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Sources: the US DOJ plans to sue Apple as soon as Thursday, accusing the company of violating antitrust laws by blocking rivals from accessing iPhone features  —  - Lawsuit to be filed in federal court as soon as Thursday  — Case comes as iPhone maker also faces scrutiny in Europe
Reddit priced its IPO at $34 per share, the top of its expected range, raising $519M and valuing the company at about $6.5B, ahead of its market debut  —  In this photo illustration a Reddit logo is seen displayed on a smartphone.  —  Reddit, the 19-year-old website that hosts millions of online forums …
Wall Street Journal:
Emily Mullin / Wired:
Neuralink shows its first brain implant patient, a 29-year-old man paralyzed from the shoulders down, playing online chess using the Neuralink device  —  In a livestream on X, the paralyzed 29-year-old man used his Neuralink brain implant to control a computer.
Ben Schoon / 9to5Google:
Epic plans to release its Epic Games Store on iOS and Android later in 2024, with the same terms as the PC store, including a 12% commission on sales  —  With plans to launch its own game store on iOS, it's now been announced that the Epic Games Store is coming to Android.
Zephyr Teachout / The Atlantic:
The TikTok divestment bill fits into a long and important US tradition of forbidding a hostile foreign power from controlling a major communication platform  —  America has a long history of shielding infrastructure and communication platforms from foreign control.
Ashley Gold / Axios:
Krisztian Sandor / CoinDesk:
BlackRock unveils its first tokenized asset fund, BUIDL, built on the Ethereum network and fully backed by cash, US Treasury bills, and repurchase agreements  —  The asset management giant also made a strategic investment in asset tokenization company Securitize.
Kate Knibbs / Wired:
Fairly Trained certifies KL3M, an LLM claimed to be built without the permissionless use of copyrighted materials by legal tech consultancy startup 273 Ventures  —  OpenAI claimed it's “impossible” to build good AI models without using copyrighted data.  An “ethically created” …
A UK jury finds Jian Wen guilty of laundering bitcoin for a Chinese fugitive allegedly behind a ~$6B fraud in China; police had seized BTC worth $2.2B+ in 2018  —  - Jury finds Jian Wen guilty on one count of money laundering  — Jian helped Chinese fugitive Zhimin Qian launder Bitcoin
Yossi Matias / The Keyword:
In a research paper, Google Research details how AI helped to provide accurate flood forecasting in over 80 countries up to seven days in advance of the flood  —  A paper published in Nature today shows how Google Research uses AI to accurately predict riverine flooding and help protect livelihoods …
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:
GitHub releases code scanning autofix, powered by Copilot and CodeQL, in public beta for GitHub Advanced Security customers, to help them fix vulnerabilities  —  It's a bad day for bugs.  Earlier today, Sentry announced its AI Autofix feature for debugging production code and now …
David Gilbert / Wired:
X suspends the accounts of some journalists and researchers who posted the alleged real name of neo-Nazi cartoonist Stonetoss, after Stonetoss appealed to Musk  —  Researchers and journalists have been blocked on X from sharing the alleged identity of the neo-Nazi cartoonist Stonetoss.
NBC News:
Sources: after more than six months, the FBI has resumed limited outreach to some US tech companies about foreign propagandists using their platforms  —  The agency put the briefings on pause amid lawsuits and government scrutiny.  —  The FBI has resumed some of its efforts to share information …
Tim Copeland / The Block:
A commit in Ethereum Foundation's GitHub repository shows the foundation has received a voluntary and confidential inquiry from an unspecified state authority  —  - The Ethereum Foundation has received a voluntary and confidential inquiry from an unspecified state authority, according to the foundation's GitHub repository.
Rachel Metz / Bloomberg:
OpenAI says it hasn't yet set a timeline for the release of Sora, as the company tries to catch up to other text-to-video AI startups like Runway AI  —  Software that can create convincing video from text prompts is progressing fast, raising questions about disinformation as well as the economics of AI.

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