October 21, 2014, 2:00 AM

October 21, 2014

1:55 AM  •
Pete Rizzo / CoinDesk:  AlphaPoint Raises $1.35 Million to Build Intel for Bitcoin
1:30 AM  •
Dan Frommer / Quartz:  Tim Cook, in his own words, on why the iPad has a bright future
1:15 AM  •
Rene Ritchie / iMore:  Apple clarifies Spotlight Search data and location sharing, says information shared is minimal
12:05 AM  •
Barb Darrow / Gigaom:  OpenStack vendor Mirantis raises $100M in series B, aims for 2016 IPO

October 20, 2014

11:00 PM  •
Bryan Johnson / Medium:  Braintree founder Bryan Johnson announces $100M OS Fund to spur founders with audacious ideas
10:15 PM  •
iFixit:  Mac Mini 2014 teardown: CPU and RAM soldered to logic board, impeding user repairs or upgrades
9:45 PM  •
Sharon Profis / CNET:  Apple Pay's speed, security, and timing will help push mobile payments into the mainstream
9:40 PM  •
Megan Geuss / Ars Technica:  Obama signs “BuySecure” initiative to speed EMV adoption in the US
9:00 PM  •
TechCrunch:  Sources: Yahoo In Talks To Buy Video Ad Platform BrightRoll For Around $700M
8:25 PM  •
Taylor Soper / GeekWire:  uberX, Lyft approved to pick up and drop off passengers at SFO
7:35 PM  •
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:  Microsoft launches Azure cloud in a box
7:30 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  App Store Downloads Top 85 Billion, Revenue Up 36 Percent Year-Over-Year
6:40 PM  •
Jason Del Rey / Re/code:  Square Testing New Payroll Product as Ambition Grows
6:25 PM  •
AppleInsider:  Apple to introduce new financial reporting methods in Q1 2015; Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPods, and Beats folded into “other” category
6:10 PM  •
Larry Dignan / ZDNet:  Apple Mac market share at its highest since 1995; sales up 46% in emerging markets
5:45 PM  •
Andrew Cunningham / Ars Technica:  iPads fall for third consecutive quarter, iPhones and Macs boost Apple's Q4 [Updated]
5:20 PM  •
Benjamin Mayo / 9to5Mac:  Apple to require iOS apps and updates to use iOS 8 SDK and include 64-bit support from February 2015
5:10 PM  •
Josh Lowensohn / The Verge:  Apple's Q4 beats estimates with $1.42 EPS on $42.1B revenue; sold 39.3M iPhones, 12.3M iPads, 5.5M Macs
4:40 PM  •
Steven Bertoni / Forbes:  Tinder says it's introducing a premium service in November offering more match-making powers
4:35 PM  •
Apple:  Strong iPhone, Mac & App Store Sales Drive Record September Quarter Revenue & Earnings
4:25 PM  •
Greg Sterling / Search Engine Land:  OS X Yosemite's Spotlight search sends query and location data to Apple and Bing by default
3:40 PM  •
Jillian D'Onfro / Business Insider:  Amazon closes multi-year digital and print deal with CBS's Simon & Schuster, one of Big Five publishers
3:10 PM  •
Scott Kirsner / BetaBoston:  Netezza veterans reunite for Cazena, focused on shifting data warehouses to the cloud
2:35 PM  •
Kurt Wagner / Re/code:  Facebook Sues Lawyers of Discredited “Co-Founder” Paul Ceglia
2:20 PM  •
Greg Bensinger / Wall Street Journal:  Eddy Cue expects biggest share of early Apple Pay transactions to be in-app purchases, product “should be huge”
1:45 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  Apple Updates ‘Apple Store’ iOS App With Apple Pay Support
1:30 PM  •
Chris Morran / Consumerist:  Comcast Sued By Customer Who Says Cable Company Had Him Fired From Job
1:05 PM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  Apple releases iOS 8.1 with Apple Pay, iCloud Photo Library, SMS Relay & Instant Hotspot, more
1:00 PM  •
Ben Woods / The Next Web:  OnePlus One pre-orders will open October 27 - but only for one hour
12:35 PM  •
Percy /  Report: Chinese authorities conduct “man in the middle” attack on users to harvest their data
12:15 PM  •
Arik Hesseldahl / Re/code:  IBM stock drops over 6% after it misses earnings estimates, abandons 2015 earnings forecast
12:00 PM  •
Richard Padilla / MacRumors:  Dropbox for iOS Updated with Touch ID Integration, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Support
11:40 AM  •
Marco della Cava / USA Today:  Satya Nadella talks inequality, women's rights, company culture, and vision for Microsoft
11:25 AM  •
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:  Skype for Windows Phone updated with drawing tool, HD screen support, and faster resume
11:10 AM  •
Peter Kafka / Re/code:  Apple pushing to cut the price of Beats Music subscriptions to $5 per month
10:55 AM  •
Michael J. de la Merced / New York Times:  Andreessen Steps Down From EBay Board Ahead of PayPal Spinoff
10:30 AM  •
Philip Elmer-DeWitt / Fortune:  Spreadsheet of the day: Final estimates for Apple's fiscal Q4
10:05 AM  •
Liam Spradlin / Android Police:  Check Out Gmail 5.0 For Android And Google's Plan To Handle All Your Email Accounts In One App
9:40 AM  •
Chelsea Stark / Mashable:  PlayStation TV review: Poorly designed UI, few video streaming apps, but affordable at $99
9:05 AM  •
Chris Velazco / Engadget:  Amazon Kindle Voyage review: The best e-reader is also the priciest
8:25 AM  •
Tiernan Ray / Tech Trader Daily:  IBM Drops 7% on Q3 Miss; $4.7B Charge to Divest Chip Unit
7:25 AM  •
Owen Williams / The Next Web:  Spotify announces family plans: $14.99 for two users, $19.99 for three, $24.99 for four and $29.99 for five
5:50 AM  •
John Herrman / The Awl:  Doctors share and discuss anonymous photos of patients with Instagram-like app Figure 1
1:55 AM  •
Chris Ziegler / The Verge:  Tesla built a sophisticated autonomous driving system, but its advancements are incremental
12:05 AM  •
Kevin Roose / New York Magazine:  Marc Andreessen on the evolution of Silicon Valley and technology's impact on the economy

October 19, 2014

10:15 PM  •
Douglas MacMillan / Wall Street Journal:  Amid pressure from activist investors, Marissa Mayer to detail Yahoo's cost-cutting plan and acquisitions strategy during Tuesday's earnings call
8:40 PM  •
Amy Schatz / Re/code:  Pressing How Silicon Valley's $50 Million Bet on Immigration Stalled
7:05 PM  •
Bloomberg:  IBM paying Globalfoundries $1.5B to take unprofitable chip-manufacturing unit off its hands
5:10 PM  •
Parmy Olson / Forbes:  Microsoft plans to launch a fitness-focused wearable in the next few weeks with more than two-day battery life, multi-platform support
5:00 PM  •
Chris Welch / The Verge:  This is the Fitbit Surge, a $250 ‘superwatch’ with built-in GPS
3:35 PM  •
Gideon Rosenblatt / Medium:  Google's information processing and Amazon's transaction processing platforms are headed for a collision in the battle to dominate local retail
2:25 PM  •
Christopher Breen / Macworld:  Remembering Macworld Expo: Why we went to the greatest trade show on earth
12:50 PM  •
Dante D'Orazio / The Verge:  Latest leak gives best look yet at Motorola's Droid Turbo
12:10 PM  •
Steven Levy / Medium:  Inside the nearly decade-old Google Scholar, which is still led by its creator Anurag Acharya
10:55 AM  •
Glen Owen / Daily Mail:  Britain to increase maximum sentence for online bullying from six months to two years
10:05 AM  •
Jon Fingas / Engadget:  Google's Nexus Player gets FCC approval, right on cue
9:30 AM  •
Brian Stucki / Macminicolo Blog:  2014 Mac mini: RAM is not user-replaceable, no dual-drive server version
5:55 AM  •
Robert Lemos / Ars Technica:  Study: cost of cybercrime to US organizations up 9.7% over previous year
1:55 AM  •
Robert McMillan / Wired:  Behind Microsoft's controversial takedown of No-IP and other legal battles to defeat botnets

October 18, 2014

10:55 PM  •
Marco Arment /  The Retina iMac versus the Mac Pro, on paper
8:00 PM  •
BuzzFeed:  Snapchat's first ad is movie trailer for Universal Pictures' Ouija, appears like other Stories
7:20 PM  •
Chris Hamby / BuzzFeed:  Facebook Rebukes DEA For Impersonating Woman Online
4:05 PM  •
Judith Newman / New York Times:  How a 13-year-old autistic boy became best friends with Apple's Siri
1:30 PM  •
Ina Fried / Re/code:  Android Exec Says Google Will Loosen Reins on Watches, TVs and Cars Over Time
10:25 AM  •
Paul Sawers / The Next Web:  Flickr launches its first iPad app, exclusively for iOS 8
8:45 AM  •
Jeff Bercovici / Forbes:  Inside Pinterest: The Coming Ad Colossus That Could Dwarf Twitter And Facebook
5:20 AM  •
Ellen Nakashima / Washington Post:  FBI director: Tech companies should be required to make devices wiretap-friendly
1:55 AM  •
Chris Welch / The Verge:  Samsung now offering 11.6-inch Chromebook 2 with Intel Celeron processor, 2GB RAM for $250
12:40 AM  •
Liam Spradlin / Android Police:  Google stops taking Nexus Player preorders in US Play Store due to lack of FCC certification

October 17, 2014

11:00 PM  •
Kim Zetter / Wired:  Cops Need a Warrant to Grab Your Cell Tower Data, Florida Court Rules
9:05 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  iFixit Tears Down New Retina iMac, Internal Layout Largely the Same as Prior Generation
8:05 PM  •
Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Land:  After More Than Two Years, Google Finally Releasing New “Pirate Update” To Fight Piracy
7:00 PM  •
Chris Long / Facebook:  Facebook says it's actively monitoring “paste” sites with stolen credentials to warn its users who use the same passwords
6:05 PM  •
Reuters:  NSA's current CTO allowed to work 20 hours per week for former director Keith Alexander's cybersecurity startup
5:15 PM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  Bose headphones and speakers no longer available from Apple Online Store
4:43 PM  •
Andy Greenberg / Wired:  After raising $600K, Anonabox Privacy Router project is suspended by Kickstarter for misleading funders, investors' pledges will be canceled
4:43 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Tumblr launches a free, Yosemite-exclusive desktop app, available in the Mac App Store
4:20 PM  •
Mathew Ingram / Gigaom:  Whisper's Neetzan Zimmerman says the Guardian's coverage deliberately misrepresents how the service works
4:05 PM  •
Andy Greenberg / Wired:  Privacy Router Anonabox Gets $600K in Crowdfunding—And Huge Backlash
3:40 PM  •
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:  Cortana gets new features powered by Bing: Evening alerts, concerts, flights, and local app recommendations
3:15 PM  •
Snapchat:  Snapchat will show one ad in “Recent Updates” of US users this weekend, says it would be “totally rude” to put ads in personal communications
2:50 PM  •
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:  Google releases Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK and Nexus preview images
2:25 PM  •
Rolfe Winkler / Wall Street Journal:  Google's VP of engineering for Android is now also overseeing Chrome OS's engineering team, pointing to a possible convergence of the OSes
1:45 PM  •
Tom Cheredar / VentureBeat:  Twitter to roll out its Buy button to general public in early 2015
1:20 PM  •
Allen Pike:  Developer notes difficulties of supporting old iPads, says obsolescence of A5 CPU is overdue
12:55 PM  •
Jonathan Zdziarski:  Whisper iOS app collects user location within 100 meters, data could be fuzzed server-side
12:40 PM  •
John Carroll / FierceBiotech News:  Canaan debuts $675M fund with an eye for biotech, med tech deals
12:15 PM  •
Xav de Matos / Joystiq:  PS4 ‘2.0 update’ adds broadcast archiving, USB music player
11:45 AM  •
Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:  MasterCard Will Borrow A Touch ID Trick For Fingerprint Scanning Credit Card
11:45 AM  •
Ellen Huet / Forbes:  Uber fired driver for tweeting negative articles about company; driver has since been re-hired
11:20 AM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 pre-orders begin, devices to start arriving on October 23
11:10 AM  •
Martin Peers / The Information:  HBO's standalone online streaming service likely won't be less than pay TV retail price of $15/month
10:55 AM  •
Douglas MacMillan / Wall Street Journal:  Social Network Tagged Rebrands as an App Incubator
10:30 AM  •
Nancy Scola / Washington Post:  Obama nominates ex-Google lawyer Michelle Lee to head US patent office in a victory for Silicon Valley
10:00 AM  •
Guardian:  Guardian responds to Whisper's denials, stands by its claims, urges media and users to keep pressing Whisper
9:40 AM  •
Derrick Harris / Gigaom:  Investment firm KKR is putting $55M into a company that uses AI to automate IT processes
8:55 AM  •
Russ Garland / Wall Street Journal:  VC investments in Q3 2014 at $11.01B, down 24% from Q2 but up 16% from Q3 2013
7:20 AM  •
Jason Del Rey / Re/code:  Amazon Fresh launches in New York, starting with Brooklyn's Park Slope area, for Amazon Prime members
5:05 AM  •
Liam Boogar / Rude Baguette:  In Paris, Uber fined €100K as advertising for UberPop declared illegal
4:40 AM  •
Dan Frommer / Quartz:  This new “Apple SIM” could legitimately disrupt the wireless industry
4:10 AM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Gaming company Razer valued at $1B+ after new funding from Intel
1:55 AM  •
Wall Street Journal:  Apple's iPhone 6 Finally Makes Its Debut in China
1:50 AM  •
Sean Gallagher / Ars Technica:  Whisper CTO says tracking “anonymous” users not a big deal, really
1:40 AM  •
Carmel DeAmicis / Gigaom:  Facebook may have solved mobile, but Google is still struggling with it
1:25 AM  •
Conor Dougherty / New York Times:  Analysts Ask What's Next for Google
12:20 AM  •
Kurt Wagner / Re/code:  Twitter Is Finally Explaining Its Suggested Tweets Strategy

October 16, 2014

11:40 PM  •
Ellen Huet / Forbes:  Kill switch in Android Lollipop is opt-in, making it a less effective theft deterrent
10:45 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  Adobe Releases Plugin to Help Aperture Users Transition to Lightroom
9:50 PM  •
David Ruddock / Android Police:  Google: The New “Messenger” App In Android 5.0 Is A Stock SMS/MMS Solution, Not A Hangouts Replacement / Rebrand
8:55 PM  •
Stephen Shankland / CNET:  Firefox Hello adds video chat to Mozilla's browser
8:35 PM  •
Steven Adair / Volexity Blog:  Drupal 7 update available to fix critical SQL injection vulnerability
8:15 PM  •
Mike Masnick / Techdirt:  In A First, Commerce Department Fines Intel Subsidiary For Exporting Encryption
7:55 PM  •
Alexei Oreskovic / Reuters:  Google seeking permission to test transmissions in rarely-used millimeter-wave spectrum, a possible foundation for a high-speed wireless service
7:35 PM  •
Lauren Orsini / ReadWrite:  GitHub updates DMCA policy; takedowns no longer auto-disable forks, users given 24 hour grace period to fix infringements
7:15 PM  •
Daniel Rubino / Windows Phone Central:  Verizon Lumia 735 not scheduled until early 2015
6:55 PM  •
Florence Ion / PC World:  Google Play Games' new nearby multiplayer capabilities make it easier to play with pals
6:35 PM  •
Zack Whittaker / ZDNet:  AMD Q3 misses expectations: New CEO orders restructuring, global job losses; outlook bleak
6:30 PM  •
Marc Schneider / Billboard:  Neil Young Readies Pono Store, Says Partnerships With Lincoln, Tesla in Works
6:10 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Twitpic Couldn't Find An Acquirer, Will Shut Down After All On Oct 25th
6:05 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  Apple introduces new smart cases and smart covers for iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3; priced at $39
6:00 PM  •
Chris Welch / The Verge:  With Touch ID the sole differentiator between iPad Mini 3 and 2, better buy the 2 for $100 less
5:55 PM  •
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:  Xbox One October update starts rolling out with new Snap mode, Friends functions, MKV support, and more
5:35 PM  •
Steve O'Hear / TechCrunch: Acquired By Warner Music Group
5:15 PM  •
Kris Naudus / Engadget:  iPad Air 2 vs. the competition: Nexus 9, Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, Xperia Z2
5:00 PM  •
Richard Slatter / The Twitter Blog:  Twitter partners with Soundcloud to launch Audio Card, a new way to share audio in timeline
4:50 PM  •
Google:  Google Inc. Announces Third Quarter 2014 Results
4:45 PM  •
Sean Hollister / Gizmodo:  iMac with Retina Display Eyes-On: It's Gorgeous, Of Course
4:40 PM  •
Alex Wilhelm / TechCrunch:  Google posts Q3 revenue of $16.5B, missing expectations with $6.35 EPS, drops 2.8% after hours
4:20 PM  •
John Siracusa / Ars Technica:  OS X Yosemite review: Handoff, a Dropbox-like iCloud Drive, and CloudKit culminate in a unified platform
4:10 PM  •
Eric Slivka / MacRumors:  New Cellular iPads Include ‘Apple SIM’ in U.S. and U.K. for Multi-Carrier Compatibility
3:55 PM  •
Alyson Shontell / Business Insider:  Whisper's Neetzan Zimmerman responds to Guardian report: “We do not track or follow our users”
3:50 PM  •
Business Insider:  iAd getting cross-device retargeting capabilities; Apple promoting feature to media agencies
3:35 PM  •
Nilay Patel / The Verge:  iPad Air 2 hands-on: “feels like you're holding a screen and nothing more”; side-switch removed, rotation lock now handled by Control Center
3:20 PM  •
Richard Padilla / MacRumors:  Apple Posts Full Video of Today's Special iPad and Mac Event
2:50 PM  •
Apple:  Mac Mini: updated CPU and graphics, two Thunderbolt 2 ports, 802.11ac, on sale today from $499
2:40 PM  •
Apple:  iMac with Retina display: 27" 5120x2880 pixel “5K” display, 5mm at its thinnest, available today from $2499
2:20 PM  •
Kyle Russell / TechCrunch:  iPad Mini 3: A7, Touch ID, preorder Oct. 17, from $399; Mini, Mini 2 still in lineup, from $249
2:10 PM  •
Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge:  iPad Air 2: 6.1mm, A8X, 8MP rear camera, Touch ID, gold version, preorder Oct. 17 from $499
1:55 PM  •
Matt Burns / TechCrunch:  Apple Announces Apple Watch SDK, Launches In November
1:50 PM  •
Zack Whittaker / ZDNet:  OS X Yosemite and updated iWork are available today for free
1:25 PM  •
Ellis Hamburger / The Verge:  iOS 8.1: Pay for iPhone 6/6+, Camera Roll, Cloud Photo Library beta, rolls out Oct. 20th; iOS 8 installed on 48% of iPhones
1:15 PM  •
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Mac:  Apple Pay is available starting Oct. 20, 500 more banks signed up
1:00 PM  •
The Verge:  Live blog: Apple expected to unveil new iPads, iMacs, and OS X Yosemite
12:55 PM  •
Apple:  Apple live stream of its media event, viewable in Safari or on Apple TV
12:50 PM  •
Claire Reilly / CNET:  Apple disabling glucose-tracking feature of Health app due to measurement compatibility issues
12:35 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Osmo, makers of hardware-based iPad toys, raises $12M series A, to be sold in Apple stores
11:55 AM  •
Guardian:  Whisper, the anonymous social media app, tracks users who have opted out of geolocation services, shares information with US DoD, stores data indefinitely
11:35 AM  •
Michael Kan / PC World:  Lenovo to challenge Xiaomi on smartphones with new company in China
10:50 AM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  Alibaba Debuts Baichuan, Its Answer To Amazon's Developer Services
9:45 AM  •
Emily Steel / New York Times:  CBS to offer standalone web subscription service CBS All Access at $5.99/month in 14 cities
9:30 AM  •
David Streitfeld / New York Times:  Nearly 75% of all Airbnb rentals in New York illegal, says NY Attorney General Schneiderman
5:20 AM  •
Mike Beasley / 9to5Mac:  Apple TV channel for today's iPad and iMac event live stream is now available
2:04 AM  •
Facebook:  Facebook announces Safety Check, a tool that lets you announce you're safe during natural disasters
1:10 AM  •
Todd Bishop / GeekWire:  Nadella says differences in base pay among genders and races at Microsoft within 0.5%, announces plan to recruit and train for diversity

October 15, 2014

11:35 PM  •
Alex Wagner / PhoneDog:  HP: webOS cloud services, App Catalog to shut down on January 15
10:35 PM  •
Agam Shah / PC World:  Intel preps new technology to secure credit card transactions
10:30 PM  •
Brian Fung / Washington Post:  HBO's taking on Netflix like never before. But now they'll share the same headaches, too.
9:35 PM  •
Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:  Mimosa Networks unveils technology for super-fast broadband wireless networking
9:00 PM  •
Mariella Moon / Engadget:  Puls partners with AT&T in the US and O2 in the UK
8:45 PM  •
Jordan Kushins / Gizmodo:  Interview with on the Puls and “fashionology”
8:40 PM  •
Roberto Baldwin / The Next Web: introduces Puls cuff with voice control, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, more
8:30 PM  •
Milen / Helftone Blog:  The Mac App Store should support app trials and paid upgrades, secure apps without sandboxing
7:45 PM  •
Greg Kumparak / TechCrunch:  Reddit Acquires Alien Blue, The Most Popular Unofficial Reddit App
7:30 PM  •
Liam Boogar / Rude Baguette: raises $3 Million led by A16Z to make everything voice-controlled
6:55 PM  •
Austin American-Statesman:  Google Fiber to launch in Austin in December
6:40 PM  •
Natasha Lomas / TechCrunch:  Messaging service Line comes to iPad, but no voice or video call support at launch
6:25 PM  •
Facebook Code:  Facebook open-sources AsyncDisplayKit, the iOS tool built for Paper's user interface
6:10 PM  •
Justin Kroll / Variety:  Christian Bale in talks to play Steve Jobs in Sony's new movie “Jobs”
6:00 PM  •
Janko Roettgers / Gigaom:  In Q3 Netflix added two international subscribers for every new U.S. member, but price hike slowed growth
5:55 PM  •
Kellex / Droid Life:  Nexus 6 Coming to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular in November
5:10 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  AT&T No Longer Offering Beats Music Subscriptions to Customers
4:25 PM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  EBay Beats On EPS Of $0.68, Misses On Sales Of $4.35B; Shares Fall On Lower Forecasts
4:20 PM  •
Todd Spangler / Variety:  Netflix Q3 earnings: profit of $59.3M on revenue of $1.41B; shares fall over 25% on lower-than-projected subscriber numbers
4:05 PM  •
Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge:  Nexus Player: first Android TV device, on sale Nov. 3 for $99, gaming controller for $39
4:00 PM  •
JC Torres / SlashGear:  Samsung's tests yield record-breaking 7.5Gbps 5G speed
3:15 PM  •
Chris Welch / The Verge:  Nexus 9: 8.9" display, first 64-bit CPU in a Nexus, 9 hour battery life, preorders start Oct. 17, from $399, keyboard case sold separately
2:55 PM  •
Ben Woods / The Next Web:  Google Play downloads now exceed Apple's App Store by 60 percent, but iOS apps still make more money
2:10 PM  •
Anthony Ha / TechCrunch:  Thismoment Raises $17.6M To Help Big Brands Tap Into User-Generated Content
1:50 PM  •
Dan Seifert / The Verge:  Android 5.0 Lollipop available on new Nexus 6, 9 and Player devices; for Nexus 4, 5, 7, 10, Google Play Edition devices in coming weeks
1:50 PM  •
Jason Del Rey / Re/code:  Alipay to U.S. Retailers: Let Us Be Your One-Stop Shop for Selling Into China
1:30 PM  •
Matt McGee / Glass Almanac:  Android Wear Notifications Coming to Glass This Week
1:10 PM  •
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:  'iPad Air 2′ and 'iPad mini 3′ with Touch ID & Burst Mode confirmed, show up early in iTunes
12:55 PM  •
Lauren Goode / Re/code:  Apple Plans to Stop Selling Fitbit Devices in Stores
12:50 PM  •
Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge:  Nexus 6: 6" Quad HD display, Snapdragon 805 CPU, 13 megapixel rear camera, 15-min turbo charging, preorders start Oct. 29, from $649
12:35 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Amazon Instant Video Now Lets Customers View Personal Photos And Videos From Cloud Drive
12:10 PM  •
CNET:  Nexus 6 phone preorders start Oct. 29, from $649; Nexus 9 tablet Oct. 17, from $399; Nexus Player streamer Oct. 17, from $99; all running Lollipop
11:55 AM  •
Jack Smith IV / Betabeat:  Gett Now Pays Drivers Over Twice As Much As Uber
11:25 AM  •
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:  Docker container support coming to Microsoft's next Windows Server release
11:00 AM  •
Peter Kafka / Re/code:  HBO will offer a stand-alone streaming service in 2015
9:05 AM  •
Brad Molen / Engadget:  Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review: the best big-screen phone you can buy right now
8:25 AM  •
Matt Brian / Engadget:  Amazon UK launches free same-day collection for Prime members
8:05 AM  •
Robin Wauters /  Polish startup Brainly raises $9m to make a major push into the US with its social learning platform
4:15 AM  •
Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:  Qualcomm buys Bluetooth and GPS chip maker CSR for $2.5B

October 14, 2014

6:52 PM  •
Bodo Möller / Google Online Security Blog:  This POODLE bites: exploiting the SSL 3.0 fallback

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