August 28, 2016, 6:15 AM

August 28, 2016

5:55 AM  •
Kirsten Korosec / Fortune:  Quanergy Systems, maker of light-sensitive radar sensors used in self-driving cars, raises $90M at $1.59B post-money valuation
1:50 AM  •
Lauren Goode / The Verge:  Inside NBC's Olympic live streaming operation, which required a remote support staff of 1,100+ in Stamford, Connecticut

August 27, 2016

9:05 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Hackers at startup MedSec find security vulnerabilites in St. Jude's medical devices, make deal with investment firm to short manufacturer's stock
6:00 PM  •
Wall Street Journal:  US federal court convicts Russian hacker Seleznev in theft and sale of credit cards resulting in $169M in losses; he could face up to 40 years in prison
2:55 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  TripAdvisor acquires social mapping service Citymaps, says it will continue on as a standalone business
11:50 AM  •
Matthew Braga / Bloomberg:  As major tech firms focus on voice assistants, microphone makers face pressure to improve product that hasn't seen much change since 2012
8:00 AM  •
Jack Marshall / Wall Street Journal:  PitchBook: VCs invested $1.2B+ in marketing tech, compared to around $860M in ad tech firms in 2015, betting on a more predictable revenue model
1:55 AM  •
Arthur Beesley / Financial Times:  Sources: European Commission is expected to issue adverse ruling on Ireland's tax breaks for Apple next week

August 26, 2016

9:55 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Google Wallet introduces feature that lets users automatically transfer funds to their bank accounts, skipping the manual “cash out” process
7:40 PM  •
Quartz:  Sources: Facebook letting go of entire Trending Topics editorial staff, consisting of 15-18 workers contracted through a third party
5:10 PM  •
Peter Kafka / Recode:  Spotify calls report that it demotes songs in search due to artists' exclusives with rivals “unequivocally false”
4:04 PM  •
Facebook Newsroom:  Facebook will now select stories and excerpts automatically for Trending topic pages, show topics instead of story descriptions in Trending section
3:40 PM  •
Thomas Fox-Brewster / Forbes:  Everything we know about the secretive NSO Group and its founder Omri Lavie, who are behind the latest iPhone hacks
2:35 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Sources: Spotify retaliates against artists who give exclusives to rivals by excluding tracks from promoted playlists and demoting their songs in search results
1:15 PM  •
John Cook / GeekWire:  Cloud-based IT management startup Apptio files for IPO, shows $129.3M in 2015 revenue, up 21% YoY, $41M loss, up from $32.9M in 2014
12:25 PM  •
Ina Fried / Recode:  White House proposing new federal rules letting foreign entrepreneurs with $345K+ in US funding remain in country for 5 years; no congressional approval needed
11:55 AM  •
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Mac:  China Labor Watch accuses iPhone 7 manufacturer Pegatron of illegally forcing overtime, low wages of $2/hour, urges Apple to invest in improving conditions
11:20 AM  •
Sarah Frier / Bloomberg:  Sources: Twitter is working on an anti-harassment tool to let users filter posts using keywords
10:50 AM  •
Nick Statt / The Verge:  Facebook open sources three computer vision tools that can identify objects within photos: DeepMask, SharpMask, and MultiPathNet
10:15 AM  •
Akin Oyedele / Business Insider:  PE firm Apollo Global taking Rackspace private in $4.3B deal, valuing firm at 38% premium over August 3 closing price when first reports about buyout surfaced
12:15 AM  •
Matthew Lynley / TechCrunch:  Dropbox prompting users to reset passwords that haven't been changed since mid-2012, calls it a preventative move, says no evidence accounts improperly accessed

August 25, 2016

8:11 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Sources: Apple to use Sony's FeliCa chip, a mobile tap-to-pay standard, in new iPhones in Japan to let users pay for transit with their smartphones
7:20 PM  •
Tiernan Ray / Tech Trader Daily:  Pure Storage beats Q2 expectations as revenues rise almost 93% YoY to $163.2M
5:15 PM  •
Wall Street Journal:  Sources: earlier this year, China let some foreign tech companies, including Microsoft and Intel, join a government committee that sets cybersecurity standards
4:45 PM  •
Alex Kantrowitz / BuzzFeed:  Sources: Twitter's Promoted Sticker ad campaigns have a minimum $500K ad spend, while the company has been lowering minimums on other ad products
3:35 PM  •
Mark Bergen / Recode:  Report: Google Fiber chief Craig Barratt was told by Larry Page to halve staff to 500; Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat interceded to defend business model
2:45 PM  •
The Citizen Lab:  How a government targeted Ahmed Mansoor, an activist in the UAE, with three zero-day exploits meant to infect his iPhone with sophisticated commercial spyware
1:50 PM  •
Andrea Peterson / Washington Post:  Researchers uncover zero-day iOS flaws used to try to remotely steal data from activists, likely sold by malware vendor NSO; Apple releases patch with iOS 9.3.5
1:00 PM  •
Adam Satariano / Bloomberg:  WhatsApp lays groundwork to monetize its service by easing privacy rules and allowing businesses to message users
12:20 PM  •
Associated Press:  Autonomous vehicle software startup nuTonomy begins invite-only testing of six self-driving taxis in Singapore; cars will have driver and researcher on board
11:55 AM  •
Gideon Spanier / Campaign Live:  Analysis of filings finds Twitter's Japanese operation generated 10% of global revenue in Q2, with sales doubling YoY to $61.2M
10:55 AM  •
Caroline O'Donovan / BuzzFeed:  Nextdoor, a social network for neighbors, debuts a new tool to stem racial profiling on its platform, claims 75% success rate in tests
8:50 AM  •
Eric Newcomer / Bloomberg:  Sources: Uber lost $1.2B in first half of 2016, including $520M in Q1 and $750M in Q2; net revenue grew 18% from $960M in Q1 to $1.1B in Q2
8:35 AM  •
New York Times:  WhatsApp to share phone numbers and analytics data of users with Facebook, two years after it said it had no plans to collect data
7:05 AM  •
Bloomberg:  Sources: Apple developing a Snapchat-like video sharing and editing app and multiple social features for iOS

August 24, 2016

11:05 PM  •
Jonathan Vanian / Fortune:  HP reports Q3 revenue of $11.9B, down 4% YoY, marking third decline in quarterly sales since November split
9:00 PM  •
Jim Weber / LinkedIn Pulse:  Sports writer says Twitter permanently banned his account with nearly 100K followers after he tweeted three Olympics GIFs
8:30 PM  •
Biz Carson / Business Insider:  Legalist, a startup launched by a Thiel Fellow, will fund lawsuits in exchange for up to 50% cut of settlement based on algorithmic calculation of winning
7:05 PM  •
Lora Kolodny / TechCrunch:  Drone data management firm DroneDeploy raises $20M Series B round led by Scale Venture Partners
4:55 PM  •
Nick Statt / The Verge:  Google brings Wi-Fi Assistant, a previously exclusive Project Fi feature that cuts down on data usage, to all Nexus devices in the US, UK, Canada, and more
4:05 PM  •
Harrison Weber / VentureBeat:  Sources: YouTube building Backstage feature that allows creators to share photos, polls, links, and more that will appear in subscribers' feeds, slated for fall
3:50 PM  •
Anthony Ha / TechCrunch:  Auth0 raises $15M Series B led by Trinity Ventures to help developers, websites manage identity, authentication; the company now has 75K subscribers
3:05 PM  •
Jan Dawson / Beyond Devices:  Breaking down Apple's last five years in charts covering R&D spend, regional trends, profit margins, cash on hand, unit sales and revenue by category, more
2:50 PM  •
Seth Fiegerman / CNNMoney:  Five years after Tim Cook became Apple CEO, the company has doubled staff, is more socially conscious, but hasn't created a new product category rivaling iPhone
2:20 PM  •
John Herrman / New York Times:  On Facebook, activist-run pages rival the reach of established, traditional media brands like MSNBC and NYT, but aren't beholden to any journalistic standard
1:35 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Amazon aims to make digital books widely accessible globally by launching the Kindle Reading Fund in partnership with Worldreader
12:50 PM  •
Julie Verhage / Bloomberg:  Uber partners with Betterment to offer drivers in Seattle, Boston, Chicago, and New Jersey an Individual Retirement Account which they can open in-app
12:00 PM  •
Jordan Novet / VentureBeat:  Microsoft updates Word Flow keyboard for iOS with built-in search for animated GIFs, images, contacts, and the web via Bing
11:25 AM  •
Adam Shepherd / CloudPro:  Amazon brings its unlimited Amazon Drive storage to the UK for £55/year
10:55 AM  •
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:  Trello makes Power-Ups available to all, but limits free tier users to use one at a time, adds new integrations for Intercom, Screenful, and Github Enterprise
10:10 AM  •
Steven Levy / Backchannel:  Apple execs Cue, Schiller, and Federighi as well as key Siri scientists Alex Acero and Tom Gruber explain Apple's secretive approach to AI and machine learning
7:40 AM  •
Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:  Shopify launches its POS app and card reader in the UK
5:45 AM  •
Monte Reel / Bloomberg:  Baltimore police have been testing an aerial surveillance system that uses wide-angle cameras flown at 8.5K feet, without informing the public, since January
3:15 AM  •
TechCrunch:  The 48 startups that launched at Y Combinator Summer 2016 Demo Day 2
2:20 AM  •
Fitz Tepper / TechCrunch:  Logikcull, a startup that offers productivity software to lawyers, raises $10M series A led by OpenView
12:00 AM  •
John Gruber / Daring Fireball:  As Vesper shuts down, reflecting on why building a Mac app first would have been a better move than prioritizing the iOS app

August 23, 2016

11:10 PM  •
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:  Opera launches free VPN app for Android with no data limits, no login required, and a feature to block ad trackers
10:25 PM  •
Hannah Karp / Wall Street Journal:  Sources: Spotify tries to get long-term deals with labels wanting higher cuts and other rights while operating on short-term extensions of old contracts
9:00 PM  •
Leah Schnurr / Reuters:  Ashley Madison found to have violated privacy laws in joint Canada-Australia probe, enters into compliance agreements with both countries
7:45 PM  •
Julia Bluff / iFixit:  Repair experts report widespread design defect affecting iPhone 6/6 Plus that leads to an unresponsive screen and flickering gray bar
7:25 PM  •
Brad Stone / Bloomberg:  Alphabet hires satellite broadband industry vet Tom Moore as VP at X and GM of Project Loon; Project Loon head Mike Cassidy moves to new research projects
7:00 PM  •
Jason Del Rey / Recode:  Sources: online home-furnishings retailer One Kings Lane sold for less than $30M this year after being valued at $900M in early 2014
5:55 PM  •
Andrew Chung / Reuters:  ITC trade judge clears Fitbit of stealing Jawbone's trade secrets
5:15 PM  •
CNN:  Sources: FBI investigating cyber “intrusions” of NYT, other news orgs; the hackers are suspected to be affiliated with Russian intelligence agencies
4:55 PM  •
Barry Schwartz / Search Engine Land:  Google plans to lower search rankings of publishers' mobile pages that use intrusive interstitial ads starting January 10
4:40 PM  •
Ariel Bogle / Mashable:  Facebook is testing video with autoplay sound on mobile, which can be toggled in settings
3:30 PM  •
Mike Colias / Wall Street Journal:  Auto parts supplier Delphi and sensor-maker Mobileye announce plan to ship by 2019 a fully autonomous car system to be easily integrated by automakers
3:30 PM  •
Alex Kantrowitz / BuzzFeed:  Facebook Messenger is testing “Add Contact” request to include non-Facebook friends
2:35 PM  •
Jeff Grubb / VentureBeat:  PlayStation 3 games coming to PCs and Macs in early September via PS Now streaming service and $25 DualShock 4 USB adapter
2:27 PM  •
Philip Michaels / Tom's Guide:  Parrot's $1,299 fixed-wing Disco drone can sustain 50 mph for 45 minutes, comes with new driver assist system and CockpitGlasses FPV headset, ships in September
2:05 PM  •
Ken Yeung / VentureBeat:  Former Facebook Live product manager Vadim Lavrusik debuts Alively for sharing livestreamed or recorded footage with select friends, available now on iOS in US
1:30 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Facebook improves its “lightweight video” Slideshow ads, including support for mobile ad creation
1:07 PM  •
Casey Newton / The Verge:  Instapaper has been acquired by Pinterest and will continue to operate as an independent app
12:40 PM  •
Lucas Shaw / Bloomberg:  Sources: Google's Daydream service is launching “in the coming weeks” as the company pays YouTube stars for VR content and helps promote some Hulu projects

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