home as the pandemic pushes companies to experiment with new art forms
3:40 PM  •
Christopher Mims / Wall Street Journal:  How advances in semiconductor fabrication equipment are being applied to producing nano-scale microelectromechanical systems, or MEMS
12:15 PM  •
Alex Wilhelm / TechCrunch:  Plaid acquires Cognito, which offers ID verification and compliance services to financial firms, source says for ~$250M in cash and stock
8:50 AM  •
Sneha Shah / The Economic Times:  Bengaluru-based StockGro, a social investment startup with a gamified app for learning about and participating in stock markets, raises a $32M Series A
5:25 AM  •
Christine Hall / TechCrunch:  Nowsta, which runs an on-demand labor marketplace and develops tools to help companies manage their hourly, gig, and flex workers, raises a $41M Series B
2:00 AM  •
Mark Williams / The Columbus Dispatch:  How Ohio attracted Intel to build semiconductor plants, including pursuing execs for eight months, financial incentives, and sustainability commitments
12:30 AM  •
Stefanie Marotta / Bloomberg:  Shopify confirms it canceled contracts with warehouse and fulfillment partners, but says its capacity to handle orders won't be affected; stock closed down 14%

January 21, 2022

10:20 PM  •
Malia Spencer / Portland Business Journal:  Anitian, which offers enterprise cloud security and compliance software, raises a $55M Series B led by Sageview Capital, bringing its total funding to $71M
10:00 PM  •
Bloomberg:  A look at, which will soon be used to verify logins and claims to have uncovered a $400B theft of US pandemic unemployment payments
8:55 PM  •
Vittoria Elliott / Rest of World:  US tech firms are “nearshoring” Latin American talent, lured by cheaper costs and similar time zones, leading to staffing shortages at tech firms in the region
7:25 PM  •
Romain Dillet / TechCrunch:  Berlin-based Moss, which offers a spend management service with credit cards to SMBs, raises a €75M Series B led by Tiger Global at a €500M valuation
6:30 PM  •
Bill Toulas / BleepingComputer:  Researchers: 40 themes and 53 plugins for WordPress downloaded from AccessPress had backdoors dating back to September, giving attackers full admin control
5:45 PM  •
Tracy Wang / CoinDesk:  CoinGecko: since Thursday, the cryptocurrency industry's market cap is down ~20% to ~$1.6T; Bitcoin fell ~20% to ~$34K and Ethereum fell ~30% to ~$2.3K
4:35 PM  •
Frank Pallotta / CNN:  Netflix's stock is down 41% from a November high as US subscriber numbers hit maturity, forcing it chase growth in developing markets and verticals like gaming
3:40 PM  •
Karl Evers-Hillstrom / The Hill:  Amazon spent a record $20.3M and Meta a record $20.1M on US federal lobbying in 2021, both up ~7% YoY; Google spent $9.6M, up 27%; Apple spending fell to $6.5M
2:30 PM  •
Nicole Carpenter / Polygon:  California court orders YouTuber Ruben Sim to pay Roblox $150K and stay off the platform, after Roblox accused him of leading a “cybermob” terrorizing players
1:45 PM  •
Bloomberg Law:  US court rules in favor of pharma giant Merck in a $1.4B legal dispute with insurers who claimed an “Act of War” exclusion to deny coverage for NotPetya losses
1:10 PM  •
Erin Brodwin / Axios:  Health monitoring startup Casana raises a $30M Series B as it gets ready to debut a smart toilet seat that measures heart rate and other vitals
12:55 PM  •
Kim Lyons / The Verge:  Google files to dismiss state AGs' antitrust lawsuit and says in a blog post that allegations of ad auction collusion with Facebook are “more heat than light”
12:30 PM  •
Jason Schreier / Bloomberg:  A group of 34 QA testers at Activision Blizzard's Raven Software vote to unionize with the CWA, and ask the company to voluntarily recognize their union status
12:10 PM  •
Janko Roettgers / Protocol:  Netflix COO says the company is “open to licensing large game IP”; job listings hint it may launch Fortnite-like live service games with regular content updates
11:45 AM  •
Zac Bowden / Windows Central:  Hands-on with a pre-release mid-2018 build of Microsoft's canceled Andromeda OS for dual-screen devices
11:20 AM  •
Bloomberg:  IBM to sell part of Watson Health, including image software offerings and extensive data sets, to private equity firm Francisco Partners, sources say for $1B+
10:56 AM  •
Reuters:  Investigation finds that Binance withheld information from regulators and maintained weak checks on customers even as it publicly welcomed government oversight
9:20 AM  •
Jim Dallke / Chicago Business Journal:  BigTime Software, which helps companies monitor and manage their finances through budgeting, tracking, and invoicing, raises $100M from Vista Equity Partners
8:30 AM  •
Julie Steinberg / Wall Street Journal:  CB Insights: investments in European tech startups rose to a record $93.3B in 2021, up 142% YoY, across 7,051 deals, compared to 5,746 deals in 2020
7:05 AM  •
Kyle Wiggers / VentureBeat:  Crowdbotics, which lets users launch React Native and Django apps without having to learn code, raises a $22M combined seed and Series A
4:00 AM  •
Joanna Ossinger / Bloomberg:  The Graph Foundation, which operates a protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data, raises $50M led by Tiger Global via a sale of its The Graph tokens
1:59 AM  •
New York Times:  Twitter terminated its head of security Peiter “Mudge” Zatko this week, and CISO Rinki Sethi will depart in the coming weeks; both execs joined Twitter in 2020

January 20, 2022

11:05 PM  •
Alana Semuels / TIME:  Intel commits $20B to build at least two semiconductor fabrication plants on a 1,000-acre site by 2025, employing at least 3,000 people in New Albany, Ohio
9:30 PM  •
Nesrine Malik / The Guardian:  How Facebook became indispensable in Africa with its ease of access, importance to small businesses, its facilitating of community organizing, and more
8:30 PM  •
Sue Halpern / New Yorker:  Inside DARPA's Air Combat Evolution program, which aims to design AI that can fly a plane and engage in aerial combat without a human pilot
7:35 PM  •
Tiernan Ray / ZDNet:  Meta details Data2vec, a self-supervised algorithm that unifies the process of training a neural network to learn the same across speech, images, and text
6:40 PM  •
Washington Post:  Analysis: many right-wing personalities saw their followers surge on sites like Telegram, Gab, and Gettr after the January 6 riot, but growth has since stalled
5:55 PM  •
Filipe Espósito / 9to5Mac:  Apple releases iOS 15.3 RC and macOS Monterey 12.2 RC with a fix for Safari 15's IndexedDB API that leaked users' browser history and Google ID to other sites
5:20 PM  •
New York Times:  DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman is leaving Google to join Greylock Partners; Suleyman was stripped of some duties in 2019 for allegedly bullying staff
5:05 PM  •
Coral Murphy Marcos / New York Times:  DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman is leaving Google to join Greylock Partners; Suleyman was stripped of some duties in 2019 for allegedly bullying staff
4:20 PM  •
Todd Spangler / Variety:  Netflix reports Q4 revenue of $7.71B, up 16% YoY, net income of $607M, 222M paid subscribers, and $30B in 2021 revenue, up 19%; stock down 20%+ on weak guidance
3:01 PM  •
Jeff Cox / CNBC:  The US Federal Reserve releases its long-awaited report on a digital dollar but doesn't take a position on issuing one, and seeks public feedback for 120 days
2:40 PM  •
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:  Prophecy, which lets data engineers build workflows by switching between a visual interface and a code editor, raises a $25M Series A led by Insight Partners
2:30 PM  •
John Paczkowski / BuzzFeed News:  Apple names longtime company spokesperson Kristin Huguet as VP of worldwide communications, replacing Stella Low, who is leaving after joining Apple in May 2021
1:45 PM  •
Lauren Feiner / CNBC:  The Senate Judiciary votes 16-6 to advance the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, which would stop platforms from favoring their products over rivals'
1:37 PM  •
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai / VICE:  OpenSea suffered a database outage affecting some services that rely on its APIs to display NFTs, including Twitter and MetaMask; the issue has been fixed
1:25 PM  •
Salvador Rodriguez / Wall Street Journal:  Twitter will let iOS users of its Blue subscription service use NFTs as hexagon-shaped profile pictures
12:35 PM  •
Lydia Moynihan / New York Post:  Sources: TikTok ousted its marketing chief Nick Tran for “going rogue” with plans like TikTok Kitchen, NFTs by Lil Nas X and others, and TikTok Resumes
12:30 PM  •
Nico Grant / Bloomberg:  Current and former members of Google's site reliability group Borg SRE say managers, including the team's leader Pierre Aubert, fostered a toxic environment
12:25 PM  •
Kirsten Korosec / TechCrunch:  Mercedes-Benz plans to use Luminar's lidar tech in future vehicles in exchange for data and services, and takes a small 1.5M share stake in Luminar
12:12 PM  •
Alex Heath / The Verge:  Sources: Google's AR headset could launch in 2024, powered by a custom processor, resembling ski goggles, and no need for an external power connection
11:45 AM  •
Kim Lyons / The Verge:  Meta launches gamified activities on Messenger Kids to help kids learn how to safely use the internet, developed with guidance from online safety experts
11:30 AM  •
Mike Wheatley / SiliconANGLE:  Atom Computing, which aims to build a quantum computer based on neutral atom tech that uses lasers to manipulate individual qubits, raises a $60M Series B
11:10 AM  •
Eric Newcomer / Newcomer:  Profile of Hemant Taneja, who became the sole managing partner of General Catalyst in 2021, as the firm raises a seed, venture, and growth fund totaling $4.6B
11:00 AM  •
Andrew Asmakov / Decrypt: says its breach affected 483 users, resulting in unauthorized cryptocurrencies withdrawals worth ~$33.84M, and all users were reimbursed the same day
10:35 AM  •
Reuters:  Sources: ByteDance revenue grew by 70% YoY to around $58B in 2021, slower than a year earlier when its revenue grew by 100%+ to $34.3B
10:30 AM  •
Mahira Dayal / The Information:  TikTok says it is testing letting creators charge subscriptions for their content
10:25 AM  •
Kyle Alspach / VentureBeat:  Virtru, which offers encryption for data shared over email, SaaS apps, and more, raises a $60M Series C, bringing its total funding to $136.8M
10:25 AM  •
Mark Mulligan / MIDiA Research:  Research: global music subscribers hit 523.9M in Q2 2021, up 26.4% YoY; Spotify had 31% market share; Apple Music, 15%; Amazon Music, 13%, and YouTube Music, 8%
9:40 AM  •
Katie Roof / Bloomberg:  6sense, which offers AI-based sales prediction and marketing tools, raises $200M co-led by Blue Owl and MSD Partners at a $5.2B valuation
9:25 AM  •
Josh Scott / BetaKit:  Montreal-based Shakepay, which lets Canadians buy and sell bitcoin, raises a ~$35M Series A at a $313M valuation led by QED Investors
8:40 AM  •
Jamie Crawley / CoinDesk:  Chicago-based BlockFills, which helps financial institutions build digital asset trading businesses and finances crypto miners, raises a $37M Series A
8:20 AM  •
Reuters:  Russia's central bank proposes banning cryptocurrency use and mining, citing threats to financial stability, citizens' wellbeing, and monetary sovereignty
8:05 AM  •
Maija Palmer / Sifted:  Swiss startup Terra Quantum, which offers cloud-based quantum computing as a service, raises a $60M Series A
8:00 AM  •
Florian Mueller / FOSS Patents:  Apple countersues Ericsson, seeking a US import ban on mobile base stations and proposes that both parties withdraw all patent infringement actions
7:55 AM  •
Kate Park / TechCrunch:  South Korea's Greenlabs, which wants to digitize the entire value chain of agriculture space from crop production to distribution, raises a $140M Series C
7:50 AM  •
Patricia Allen / EU-Startups:  Berlin-based EMnify, which offers a cloud platform for cellular connectivity in the IoT stack, raises €50M from One Peak, bringing its total funding to €70M
7:45 AM  •
Mike Butcher / TechCrunch:  Vienna-based PlanRadar, which digitizes construction and real estate documents and communication, raises a $70M Series B
7:40 AM  •
Swetha Gopinath / Bloomberg:  File sharing service WeTransfer is seeking to raise €125M, less than the €160M initially targeted, in an Amsterdam IPO at up to a €716M valuation
7:35 AM  •
Kurt Schlosser / GeekWire:  Amazon Style, the company's first physical fashion store, will launch in LA later this year, with an app that lets shoppers send items to the fitting room
7:25 AM  •
Manish Singh / TechCrunch:  Chennai-based M2P Fintech, which provides payment infrastructure to legacy banks and fintech startups in India, raises a $56M Series C at a ~$605M valuation
7:20 AM  •
Financial Times:  Sources: Meta plans to let users create and sell NFTs on Facebook and Instagram, display NFTs on user profiles, and is considering an NFT marketplace
6:50 AM  •
Miles Kruppa / Financial Times:  Sources: by March, a16z plans to raise $3.5B for its latest cryptocurrency fund and up to $1B for a fund focused on seed investments in digital asset startups
5:25 AM  •
TechCrunch:  CB Insights: global fintech funding in 2021 jumped to a record $131.5B across 4,969 deals, up from $49B raised across 3,491 deals in 2020
4:15 AM  •
Reuters:  Investing app Acorns cancels its proposed $2.2B SPAC merger announced in May 2021, and plans to instead raise private capital at a higher pre-money valuation
1:45 AM  •
Manish Singh / TechCrunch:  SaaS Labs, which offers business automation tools for sales and support teams at SMBs, raises a $42M Series B, and acquires CallPage and Atolia
12:55 AM  •
Farah Elbahrawy / Bloomberg:  Saudi Arabia-based Lean Technologies, which enables companies to access bank data and make payments, raises $33M led by Sequoia Capital India
12:05 AM  •
Dave Muoio / FierceHealthcare:  Big Health, which makes cognitive behavioral therapy apps Sleepio and Daylight to help users improve sleep, raises a $75M Series C led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2

January 19, 2022

11:40 PM  •
Aisha Malik / TechCrunch:  Mantra Health, which provides virtual mental health care services to college and university students in the US, raises a $22M Series A led by VMG Partners
11:25 PM  •
Alexandra Wilson / Forbes:  Spekit, which helps companies train remote employees by adapting and integrating their training manuals within apps that employees use, raises a $45M Series B
11:15 PM  •
Rebecca Torrence / FierceHealthcare:  Lyra Health, a mental health service used by employees at companies like Uber and Morgan Stanley, raises a $235M Series F led by Dragoneer at a $5.85B valuation
11:00 PM  •
Ryne Hager / Android Police:  Google launches a limited beta of Google Play Games for PC, which brings Android games to Windows 10 and Windows 11, in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan
10:15 PM  •
Mack DeGeurin / Gizmodo:  This summer the IRS will require users to log in via, which uses facial recognition in its authentication process, to file taxes, make payments, and more
8:00 PM  •
Mark Bergen / Bloomberg:  Internal email: Google is creating a unit under its Labs division for blockchain and other distributed tech, led by engineering VP Shivakumar Venkataraman
7:05 PM  •
Sean Lyngaas / CNN:  Red Cross says a cyberattack on a vendor for over 60 Red Cross and Red Crescent societies compromised the personal data of 515,000+ “highly vulnerable people”
6:15 PM  •
Lucas Matney / TechCrunch:  POAP, or Proof Of Attendance Protocol, which issues NFTs as “mementos” to attendees of real-world events, raises a $10M seed led by Archetype and Sapphire Sport
5:25 PM  •
Emma Roth / The Verge:  AT&T begins its 5G C-band rollout in eight US metro areas, including Austin and Chicago, after delaying rollouts around airports due to safety concerns
4:50 PM  •
Abner Li / 9to5Google:  Google says it will transition organizations using G Suite legacy free edition to an upgraded Google Workspace paid subscription starting on July 1
4:10 PM  •
Lucas Matney / TechCrunch:  Autograph, an agency co-founded by Tom Brady that helps celebrities get involved with NFTs, raises a $170M Series B co-led by a16z and Kleiner Perkins
3:30 PM  •
Paul Sawers / VentureBeat:  Clari, which helps companies generate more predictable revenue through big data insights, raises a $225M Series F led by Blackstone at a $2.6B valuation
2:55 PM  •
Alex Wilhelm / TechCrunch:  Australian user research software startup Dovetail raises a $63M Series A led by Accel at a $700M+ valuation, bringing its total funding to $70M+
2:25 PM  •
Bloomberg: confirms it suffered a cybersecurity breach, says it reimbursed the ~400 affected customer accounts, and plans to share more in the coming days
1:30 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Instagram Subscriptions launches as an alpha, initially letting 10 US creators offer their followers paid access to exclusive Instagram Live videos and Stories
1:10 PM  •
Dustin Volz / Wall Street Journal:  Biden signs a memorandum expanding the NSA's role in protecting sensitive government networks, and mandating cybersecurity practices at DoD and spy agencies
12:50 PM  •
Katie Roof / Bloomberg:  Handshake, a diversity-focused recruitment network aimed at college students, raises a $200M Series F at a $3.5B valuation, up from $1.5B in May 2021
11:50 AM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Filmhub, which lets filmmakers distribute their work to over 100 streaming channels, including Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV, raises a $6.8M seed led by a16z
11:15 AM  •
Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:  South Africa-based mobile games publisher Carry1st raises a $20M Series A extension led by a16z, the firm's first investment in an Africa-headquartered startup
10:40 AM  •
Emma Betuel / TechCrunch:  Gale Healthcare, which matches nurses with available work shifts at hospitals or clinics, raises $60M from FTV Capital and says 40K nurses use its service
9:55 AM  •
Devin Coldewey / TechCrunch:, which uses AI to process live video footage from security cameras and alert users of breaches, raises $52M led by a16z
9:50 AM  •
Arjun Kharpal / CNBC:  Chinese government data shows domestic smartphone shipments grew 15.9% YoY to 342.8M units in 2021, below the 371.7M smartphones shipped in 2019
9:40 AM  •
Rebecca Bellan / TechCrunch:  Parallel Systems, which builds autonomous battery-powered rail vehicles, comes out of stealth, with a $49.55M Series A, bringing its total funding to $53.15M
9:35 AM  •
Brandy Betz / CoinDesk:  iTrustCapital, which lets users with an individual retirement account invest in cryptocurrencies, raises a $125M Series A at a $1.3B+ post-money valuation
9:25 AM  •
Natasha Mascarenhas / TechCrunch:  Wheel, which provides tools that let health providers and employers offer telehealth services, raises a $150M Series C, bringing its total funding to $216M
9:15 AM  •
Hannah Lang / Reuters:  Revolut launches commission-free stock trading in the US, letting users trade shares of 1,100+ securities listed on the NYSE and the Nasdaq
9:05 AM  •
Carly Page / TechCrunch:  Password management service 1Password raises a $620M Series C led by Iconiq Growth at a $6.8B valuation and says it now has 100K+ paying customers
8:45 AM  •
Steve Dent / Engadget:  Opera unveils Crypto Browser Project, a beta browser for Windows, Mac, and Android, with a crypto wallet, access to crypto/NFT exchanges, dApps, and more
8:05 AM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Tel Aviv-based Personetics, which helps incumbent banks compete with neobanks by personalizing their customer offerings, raises $85M led by Thoma Bravo
7:30 AM  •
Reuters:  China denies reports that it plans to require large internet companies with 100M+ users or $1.58B+ in revenue to obtain an approval before making investments
7:10 AM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Lattice, which builds workforce people management tools including for performance reviews and tracking career goals, raises a $175M Series F at a $3B valuation
6:50 AM  •
Wall Street Journal:  Sources: in recent weeks, CEO Bobby Kotick suggested Activision Blizzard make an acquisition, including of trade publications like Kotaku and PC Gamer
6:45 AM  •
Bloomberg:  Sony's stock fell 13% on Wednesday, its biggest drop since October 2008, wiping $20B off its valuation, after Microsoft announced its Activision Blizzard deal
6:20 AM  •
Clive Cookson / Financial Times:  The Royal Society finds social media sites banning misleading content is ineffective and can drive misinformation to “harder-to-address corners of the internet”
4:30 AM  •
Keith Romer / New York Times:  AI tools can generate an optimal poker strategy, balancing bluffing and playing it straight, which some professional players are using to augment their play
2:55 AM  •
Tage Kene-Okafor / TechCrunch:  Kenya-based Copia Global, which uses proprietary logistics to offer middle- and low-income African users a mobile e-commerce service, raises a $50M Series C
2:45 AM  •
Aditya Hadi Pratama / Tech in Asia:  BukuKas, an e-commerce enabler for SMBs that also makes a bookkeeping app, raises an $80M Series C led by Tiger Global and Sequoia India, and rebrands as Lummo
2:35 AM  •
Christine Hall / TechCrunch:  Pyxis One, which offers no-code AI models to companies for targeted marketing, raises a $100M Series C led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and renames itself to Pixis
2:05 AM  •
Madhumita Murgia / Financial Times:  Survey finds that 76% of Chinese citizens and 68% of Indians say they trust AI companies compared to only 35% in France, the UK, and the US
12:45 AM  •
CNBC:  Apple and Google warn of harmful consequences to user privacy and security from two proposed Senate antitrust bills scheduled to be considered this week
12:20 AM  •
NBC News:  Snapchat's friend recommendation feature will no longer suggest users under 18, unless they have a certain number of friends in common, to curb drug dealing

January 18, 2022

11:30 PM  •
Chris Stokel-Walker / MIT Technology Review:  A look at Tonga's internet blackout following the volcano blast, which initial investigations suggest destroyed the country's single undersea internet cable
11:10 PM  •
Aastha Maheshwari / DealStreetAsia:  Indonesia's Moladin, which pivoted to a used car and motorbike marketplace in mid-2021, raises a $42M Series A led by Northstar Group and Sequoia Capital India
10:45 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Sources: Activision Blizzard tried to find other buyers, including Meta, while weighing a potential Microsoft takeover after the WSJ's exposé in November
10:20 PM  •
Charlize Alcaraz / BetaKit:  Financial data and analytics startup Canalyst raises a $70M Series C led by Dragoneer Investment Group, bringing its total funding to over $100M
9:55 PM  •
Saritha Rai / Bloomberg:  Reliance buys a majority stake in Indian startup Addverb, which uses robots to make e-commerce warehouses and energy production more efficient, for $132M
9:15 PM  •
Kyle Wiggers / VentureBeat:, which offers AI-powered tools for wholesale distributors to help sales reps and customers manage products across channels, raises a $20M Series A
8:35 PM  •
Noah Kirsch / The Daily Beast:  Internal memo: CEO Vishal Garg resumes full-time duties over a month after taking time off following his controversial firing of ~900 staff on Zoom
8:15 PM  •
Kate Rooney / CNBC:  The US OCC and Federal Reserve approve SoFi's bid to become a bank holding company via its Golden Pacific Bancorp acquisition; SoFi stock jumps 16%+ after hours
5:55 PM  •
Kyle Alspach / VentureBeat:  Banyan Security, which offers a zero trust remote access client and saw a 300% increase in users in 2021, raises a $30M Series B led by Third Point Ventures
5:30 PM  •
Makena Kelly / The Verge:  Democratic lawmakers unveil the Banning Surveillance Advertising Act, which would ban targeted ads but allow broad location-based and contextual ads
4:55 PM  •
Andrew Hayward / Decrypt:  The Metaplex Foundation, developer of an NFT protocol behind 5.7M+ minted Solana NFTs, raises $46M with Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson among 90+ investors
4:35 PM  •
Wall Street Journal:  AT&T and Verizon temporarily restrict 5G expansion near US airports, but a few airlines will still suspend some flights on Wednesday amid Boeing's guidance

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