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Russ Cox / research!rsc:
A timeline of the attack on open-source project XZ Utils, which began in late 2021 and led to a backdoor with RCE in Linux distros from Debian, Red Hat, others  —  Over a period of over two years, an attacker using the name “Jia Tan” worked as a diligent, effective contributor to the xz compression library …
Washington Post:
The US Cyber Safety Review Board faults Microsoft for a “cascade of avoidable errors” that led to the 2023 Chinese hack of top US government officials' emails  —  The independent Cyber Safety Review Board's forthcoming report knocks the tech giant for shoddy cybersecurity practices …
Wes Davis / The Verge:
POTUS' official Threads account starts using Meta's ActivityPub integration to post on the decentralized networking protocol  —  POTUS puts the ‘fed’ in ‘fediverse.’  —  The official US president Threads account, currently helmed by President Joe Biden, has begun using Meta's ActivityPub integration …
Devin Coldewey / TechCrunch:
Anthropic researchers detail “many-shot jailbreaking”, which can evade LLMs' safety guardrails by including a large number of faux dialogues in a single prompt  —  How do you get an AI to answer a question it's not supposed to?  There are many such “jailbreak” techniques …
Sara Fischer / Axios:
Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, and 200+ others sign a letter to AI developers and tech firms decrying “predatory” AI that steals voices, replaces artists, and more  —  - Jen Jacobson, executive director at The Artist Rights Alliance (ARA), the trade group representing the artists signing the letter …
Theo Wayt / The Information:
Amazon plans to remove Just Walk Out from most of its grocery stores and add more grocery stores with Dash Carts, which let shoppers scan items while they shop  —  Amazon's grab-and-go checkout system, Just Walk Out, has been a centerpiece of its ambitions to transform bricks-and-mortar supermarkets.
David Shepardson / Reuters:
The FCC plans to vote on April 25 to restore net neutrality rules and assume regulatory oversight of broadband internet that was rescinded under President Trump  —  The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will vote to reinstate landmark net neutrality rules and assume new regulatory oversight …
Ian King / Bloomberg:
Intel says its Foundry division had $18.9B in 2023 revenue, down 31% YoY, a $7B operating loss, up from $5.2B, and expects 2024 to be the peak of its losses  —  - In a change, company breaks out numbers for manufacturing unit  — New Intel Foundry division is expected to break even by 2030
David Pierce / The Verge:
Yahoo acquires the news app Artifact, shuts down its standalone app, and plans to use its technology on Yahoo News and other services in the coming months  —  Instagram's co-founders built a powerful and useful tool for recommending news to readers — but could never quite get it to scale.
Zeyi Yang / MIT Technology Review:
Boosted by Taiwan's 2024 elections, Threads has revived its popularity in the country; Sensor Tower says Threads is Taiwan's most downloaded social app  —  For most people around the world, Meta's text-based social network Threads is a platform that they haven't thought of for months.
New York Times:
An interview with Oren Etzioni, the former CEO of Allen Institute for AI, on his nonprofit, which offers free tools for identifying deepfakes  —  Oren Etzioni worries A.I.-generated fakes could overwhelm upcoming elections.Kyle Johnson for The New York Times

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