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Financial Times:
The US awards Intel $8.5B in CHIPS Act funding and $11B in loans to expand in Arizona, Ohio, New Mexico, and Oregon; Intel plans to spend $100B over five years  —  Preliminary agreement under US Chips Act also includes $11bn loan as company expands capacity in Arizona and other states
Ben Schoon / 9to5Google:
Epic plans to release the Epic Games Store on iOS and Android later this year, with the same terms as the ones for PC, including a 12% commission on sales  —  With plans to launch its own game store on iOS, it's now been announced that the Epic Games Store is coming to Android.
Samuel Stolton / Bloomberg:
France fines Google €250M for not keeping its 2022 pledge on fair deals with media outlets, including training Gemini on articles without notifying publishers  —  - Firm also accused of breaking other commitments in news case  — Watchdog levies €250 million penalty in latest escalation
Foo Yun Chee / Reuters:
EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager warns Apple over its Core Technology Fee, saying the EU plans to investigate, and Meta over its planned subscription fees  —  EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager on Tuesday warned Apple (AAPL.O) and Meta Platforms (META.O) on their new fees for their services …
Tim Copeland / The Block:
A commit in Ethereum Foundation's GitHub repository shows the foundation has received a voluntary and confidential enquiry from an unspecified state authority  —  - The Ethereum Foundation has received a voluntary and confidential inquiry from an unspecified state authority, according to the foundation's GitHub repository.
Camilla Hodgson / Financial Times:
After its OpenAI bet, Microsoft hiring Mustafa Suleyman and most Inflection staff continues its strategy of developing ties with the most prominent names in AI  —  Satya Nadella's appointment of Mustafa Suleyman continues strategy of developing ties with fledging AI companies
Shirin Ghaffary / Bloomberg:
Business Insider:
Sources: OpenAI plans to release GPT-5 in mid-2024, likely during the summer, and some enterprise customers have recently received demos of the latest model  —  - OpenAI's main product is the popular generative AI tool ChatGPT.  — Since its last major model upgrade to GPT-4, the tool has run into performance issues.
Sources: Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque told staff last week that Robin Rombach and his team of researchers who helped develop Stable Diffusion, have resigned  —  Robin Rombach and a group of key researchers that helped develop the Stable Diffusion text-to-image generation model have left the troubled generative AI startup.
Steven Levy / Wired:
An in-depth look at the 2017 “Attention Is All You Need” paper, a big breakthrough in AI, and profiles of the eight Google researchers who co-authored the paper  —  They met by chance, got hooked on an idea, and wrote the “Transformers” paper—the most consequential tech breakthrough in recent history.
Bill Toulas / BleepingComputer:
Trend Micro researchers detail Earth Krahang, a China-linked APT campaign that has breached 70 organizations in 23 countries and is potentially linked to I-Soon  —  A sophisticated hacking campaign attributed to a Chinese Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group known as 'Earth Krahang …
Jess Weatherbed / The Verge:
SteamDB: after releasing its massive 1.6 update, Stardew Valley hit 146,159 concurrent players on Steam, a new record and above Palworld's stats this week  —  The cozy farming simulator hit 146,159 concurrent players on Steam according to SteamDB data, smashing the game's previous record …
Kyle Wiggers / TechCrunch:
A review of OpenAI's GPT Store finds many GPTs offer bizarre services, potentially infringe on copyright laws, impersonate people, jailbreak ChatGPT, and more  —  When OpenAI CEO Sam Altman announced GPTs, custom chatbots powered by OpenAI's generative AI models, onstage at the company's …
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Niamh Rowe / Fortune:
Morph, an Ethereum Layer 2 network that uses a combination of optimistic and zero-knowledge rollup technologies, raised a $19M seed led by DragonFly Capital  —  Morph, a layer-2 Ethereum Virtual Machine, today announced a $19 million seed round led by DragonFly Capital.
Ashley Belanger / Ars Technica:
Glassdoor users complain after the service added their real names to their profiles without their consent; Glassdoor cross-populates data between its services  —  Anonymous review site Glassdoor now consults public sources to identify users.  —  Glassdoor, where employees go to leave anonymous reviews …
Emma Roth / The Verge:
In a brief demo, Meta shows how Threads could handle turning on fediverse sharing, including waiting five minutes before sending a Threads post to the fediverse  —  Threads is coming to the fediverse — and we just got our first official look at how that might work from Meta itself.

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