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Zac Bowden / Windows Central:
After Microsoft eroded Windows users' trust with bad practices for years, Recall is a PR disaster, as users remain skeptical despite the company's assurances  —  The world is up-in-arms over Windows Recall, but why?  It stems from Microsoft's seeming lack of care for Windows and its users.
David McCabe / New York Times:
Sources: the US DOJ will take the lead in investigating whether Nvidia has violated antitrust laws; the US FTC will lead the inquiries into OpenAI and Microsoft  —  The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission agreed to divide responsibility for investigating three major players in the artificial intelligence industry.
Wall Street Journal:
Source and documents: the US FTC sent civil subpoenas to Microsoft and Inflection AI seeking information about how and why they negotiated their partnership  —  Commission has sent subpoenas to tech giant and startup, asking whether their partnership evaded required government review
Financial Times:
New York Times:
Sources: as the Ai Pin flopped, with just ~10K orders by early April, Humane started talking to HP about selling itself for $1B+; Humane has raised $240M  —  Days before gadget reviewers weighed in on the Humane Ai Pin, a futuristic wearable device powered by artificial intelligence …
Carl Franzen / VentureBeat:
Adobe faces a backlash over its terms of service that say Adobe may access user content via “automated and manual methods” to improve its services and software  —  Adobe has been one of the leading legacy enterprise software companies to embrace generative AI and make it accessible …
Ivan Mehta / TechCrunch:
Google partners with RapidSOS, a platform for emergency first responders, to let users contact 911 via RCS, from December and initially only in Google Messages  —  Google said today it is partnering with RapidSOS, a platform for emergency first responders, to enable users to contact 911 through RCS (Rich Messaging Service).
Amanda Silberling / TechCrunch:
Cara, an artist-run, anti-AI social platform, grew from 40K to 650K users in the past week, as some Instagram artists leave over plans to train AI on user data  —  ‘Building a product is a bit like making art,’ said founder Jingna Zhang  —  Artists have finally had enough with Meta's predatory AI policies …
Aaron Tilley / Wall Street Journal:
Sources detail how Apple fell behind in the AI race: its AI team failing to collaborate with product teams, a lack of access to computing resources, and more  —  For those who saw them, the demonstrations inside Apple increase earlier this decade of a revamped Siri offered a showcase …
Sergiu Gatlan / BleepingComputer:
The FBI urges LockBit ransomware victims to reach out after getting 7,000+ decryption keys to recover data for free; police seized 2,500+ keys in February 2024  —  The FBI urges past victims of LockBit ransomware attacks to come forward after revealing that it has obtained …
Caitlin Ostroff / Wall Street Journal:
Aisha Counts / Bloomberg:
Meta plans WhatsApp features, including an AI-powered assistant for businesses in India and Singapore, and AI tools to create ads in English-speaking markets  —  - Assistant lets businesses chat with customers using AI  — New features will roll out first in India and Singapore
Jagmeet Singh / TechCrunch:
Google rolls out its Gemini-powered note-taking assistant NotebookLM to 200+ new countries, including Brazil and India, and adds Slides and web URLs as sources  —  Google on Thursday said it is rolling out NotebookLM, its AI-powered note-taking assistant, to over 200 new countries …
Jess Weatherbed / The Verge:
Discord adds new monetization features for developers and plans to halve the 30% platform fee to 15% for their first $1M in cumulative gross sales  —  Discord is introducing new tools and monetization features that aim to make it easier for app developers to make money by selling premium perks via storefronts on the platform.
More: CoinGapeBluesky:
eBay emails customers to say the service will drop American Express cards as a payment option because of “unacceptably high” transaction fees, from August 17  —  - Online marketplace calls Amex fees ‘unacceptably high’  — Change to take effect Aug. 17; Amex defends its fees
Olga Kharif / Bloomberg:
Sources: Kraken seeks to raise $100M+ in a pre-IPO round; the crypto exchange's previous attempts to go public were thwarted in part by a dispute with the SEC  —  - Crypto exchange has talked about doing IPO for several years  — Closely held exchange is engaged in a dispute with the SEC
Emma Roth / The Verge:
Google plans to store Maps Timeline data locally on users' devices instead of their Google account from December 1, after announcing the change in December 2023  —  Google Maps is changing the way it handles your location data.  Instead of backing up your data to the cloud, Google will soon store it locally on your device.

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