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New York Times:
Sources: OpenAI transcribed 1M+ hours of YouTube videos through Whisper and used the text to train GPT-4; Google also transcribed YouTube videos to harvest text  —  OpenAI, Google and Meta ignored corporate policies, altered their own rules and discussed skirting copyright law …
New York Times:
Sources: Meta debated buying a publisher like Simon & Schuster for AI training data and weighed using copyrighted online data even if that meant facing lawsuits  —  To make artificial intelligence systems more powerful, tech companies need online data to feed the technology.  Here's what to know.
Cheyenne MacDonald / Engadget:
Report: Google changed its privacy policy in June 2022 to more broadly cover its use of publicly available content, including Google Docs, to train AI models  —  According to The New York Times, the companies may have violated YouTube creators' copyrights.  —  OpenAI and Google trained …
Filipe Espósito / 9to5Mac:
Apple updates App Store guidelines, allowing game emulators for the first time globally, and letting music streaming apps in the EU link to external websites  —  After the EU commission fined Apple $2 billion and announced that it's not satisfied with the changes the company made to comply …
Kevin Poireault / Infosecurity:
Wiz details two now-fixed security issues on the Hugging Face AI platform that put customer data at risk, as Hugging Face partners with Wiz to improve security  —  Cloud security provider Wiz found two critical architecture flaws in generative AI models uploaded to Hugging Face, the leading hub for sharing AI models and applications.
Alexandra Sternlicht / Fortune:
A look at OnlyFans AI chatbot startups, which are replacing some low-wage workers with bots trained on creators' chats to mimic their dirty talk and upselling  —  Hey there, it's tech reporter Alexandra Sternlicht.  —  OnlyFans creators' careers are underwritten by sexting.
Threads: @iamsternlichtMastodon: and @carnage4life@mas.toX: @iamsternlichtLinkedIn: Alexandra SternlichtForums: r/technology
Danny Nelson / CoinDesk:
Email: Galaxy Digital's venture arm, which has long invested its own money, is raising a $100M fund with outside capital, focused on early-stage crypto startups  —  Galaxy's prolific venture wing plans to start accepting - and investing - outside capital.  —  Galaxy Digital's venture team …
Madhumita Murgia / Financial Times:
A profile of former Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg and her new startup Meeno, which provides an AI-powered chatbot for relationship advice on iOS and has raised $4.9M  —  Ex-Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg thinks advanced AI can help  —  By the time Renate Nyborg quit her job in 2022 she had become accustomed …
Lewis Gordon / The Ringer:
A look at Monument Valley, a puzzle game developed by ustwo that won Apple's design award in 2014 and stood out in a market dominated by free-to-play titles  —  A scene as still and pure as it is confounding: towers stretching up, flags billowing gently in the wind, stone walkways appearing to defy the principles of architecture.
Kia Kokalitcheva / Axios:
Source: Y Combinator is inviting some alumni entrepreneurs to invest a minimum of $250,000, which will be split among the three funds it is currently raising  —  - The accelerator is requiring limited partners invest in all three of its new funds, a somewhat bold move in the current environment.
Matt Binder / Mashable:
Peter Kafka / Business Insider:
Filings from FTC lawsuit against Meta: Instagram had $32.4B in ad revenue in 2021, 27% of Meta's revenue and more than YouTube's $28.8B ad revenue in 2021  —  - Instagram generated $32.4 billion in ad revenue in 2021, making up 27% of Meta's total revenue.  — Instagram's ad revenue …

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