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Alex Heath / The Verge:
At an all-hands, Zuckerberg addressed Apple's Vision Pro unveiling, saying “that could be the vision of the future of computing” but “not the one that I want”  —  / Zuckerberg directly addressed Apple's Vision Pro unveiling in a meeting with Meta employees today …
Ina Fried / Axios:
Sources: at an all-hands, Mark Zuckerberg shared Meta's plan to add generative AI text, image, and video tools to its apps, starting with Messenger and WhatsApp  —  Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a plan to employees on Thursday that will see it put generative AI text …
Alex Heath / The Verge:
Chris Cox showed Meta's employees its “response to Twitter”, an Instagram-based text app that integrates with ActivityPub; docs: the app could be called Threads  —  One of Meta's top executives showed employees a preview of the company's upcoming Twitter competitor during …
John Gruber / Daring Fireball:
Apple Vision Pro impressions after 30 minutes: extraordinary tech, heavier than expected, visionOS navigation is a breakthrough, incredible for sports, and more  —  I got to spend about 30 minutes Monday afternoon using a Vision Pro and VisionOS at Apple Park, in a temporary “field house” …
Juli Clover / MacRumors:
Apollo's developer plans to shut down the Reddit client on June 30, saying “Reddit's recent decisions and actions” make it impossible for Apollo to continue  —  Popular third-party Reddit app Apollo will be shutting down as of June 30, Apollo developer Christian Selig announced today.
Rohan Goswami / CNBC:
Court filings: Binance's lawyers allege SEC Chair Gary Gensler offered to serve as an advisor to the company in March 2019, when he was teaching at MIT Sloan  —  - According to a new filing from Binance's lawyers, SEC Chair Gary Gensler offered to be an advisor to the crypto exchange in 2019.
Colin Wilhelm / The Block:
Emily Nicolle / Bloomberg:
Erin Griffith / New York Times:
Tech entrepreneurs who left the Bay Area during the pandemic are returning, saying they can't miss out on the funding, hackathons, and networking of the AI boom  —  Tech entrepreneurs who left the Bay Area during the pandemic say they can't afford to miss out on the funding …
David Pierce / The Verge:
WhatsApp announces Channels, a one-to-many broadcast feature as “a private way to follow what matters”, and plans to add payment and other monetization services  —  June 8, 2023 … The newest feature in WhatsApp brings a very different kind of messaging to the world's most popular chat app.
Miles Kruppa / Wall Street Journal:
Internal email: Google plans to consider office attendance records in performance reviews and only take new requests to work remotely full time as exceptions  —  Search giant, which asks most workers to be in an office 3 days a week, will consider attendance as part of performance
Hollywood insiders discuss the end of Peak TV, an era started by Netflix dropping House of Cards' first season in one go in 2013, as streaming services cut back  —  If you call a slew of Hollywood's most powerful showrunners, studio chiefs, agents, and operators and ask them to describe …
Will Douglas Heaven / MIT Technology Review:
DeepMind's AlphaDev, an AI for discovering better algorithms, devised a C++ sorting algorithm that is up to 70% faster; ISO has since added the algorithm to C++  —  The AI-generated algorithms are already being used by millions of developers.  —  DeepMind's run of discoveries in fundamental computer science continues.
Camomile Shumba / CoinDesk:
The UK FCA plans to introduce tough crypto advertising rules, classifying crypto as “restricted mass market investments”, banning incentives to invest, and more  —  The Financial Conduct Authority said it will treat crypto like a high risk investment, and will consult on new guidance for its rules on promotions.
William Turvill / Press Gazette:
Google plans to launch News Showcase, first announced in October 2020, in the US later this summer, alongside partnerships with five local news associations  —  Partner publications include the Wall Street Journal, AP, Reuters and Bloomberg.  —  Google will launch the US edition …
Matt Levine / Bloomberg:
A look at what the SEC and the crypto industry learned from the SEC's ICO enforcement actions in 2017, why the SEC is suing only over select tokens, and more  —  SEC v. crypto exchanges  —  The US Securities and Exchange Commission began cracking down on crypto in 2017.
Ewen MacAskill / The Guardian:
Personalized wealth management, built for tech people  —  Managing your finances and taxes is complicated.  Compound is how people at companies like Stripe, OpenAI, and Discord make smart decisions about their money.
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Esther Webber / Politico:
UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak plans to host an AI summit in the fall with “like-minded” nations, saying the UK would be “well-placed” to convene discussions  —  Rishi Sunak's spokesperson denied G7 members were trying to set up an alliance against China and Russia.
Chris Stokel-Walker / Fast Company:
Adobe rolls out Firefly to businesses and offers “full indemnification” for copyright infringement lawsuits over any content created in the generative AI tool  —  Adobe is so confident in Firefly's ability to respect creators' copyrighted images that it'll legally compensate businesses …

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