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Foo Yun Chee / Reuters:
Microsoft plans to unbundle Teams from Microsoft 365 and Office 365 globally amid antitrust scrutiny, after a similar unbundling in the EU in August 2023  —  Microsoft (MSFT.O) will sell its chat and video app Teams separately from its Office product globally, the U.S. tech giant said on Monday …
Mike Larkin / Security Boulevard:
Microsoft engineer Andres Freund accidentally found the malicious code in versions of the XZ Utils compression tool, likely preventing thousands of infections  —  Yesterday's discovery of the xz backdoor was an accident.  But what a fortunate accident it was.
Deepa Seetharaman / Wall Street Journal:
Sources: OpenAI discussed training GPT-5 on public YouTube video transcripts; AI industry's need for high-quality text data may outstrip supply within two years  —  Firms such as OpenAI and Anthropic are working to find enough information to train next-generation artificial-intelligence models
Dan Primack / Axios:
Brett Martin / New York Times:
A profile of Matt Farley, who has released thousands of songs under ~80 pseudonyms on music streaming services with the goal of matching nearly any search query  —  Matt Farley has released thousands of songs with the goal of producing a result to match nearly anything anybody could think to search for.
Max Tani / Semafor:
Sources: Apple suggests podcasters join its subscription program to get on its “browse” carousel; 5 of the first 7 carousel podcasts last week were participants  —  The Scoop  —  To get their show featured at the top of the Apple Podcasts feed, one of the best placements in the audio world …
John Thornhill / Financial Times:
Demis Hassabis says AI funding is causing hype and grifting that clouds AI research; CB Insights: VCs invested $42.5B in 2,500 AI startup equity rounds in 2023  —  British AI pioneer says the billions of dollars being poured into start-ups is obscuring scientific progress in the field
Julie Jargon / Wall Street Journal:
Some teens say a Snapchat+ feature that lets users see their position in their friends' digital orbits, rendered as a solar system, is adding to their anxieties  —  Drama, hurt feelings and heartbreak can result when teens see where they are in friends' Snapchat+ solar systems

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