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Zack Whittaker / TechCrunch:
AT&T confirms data dumped online appears to be from 2019 or earlier and has personal data of 7.6M current and 65.4M former account holders, resets passcodes  —  US telco giant takes action after 2019 data breach  —  Phone giant AT&T is reseting customer account passcodes after a huge cache …
Mariella Moon / Engadget:
X says it is funding a lawsuit filed by Chloe Happe against her ex-employer Block, after being allegedly fired for her X posts about refugees and trans people  —  Happe accused Block of terminating her for expressing views Block didn't agree with.  —  X is funding a lawsuit filed by Chloe Happe …
Dan Goodin / Ars Technica:
Researchers find malicious code in versions of the compression tool XZ Utils that were incorporated into Linux distributions from Red Hat, Debian, and others  —  Malicious code planted in xz Utils has been circulating for more than a month.  —  Researchers have found a malicious backdoor …
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Benj Edwards / Ars Technica:
Christopher Mims / Wall Street Journal:
Several legal experts say Section 230 will not protect firms from lawsuits over the outputs of generative AI, echoing SCOTUS Justice Gorsuch's 2023 statement  —  Legal scholars, lawmakers and at least one Supreme Court justice agree that companies will be liable for the things their AIs say and do …
Eric Benjamin Seufert / Mobile Dev Memo:
EU's hostility towards Meta's “Pay or Okay” model is misguided as the model does not force users to use Meta's platforms and it has been deemed GDPR compliant  —  On Monday, the European Commission announced that it is launching investigations into Alphabet, Apple, and Meta under the Digital Markets Act (DMA).
Victoria Song / The Verge:
As Gmail turns 20 on April 1, a look at its impact on online communication and its future as other messaging apps have come to dominate how we communicate  —  Gmail revolutionized email with fast search and a whole gigabyte of storage.  But where's it headed next?
Alex Heath / The Verge:
Sources: Amazon's AGI team is aiming to outperform Anthropic's latest Claude models by the middle of 2024 using the company's forthcoming LLM, codenamed Olympus  —  This week, Amazon completed the second phase of a deal announced last September, when it committed to investing up to $4 billion in OpenAI rival Anthropic.
Knowing Machines:
Inside LAION-5B, an AI training dataset of 5B+ images that has been unavailable for download after researchers found 3,000+ instances of CSAM in December 2023  —  If you want to make a really big AI model — the kind that can generate images or do your homework, or build this website …
Washington Post:
A look at Steven Mnuchin's TikTok plans; sources say his proposal to buy TikTok without its export-blocked algorithm and rebuild it from scratch is far-fetched  —  His proposal to buy the app without its algorithm from its Chinese owner has drawn skeptical reactions, including from those he's pitched
Survey of Americans aged 12+: 47% of have listened to a podcast in the last month, up 12% YoY, 76% listened to online audio in the past month, and more  —  The portion of Americans who listen to any kind of online audio, and the portion who listen to podcasts, have both reached new record highs …

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