January 31, 2015, 2:00 AM

January 31, 2015

1:55 AM  •
James Kendrick / ZDNet:  Amazon Echo update adds Pandora, iTunes, and Spotify voice control
12:40 AM  •
Shreyas Gandhe / Neowin:  Windows 10 for Enterprise is not free in the first year and other changes announced

January 30, 2015

11:30 PM  •
Amit Chowdhry / Forbes:  Google Earth Pro now available for free, down from $399 a year
10:20 PM  •
Ryan Whitwam / Android Police:  HTC Admits It Will Miss 90-Day Lollipop Upgrade Window For One M7 And M8
9:10 PM  •
Rex Santus / Mashable:  You can now order Postmates delivery from your web browser
8:20 PM  •
Josh Lowensohn / The Verge:  Dropcam CEO leaves Nest; founding VP of technology goes to Twitter
7:55 PM  •
Terence Lee / Tech in Asia:  Singtel to start Netflix competitor in Asia with Sony Pictures, Warner Bros
7:00 PM  •
Johana Bhuiyan / BuzzFeed:  Suits Seek To Force Lyft And Uber To Treat Drivers As Employees
6:05 PM  •
Wesley Yin-Poole /  Sega to offer 300 staff voluntary retirement as it focuses on smartphone and PC online games
5:20 PM  •
Stephen Shankland / CNET:  Chrome's latest beta release flags HTTP sites as insecure to push the web toward encrypting traffic
4:50 PM  •
Kirk McElhearn / Kirkville:  iTunes 12.1 adds new Yosemite Notification Center Widget and changes to info windows
4:05 PM  •
Michael Geist Blog:  Canadian carriers Bell, Videotron ordered to stop exempting own TV services from data caps
3:35 PM  •
Antonia Massa / Bloomberg Business:  Uber's internal privacy review recommendations: add whistleblower hotline, improve training, customer data access, and privacy disclosure practices
2:45 PM  •
Ina Fried / Re/code:  FCC AWS-3 spectrum auction bidding breakdown: AT&T: $18.2B, Dish Network: $13.3B, Verizon: $10.4B, T-Mobile: $1.8B
2:35 PM  •
Nathan Olivarez-Giles / Wall Street Journal:  Google Now adds over 40 new cards, fed by data from 30+ third-party apps like Airbnb, eBay, and Lyft
2:25 PM  •
Spencer Ackerman / Guardian:  Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board calls out Obama administration for failing to implement its recommendation to halt the NSA's phone records program
2:00 PM  •
Harrison Weber / VentureBeat:  Google's 3D mapping technology, Project Tango, graduates from the Advanced Technology and Projects group
1:35 PM  •
Natalie Jarvey / Hollywood Reporter:  Snapchat's first original web series debuts tomorrow in Discover, with episodes available for 24 hours
1:20 PM  •
Ross Miller / The Verge:  Associated Press now writes 3K stories per quarter on US earning reports after teaming with Automated Insights, plans to expand globally
12:50 PM  •
Jordan Crook / TechCrunch:  Vine Kids, a separate app tailored for kids with child-friendly Vines, is available now on iOS
12:25 PM  •
Peter Kafka / Re/code:  ESPN to sell live, on-demand access to the Cricket World Cup on web for $100, mobile apps coming on Feb. 11
12:05 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Secret Co-Founder Chrys Bader-Wechseler Steps Down Because It's Not About Design Anymore
12:00 PM  •
Kevin Fitchard / Gigaom:  The big 4 carriers will bring LTE to Chicago's subways
11:40 AM  •
New York Times:  Verizon Wireless to Allow Complete Opt Out of Mobile ‘Supercookies’
11:10 AM  •
Steven Levy / Backchannel:  Facebook directly querying 600 paid users about News Feed stories to improve ranking algorithms, may expand querying to general population
9:45 AM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  AOL To Lay Off About 150 People, Mostly In Sales; Folding Joystiq, TUAW Into Engadget
9:10 AM  •
Strategy Analytics Blog:  Android Shipped 1 Billion Smartphones Worldwide in 2014
7:15 AM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Google Agrees To Change Privacy Policy In Settlement With UK's Information Commissioner
5:25 AM  •
Paul Sawers / VentureBeat:  Jay-Z acquiring Aspiro AB, owner of streaming music services WiMP and Tidal, for $56M
1:55 AM  •
Todd Shields / Bloomberg Business:  FCC considers formal complaint process for reviewing paid peering deals
1:50 AM  •
Richard Nieva / CNET:  Google's search for sales, profit falls short
1:45 AM  •
Larry Dignan / ZDNet:  Google's Q4 falls short of expectations with $14.5B revenue, on real estate purchases and slowing ad revenue growth
12:10 AM  •
Jon Russell / TechCrunch:  OnePlus Will Reveal Details Of Its ‘Oxygen’ Android ROM On February 12

January 29, 2015

11:25 PM  •
David Byttow / Medium:  New beginnings  —  Chrys Bader and I launched Secret exactly one year ago tomorrow.
10:30 PM  •
Eric Johnson / Re/code:  Twitch hit 100M unique viewers in December 2014, more than double the 45M from a year ago
9:25 PM  •
Andrew Jacobs / New York Times:  China acknowledges targeting VPN services to foster the “healthy development” of the nation's internet, says VPNs are illegal
8:40 PM  •
Andy Greenberg / Wired:  Prosecutors Trace $13.4M in Bitcoins From the Silk Road to Ulbricht's Laptop
8:05 PM  •
J.T. Quigley / Tech in Asia:  Google's Nexus Player heading to Japan, its first market outside of North America
7:30 PM  •
Abhijeet M. / SamMobile:  Samsung may remove default add-ons from TouchWiz on Galaxy S6, make them downloadable instead
7:25 PM  •
Vlad Savov / The Verge:  The best Gmail app for the iPhone is now made by Microsoft
7:00 PM  •
Dan Levine / Reuters:  Delhi Uber passenger who alleges driver rape sues in U.S
6:35 PM  •
Jeff John Roberts / Gigaom:  FTC shuts down “revenge porn” operation, but imposes no fine
6:15 PM  •
Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge:  Imgur introduces new tool to make high-quality GIFs from streaming video like YouTube
6:10 PM  •
Natasha Lomas / TechCrunch:  CyLon, Europe's first cyber security incubator launches in London
5:25 PM  •
Maya Kosoff / Business Insider:  Spotify working with Goldman Sachs to raise $500M at possible $6B+ valuation; could delay IPO for another year
5:05 PM  •
Taylor Soper / GeekWire:  Amazon posts $214M profit, $0.45 EPS in Q4 2014 on $29.33B revenue; Prime membership grows 53% year over year
5:00 PM  •
Jeff John Roberts / Gigaom:  FAA imposes 30-mile radius ban on drones around stadium hosting Super Bowl XLIX
4:40 PM  •
Donna Tam / CNET:  Amazon surprises investors with a gift of profit
4:26 PM  •
Google:  Google Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2014 Results
4:20 PM  •
Harrison Weber / VentureBeat:  Google misses in Q4 2014 with $14.48B revenue, $6.88 EPS on slowing ad revenue growth
4:00 PM  •
Peter Kafka / Re/code:  The App Install Ad Boom Helps Tune Raise $27 Million
3:25 PM  •
Barb Darrow / Gigaom:  VMware's vCloud Air to integrate Google's BigQuery analytics, Cloud Datastore, Cloud DNS, and Cloud Storage services
3:00 PM  •
Jordan Crook / TechCrunch:  GIF search engine Giphy raises $17M Series B led by Lightspeed Ventures at $80M valuation
2:35 PM  •
Matti Huuhtanen / Associated Press:  Nokia reports net profit of $502M in Q4 2014, up nearly 10% year over year, higher operating expenses in technologies and mapping services
2:20 PM  •
Ruth Reader / VentureBeat:  Reddit complied with 64% of U.S. govt. data requests in 2014, according to its first transparency report
1:50 PM  •
Rolfe Winkler / Wall Street Journal:  Cyanogen's $70M+ round to include Microsoft as a minority investor
1:35 PM  •
Kyle Orland / Ars Technica:  Nintendo to share up to 70 percent of ad revenue with game YouTubers
1:15 PM  •
Daniel Terdiman / VentureBeat:  Facebook launches location tips on iPhone, tests Bluetooth beacons to increase geolocation accuracy in NYC
1:00 PM  •
Brian Steinberg / Variety:  Nickelodeon to unveil stand-alone streaming video subscription service in February
12:45 PM  •
Phil Goldstein / FierceWireless:  FCC raises record $44.9B in AWS-3 spectrum auction
12:30 PM  •
Douglas MacMillan / Wall Street Journal:  Alibaba invests $10M in Ouya, plans to incorporate Ouya's game library into set-top boxes
12:20 PM  •
Micah Singleton / The Verge:  FCC redefines broadband: minimum download speed raised from 4 to 25 Mbps, minimum upload from 1 to 3 Mbps
12:10 PM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  Apple resolves iTunes Connect issue presenting wrong user name and apps for developers
12:00 PM  •
Jordan Novet / VentureBeat:  Quantum computing company D-Wave raises an additional $23.1M, bringing total to $138.7M
11:40 AM  •
Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:  ‘Fitbit For Dogs’ Maker Whistle Acquires Tagg Pet Tracker And Raises $15M
11:20 AM  •
Rich McCormick / The Verge:  Fitness app RunKeeper integrates Spotify to stream music for your workouts
10:55 AM  •
Stephen Barrett / AnandTech:  Intel Announces Broadwell vPro Processors: Wireless Docking and More
10:40 AM  •
Owen Williams / The Next Web:  Samsung's Gear VR will provide in-flight entertainment for first-class Qantas passengers
10:35 AM  •
Hannah Breeze / CRN UK News:  Symantec gives Veritas name to new info-management arm
10:20 AM  •
Alden Kroll / Steam Community:  Valve has paid out $57M+ to 1.5K creators across 75 countries through Steam Workshop since 2011; announces curated workshops for non-Valve games
10:05 AM  •
Tony Romm / Politico:  White House privacy bill empowers FTC to levy steep fines on privacy violators, strengthen oversight of data brokers
9:50 AM  •
Michael Sippey / Medium:  Snapchat's Discover feature for news could also function more broadly as an app platform
9:25 AM  •
Vlad Dudau / Neowin:  Spectra Wireless and Microsoft launch first commercial broadband network using TV white space, in Ghana
9:00 AM  •
Jon Russell / TechCrunch:  LG's Annual Profit Doubles To $475M After Shipping 59.1M Smartphones In 2014
8:35 AM  •
Sarah Spickernell / City A.M.:  CylonLab cyber security incubator launches in London, aims to link startups with UK government
8:00 AM  •
Steve O'Hear / TechCrunch:  Armed With A Push-Bike And $25 Million, Europe Beckons For Premium Take-Out Service Deliveroo
7:25 AM  •
Lulu Yilun Chen / Bloomberg Business:  Alibaba Q3 net income fell 28% to $964M, missing estimates, as company invests in apps; shares fall over 9%
7:10 AM  •
Ben Woods / The Next Web:  Sky plans to launch a mobile voice and data service in the UK through a partnership with Telefónica
6:15 AM  •
Travis Green / Google Commerce:  Now available in the UK: Send and request money right from Gmail
4:00 AM  •
Office Blogs:  New Accompli-based Outlook for iOS and Android integrates email, calendar, contacts, and files, supports Office 365, Exchange, iCloud, Gmail, and Yahoo accounts
3:55 AM  •
Julia White / The Official Microsoft Blog:  Microsoft launches Office for Android tablets, new Outlook mail apps for iOS and Android
1:55 AM  •
Joseph Bernstein / BuzzFeed:  Peeing My Way Around New York City With Airpnp, The App For Bathroom Emergencies
1:00 AM  •
Mark Hachman / PC World:  Microsoft adds smart search of document text and photos with OCR in OneDrive for web and iPad
12:05 AM  •
Dawn Chmielewski / Re/code:  Samsung sold 71-75M smartphones in the holiday quarter, on par with Apple's 74.5M iPhone sales

January 28, 2015

11:35 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Tumblr Takes On Medium With Upgrades To Its Writing Interface And More
10:30 PM  •
Eric Johnson / Re/code:  App Annie 2014 Index: Google Play saw 60% more downloads than iOS App Store, but App Store generated about 70% more in revenue
9:55 PM  •
Paul Mozur / New York Times:  New Rules in China Upset Western Tech Companies
9:00 PM  •
Ainsley O'Connell / Fast Company:  Rolling Stone archive comes to Google Play Newsstand on Friday; 3-4 stories per issue available free
8:05 PM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Tesco Inks Deal For Rakuten's Kobo To Take On Blinkbox Books' Customers, Other Assets
7:20 PM  •
Associated Press:  Samsung Electronics' Q4 earnings down 27% to $4.9B, beating estimates on strength of component business
7:10 PM  •
Matthias Schaefer / The Jawbone Blog:  Jawbone launches marketplace for third-party devices and apps in the US
6:20 PM  •
Lulu Yilun Chen / Bloomberg Business:  China accuses Alibaba of bribery and lax oversight of illegal operations on its platforms in report withheld until now to avoid disrupting the company's IPO
6:15 PM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Facebook video views hit 3B per day, up from 1B daily views in September 2014
6:05 PM  •
Garett Sloane / Adweek:  Facebook mobile ad revenue accounts for 69% of total ad revenue in Q4, up from 53% Q4 2013; 1.19B mobile MAUs
5:10 PM  •
Signe Brewster / Gigaom:  Meta raises $23M Series A to refine its augmented reality glasses
4:35 PM  •
Ina Fried / Re/code:  Qualcomm Cuts Outlook, Warning Its Snapdragon 810 Dropped From a Flagship Device
4:15 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Facebook Beats Estimates In Q4 With $3.85B Revenue, User Growth Up To 2.9% QOQ To Hit 1.39B
4:10 PM  •
Facebook:  Facebook Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 Results
3:40 PM  •
Andrew Grush / Android Authority:  Evleaks reveals render showing off One M9 in two sizes, with improved aesthetics
3:05 PM  •
Jonathan Shieber / TechCrunch:  UserTesting raises $45.5M Series C led by Accel Partners to expand usability testing business
2:30 PM  •
Washington Post:  Google says it fought gag orders in WikiLeaks investigation
1:55 PM  •
Ina Fried / Re/code:  FTC fines TracFone Wireless $40M for throttling customers after advertising “unlimited” data
1:45 PM  •
Eric Johnson / Re/code:  Nintendo turns a profit despite reduced revenue year-over-year, slashes 2015 profit forecast
1:30 PM  •
Ben Kepes / Forbes:  Amazon to introduce WorkMail, a cloud email and calendar service aimed at Microsoft Exchange's market, in Q2 2015
1:00 PM  •
Jonathan Shieber / TechCrunch:  TechStars Ventures Raises $150 Million As It Expands Into Series A Investments
12:45 PM  •
Ben Popper / The Verge:  Firmware update prevents DJI drones from flying over Washington, DC after White House crash
12:20 PM  •
Facebook:  Facebook Super Bowl hub collects posts and videos from friends, news outlets, players, and teams
12:10 PM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Slack Buys Screenhero To Add Screen Sharing And Voice Chat To Its Work Messaging Platform
12:05 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Metromile Launches Uber Car Insurance Where Drivers Only Pay For Personal Miles
11:35 AM  •
Dan Goodin / Ars Technica:  Silent Circle fixed bug in privacy-centric BlackPhone that let hackers remotely decrypt texts and stalk users
11:20 AM  •
Lucas Shaw / Bloomberg Business:  Snapchat original series “SnapperHero” to be made by YouTube and Vine stars, sponsored by AT&T
10:55 AM  •
John E Dunn /  World's largest DDoS attack reached 400Gbps, says Arbor Networks
10:50 AM  •
Eric Lempel / PlayStation.Blog:  Sony announces Spotify-powered PlayStation Music streaming service for PS4, PS3, and Xperia devices; Music Unlimited shutting down March 29
10:10 AM  •
Allison Schiff / AdExchanger:  Facebook expands Conversion Lift tool that helps measure ad impact on online and offline sales to any advertiser who works directly with Facebook
8:30 AM  •
CBC News:  Canada's electronic spy agency tracks millions of online movie, photo, music, and other downloads worldwide
8:05 AM  •
Mike Beasley / 9to5Mac:  Apple took down Photos for OS X preview pages, but launch plan still on track
5:00 AM  •
Nikkei:  Sony to ax another 1,000 workers in smartphone segment
1:55 AM  •
First Round Capital:  An interview with Slack founder Stewart Butterfield on the company's strategy for a successful launch
12:50 AM  •
Matt Levine / Bloomberg View:  Yahoo's spinoff of Alibaba holdings is tax-free, remains so if Alibaba eventually buys spinoff

January 27, 2015

11:55 PM  •
Kyle Russell / TechCrunch:  Lockitron Announces The $99 Bolt, A Deadbolt You Can Unlock With Your Phone
11:20 PM  •
Peter Kafka / Re/code:  Apple sold 5M Apple TVs since April of last year for a total of 25M units since its debut
10:45 PM  •
Scott Stein / CNET:  Misfit Flash fitness wearable will gain ability to control Nest, August, and Logitech connected devices, communicate with IFTTT, Yo, and Spotify
10:00 PM  •
Josh Lowensohn / The Verge:  Microsoft is no longer manufacturing the Surface 2
9:55 PM  •
Greg Kumparak / TechCrunch:  Apple Just Had The Most Profitable Quarter Of Any Company Ever
9:45 PM  •
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:  Microsoft confirms Windows 10's ‘Spartan’ browser to get extensions
9:30 PM  •
Jim Finkle / Reuters:  Linux makers release patch to thwart new ‘Ghost’ cyber threat
9:25 PM  •
Brian X. Chen / New York Times:  Apple reports $16.1B in revenue from greater China, up 70% from same period a year ago
9:05 PM  •
Megan Geuss / Ars Technica:  FCC: Blocking Wi-Fi in hotels is prohibited
8:30 PM  •
Anya George Tharakan / Reuters:  Electronic Arts Q3 beats expectations with $1.43B net revenue, boosted by strong game sales for older consoles and mobile phones
8:20 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Facebook Opens Registration For F8 Conference Featuring Oculus, WhatsApp, Instagram
7:55 PM  •
Jonathan Vanian / Gigaom:  Netflix is revamping its data architecture for streaming movies
7:25 PM  •
Kyle Russell / TechCrunch:  Prynt, a case that turns your phone into a Polaroid camera, is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $49
6:50 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Brought More Android Switchers, New Customers Than Prior Models
6:30 PM  •
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Mac:  Apple announces 1 billion iOS devices sold
6:25 PM  •
Dina Bass / Bloomberg:  VMware Q4 exceeds expectations, $1.7B revenue, $1.08 EPS, adds $1B to buyback program
6:20 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  Apple Pay Responsible for Two of Every Three Contactless Payments on Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
6:05 PM  •
Rachel King / ZDNet:  AT&T narrowly beats Q4 expectations with $34.4B revenue and $0.55 EPS
5:35 PM  •
Shara Tibken / CNET:  Apple Watch to start shipping in April
5:30 PM  •
Jordan Golson / MacRumors:  Apple reports $18B profit on record $74.6B revenue for Q1 2015, gross margin of 39.9%; holds $178B cash and marketable securities
5:20 PM  •
Mike Beasley / 9to5Mac:  Apple Watch will ship in April, Tim Cook says during earnings call
4:58 PM  •
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:  Apple sells a record 74.5M iPhones in Q1, a 46% YoY increase, 21.4M iPads, a 21% decrease
4:48 PM  •
Romain Dillet / TechCrunch:  Apple Beats In Q1 2015 With $74.6B Revenue, $18B Profit And $3.06 EPS
4:39 PM  •
Apple:  Apple Reports Record First Quarter Results
4:30 PM  •
Alex Wilhelm / TechCrunch:  Yahoo Reports Mixed Q4 With Mobile Revenue Of $254M, Total Top Line Of $1.18B
4:15 PM  •
Kara Swisher / Re/code:  Yahoo to spin off its 15% Alibaba stake in Q4, creating a new independent holding company, but will retain cash and its stake in Yahoo Japan
4:05 PM  •
YouTube Engineering and Developers Blog:  YouTube now defaults to HTML5 <video>
3:55 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Pinterest Brings Ads To Users' Home Feeds
3:40 PM  •
Dan Goodin / Ars Technica:  Highly critical “Ghost” allowing code execution affects most Linux systems
2:55 PM  •
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:  Microsoft readies new free version of its Power BI business intelligence service
2:35 PM  •
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:  Canalys: Apple shipped the most smartphones in China during Q4 2014
2:20 PM  •
Jonathan Shieber / TechCrunch:  Lending startup Earnest raises $17M Series A led by Maveron and launches student loan refinancing tool
2:05 PM  •
Dennis Kish / Google Fiber Blog:  Google confirms Fiber is coming to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham
1:55 PM  •
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Mac:  Apple Pay coming to 200,000 vending machines, kiosks, paid parking & other self-serve locations
1:40 PM  •
Costin Raiu / Securelist:  Researchers say Qwerty keylogger used by Five Eyes governments and Regin malware are developed by the same entity, or by entities working closely together
1:30 PM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  Apple releases iOS 8.1.3 software update w/ stability improvements, reduces space required to update
1:20 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 with fixes for security and WiFi issues, adds support for iCloud Drive in Time Machine
12:55 PM  •
Roberto Baldwin / The Next Web:  Secret messaging app, Wickr launches secure photo sharing that works with Facebook
12:30 PM  •
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:  CloudBees Raises $23.5M Funding Round Led By Lightspeed Venture Partners
11:55 AM  •
Alex Knapp / Forbes:  Ride Share Delivery Service Roadie Launches With $10 Million In Funding
11:20 AM  •
Natasha Singer / New York Times:  F.T.C. Calls for Strong Data and Privacy Protection With Connected Devices
10:55 AM  •
Bloomberg:  France seeks to sanction web companies as hate-speech accomplices if they host extremist messages
10:50 AM  •
Rainey Reitman / Electronic Frontier Foundation:  EFF's Game Plan for Ending Global Mass Surveillance
10:45 AM  •
Rich McCormick / The Verge:  Snapchat's new Discover feature puts news and entertainment a swipe away from your stories
10:10 AM  •
Michael Weissenstein / Associated Press:  Cut off from Internet, Cuban youth link more than 9K computers to create private network
9:25 AM  •
Dan Primack / Fortune:  Perceptions aside, Groupon, with a market cap of $4.9B, has seen revenue and EBITDA consistently climb since going public
8:37 AM  •
Jinen Kamdar / The Twitter Blog:  Twitter starts rolling out group Direct Messaging, 30-second video capture and sharing
8:20 AM  •
Jacob Rossi / Smashing Magazine:  How Microsoft created EdgeHTML, the rendering engine powering the Spartan browser
6:25 AM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Oculus' First In-House VR Film “Lost” Is Cute, Immersive, But Hardly Interactive
6:00 AM  •
Reuters:  Exclusive: Apple supplier Foxconn to shrink workforce as sales growth stalls
4:10 AM  •
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:  Former Opera CEO Launches Vivaldi, A New Browser For Power Users
1:50 AM  •
Tom Krazit / Gigaom:  Facebook and Instagram go down for almost an hour during Snowmadgeddon
12:45 AM  •
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:  Apple Maps Connect for small businesses expands to UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Singapore

January 26, 2015

11:35 PM  •
Philip Elmer-DeWitt / Fortune:  Analysts expect Apple Q1 2015 sales to surpass $68B, up 21% YoY, and higher than Apple's $63.5B to $66.5B guidance
10:40 PM  •
Martyn Williams / Network World:  DEA's license plate reader program tracks car journeys across US, shares data with other law enforcement agencies
10:35 PM  •
Brandon Bailey / Associated Press:  Microsoft shares down 4.4% after hours as investors react to “not great” results for flagship business
9:40 PM  •
Richard Lawler / Engadget:  WSJ: Google Fiber is coming to Atlanta, Nashville and North Carolina
8:45 PM  •
Re/code:  Snapchat “Discover” Content Feature Launches Tuesday
8:25 PM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  1Password for iOS adds one-time password tool for two factor auth, new login creator, more
7:40 PM  •
Yuliya Chernova / Wall Street Journal:  Digital-Payments Company Ripple Labs Is Finalizing a $30 Million Funding Round
7:05 PM  •
Joe Rossignol / MacRumors:  OS X 10.10.2 Includes Fix for ‘Thunderstrike’ Hardware Exploit Affecting Macs
7:00 PM  •
Pete Rizzo / CoinDesk:  Coinbase's US Bitcoin Exchange Opens Doors to Traders
6:35 PM  •
Phil Goldstein / FierceWireless:  Google's new wireless service can switch between T-Mobile, Sprint, and Wi-Fi hotspots to find best signal, could be available nationwide first half 2015
6:10 PM  •
Rachel King / ZDNet:  Dropbox acquires design-minded collaboration software startup Pixelapse
5:10 PM  •
Arik Hesseldahl / Re/code:  Meg Whitman will lead HP Enterprise, Dion Weisler to head HP's PC and printer unit after split
4:45 PM  •
Taylor Soper / GeekWire:  Microsoft sold 6.6M Xbox consoles during the holiday quarter, down 11% from a year ago
4:30 PM  •
Alex Wilhelm / TechCrunch:  Microsoft reports $26.5B in FQ2 Revenue, $1.1B in Surface revenue, and 10.5 million Lumia units sold
4:25 PM  •
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:  Microsoft sees Surface revenue jump to $1.1B in Q2 2015, sells record 10.5M Lumia smartphones
4:13 PM  •
Microsoft:  Earnings Release FY15 Q2 — Microsoft Cloud and Devices Momentum Highlights Second Quarter Results
4:05 PM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  As Google Looks To Expand Wallet Use, WePay Integrates Instant Buy API
3:25 PM  •
Kif Leswing / Gigaom:  Nest to replace old Dropcams for free before they go dark April 15
2:35 PM  •
Dan Primack / Fortune:  Exclusive: Kleiner Perkins tried to ‘acquire’ Social+Capital Partnership
1:55 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Online Learning Service Pluralsight Acquires Code School For $36 Million
1:20 PM  •
Eileen Sullivan / Associated Press:  Sheriffs pressure Google to disable Waze feature that warns when police are near, saying it endangers officers
1:00 PM  •
New York Times:  Facebook Said to Block Pages on Muhammad to Avoid Ban in Turkey
12:55 PM  •
Matt Warman / Telegraph:  Former Motorola CEO: Nexus 6 doesn't have fingerprint reader because Apple bought AuthenTec, the best supplier
12:40 PM  •
Spencer Woodman / The Verge:  Exclusive: politicians are supporting Comcast's TWC merger with letters ghostwritten by Comcast
12:25 PM  •
Ryan Lawler / TechCrunch:  Stripe Partners With Intuit To Help On-Demand Workers Keep Track Of Their Finances
12:15 PM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  Apple shutting down legacy TestFlight next month following iTunes Connect integration
12:10 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Uber to Cap Car-Service Price Surges During East Coast Snowstorm
11:55 AM  •
Jon Russell / TechCrunch:  Facebook Is Testing A Simple App For Low-End Android Phones
11:45 AM  •
Bryan Bishop / The Verge:  Oculus announces Story Studio to make its own VR movies, first film “Lost” debuts this week
11:30 AM  •
Se Young Lee / Reuters:  Samsung Electronics to be main chip supplier for next iPhone: South Korea paper
11:20 AM  •
Peter Kafka / Re/code:  Google signs deal with NFL to show highlight clips in YouTube and Search, will share ad revenues
11:10 AM  •
Gulsen Solaker / Reuters:  Turkish court orders Facebook to block pages insulting Mohammad: media
10:55 AM  •
Catherine Shu / TechCrunch:  Malaysia Airlines Site Hacked By Lizard Squad
10:40 AM  •
Andrew Cunningham / Ars Technica:  Signs of progress: One month with Android Wear 5.0
10:20 AM  •
Julie Bort / Business Insider:  A Rare Glimpse Inside The Life And Mind Of Oracle CEO Mark Hurd
9:55 AM  •
New York Times:  Verizon's Mobile ‘Supercookies’ Seen as Threat to Privacy
9:00 AM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Harman Buys Symphony Teleca For At Least $780M And Red Bend For $170M
8:15 AM  •
Kenneth Wong / Bloomberg:  AT&T Agrees to Buy Nextel Mexico for $1.875 Billion Minus Debt
7:45 AM  •
Kieren James-Lubin / O'Reilly Radar:  An explanation of the stumbling blocks to blockchain scalability and some possible solutions
6:10 AM  •
Natt Garun / The Next Web:  Sling TV review: Not quite the cord cutter's dream, but a bargain for millennial families
4:05 AM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  A16Z Leads $58M Round In UK's TransferWise To Ramp Up Its P2P Transfer Business
1:50 AM  •
Kyle Orland / Ars Technica:  PlayStation Now performs remarkably well on a fast connection, proving game streaming can work
12:45 AM  •
Janko Roettgers / Gigaom:  Cablevision to launch Wi-Fi-only mobile phone service Freewheel; $9.95/month if bundled with home internet, $29.95 for other customers

January 25, 2015

10:05 PM  •
Guardian:  WikiLeaks demands answers after being notified that Google handed over three staffers' emails to the US government in 2012
9:55 PM  •
Jon Southurst / CoinDesk:  Coinbase launches first regulated US bitcoin exchange with approval from 24 state regulators
8:40 PM  •
Mike Beasley / 9to5Mac:  Tweetbot for Mac pulled from App Store after authentication issues, possibly tied to Twitter token limits
9:55 AM  •
Kara Swisher / Re/code:  In response to rise of programmatic advertising, AOL drastically restructures ad sales staff

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