Techmeme Jobs Openings

Interested in joining our team? Techmeme, the leader in tech industry news aggregation (you knew that already), may hire a candidate for the following role in the upcoming year. If interested, apply today and we will follow up when an opening arises:

Techmeme Part-time Editor

Editor will work remotely alongside Techmeme's automation to direct and guide the selection of news 2-8 hours per week, and potentially more per week over time. The particular work schedule will be determined based on the requirements of the candidate and the evolving scheduling needs of Techmeme.

This role involves hands-on and detail-oriented work with a high impact, as Techmeme is agenda-setting in the tech news space. It's open to candidates of any region or country who can work via Internet during the hours needed. We expect the position to be a good fit for anyone seeking work-at-home part-time employment, including stay-at-home parents and students. Additional responsibilities may become available down the road for candidates succeeding in this role. Work will begin after a paid training period of at least 15 hours.

Qualifications: A deep interest in technology news (including, but not limited to computer, internet, and mobile news), and an understanding of blogging, Twitter, and how the broader online news ecosystem functions. Candidates should have sound news judgment and be able to think quickly Also desirable, though not necessary: previous news editing experience and familiarity with media industry news.

Compensation: Competitive hourly wage.

To apply: Send a single email to briefly introducing yourself and describing your motivations for seeking this job. Use the subject line "[name] (@[Twitter ID]) - Techmeme Part-time Editor", and include a resume, either as a link, pasted to the end of your email, or as an attachment. In addition, please provide numbered responses to the following questions. Because a great deal of our consideration in selecting a candidate will come from evaluating these application emails, please pay ample attention to detail. (But don't give up if you're worried you won't score "perfectly" — nobody does!)

1. Techmeme editors write headlines for some stories that appear on our site, as we explained here. We try to write headlines with enough details and specifics so that readers don't need to click to get a basic idea of what the story is saying. So our headlines offer names, numbers, and conclusions when possible. With these goals in mind, and assuming a tech industry-savvy readership, provide a Techmeme headline for this post. Make sure it doesn't exceed 100 characters in length.
2. Do the same for this very short post.
3. Do the same for this post.
4. Twitter's stock price reflects that investors are much less optimistic about the company's prospects than in previous years. What are the underlying reasons for this? Please answer in 3-4 sentences.
5. Contrast the four publications featured most often on Techmeme with respect to what they typically bring to Techmeme's coverage. Do this in just four sentences, one sentence per publication.
6. Provide a url to a news (or analysis or opinion) piece that you think would make Techmeme better if it were posted as a headline to Techmeme at the time you emailed us your application. (Any story already covered on Techmeme at the time you emailed us would not be a good choice.)