Techmeme Job Openings

Interested in joining our team? Techmeme, the leader in tech industry news aggregation (you knew that already), will hire candidate(s) for the following role. Please read the instructions below on how to apply.

Techmeme Part-time Editor

Editor will work remotely with Techmeme's editorial team and alongside Techmeme's automated backend to assist with selecting news and composing headlines. We are primarily interested in candidates who can work a total of 2 to 6 hours per week occurring between 12am and 7am US Eastern Time on one or more weekdays. These hours are especially favorable to candidates in Asia, or more broadly, anyone living in time zones between New Zealand and the Middle East. (Early-risers in Europe may also be interested.) This role is open to citizens of any country. Since we may hire later for other hours in the coming months, feel free to apply no matter what time you are able to work, but understand we'll prioritize the immediate hiring need outlined above.

This role involves hands-on and detail-oriented work with a high impact, as Techmeme is agenda-setting in the tech news space. We expect the position to be a good fit for anyone seeking work-at-home part-time employment, including stay-at-home parents and students. Techmeme's team has always worked fully remotely, starting long before the pandemic. Additional responsibilities may become available down the road for candidates succeeding in this role. Work will begin after a paid training period of at least 8 hours.

Qualifications: A deep interest in technology news (news on platforms, industry people, tech startups, industry trends, emerging software frameworks, etc.), and a familiarity of social media and blogging, and how the broader online news ecosystem functions. Candidates should have sound news judgment and be able to think quickly. Also desirable, though not necessary: previous news editing experience and familiarity with media industry news.

Compensation: Editors receive a competitive hourly wage. Starting wages depend on work experience. To get a pay range estimate before applying, email your resume/CV with "Pay range request" in the subject line.

To apply: Send a single email to briefly introducing yourself and describing your motivations for seeking this role. Use the subject line "[your name] [Twitter details] — Techmeme PT Editor — [your location]". For [your location], specify the city and country, or city and US state in which you're based. For [Twitter details], put either your Twitter (a.k.a. X) username starting with @, or the word "none", in parentheses. An example subject line might be Anita Ray (@anitaray66) — Techmeme PT Editor — Mumbai, India. Include a resume/CV, either pasted to the end of your email or as an attachment. In addition, please provide numbered responses to the following questions. Because a great deal of our consideration in selecting a candidate will come from evaluating these application emails, please pay ample attention to detail. But don't give up if you're worried you won't score "perfectly" — nobody does!

1. Techmeme editors write headlines for most stories that appear on the site, as we explained long ago here. We try to write headlines with enough information and specifics so that readers don't need to click to get a basic idea of what the story is saying. So our headlines offer names, facts, figures, and takeaways when possible. Our headlines also assume readers are familiar with tech industry news via Techmeme, so explaining names and concepts conveyed in previous Techmeme headlines is not necessary. With these headline-writing goals in mind, provide a Techmeme headline for this story. Make sure it doesn't exceed 160 characters in length, and use sentence case, not title case (i.e. normal capitalization, not headline-style caps.)
2. Do the same for this post (available without a paywall here).
3. Now do the same for this piece.
4. Stories from Bloomberg appear frequently on Techmeme. Summarize the types of news stories Bloomberg tends to bring to Techmeme in just one sentence. Next, do the same for The Verge.