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Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft says Russian state-sponsored hackers Midnight Blizzard accessed some of its “source code repositories and internal systems” following the January hack  —  Microsoft revealed earlier this year that Russian state-sponsored hackers had been spying on the email accounts of some members of its senior leadership team.
Rebecca Falconer / Axios:
Donald Trump declares support for TikTok, saying a ban will double the business of “Facebook and Zuckerschmuck” and Facebook is the “true enemy of the people”  —  - Congress members were inundated with calls from angry constituents after TikTok told its users …
Mathias Hammer / Semafor:
The US House Energy and Commerce Committee advances a bill that would force ByteDance to divest TikTok, after TikTok's campaign reportedly enraged legislators  —  Semafor Signals  —  Insights from The New York Times, Financial Times, and CNN  —  The News
Karishma Vaswani / Bloomberg:
TikTok's US popularity is not just a national security issue but also highlights the failure of the US tech industry to come up with an equally addictive app  —  Beijing won't say yes to a TikTok divestment.  Washington should admit it's as much about a lack of tech innovation as it is about national security.
Sources say SMIC used equipment from California-based Applied Materials and Lam Research to manufacture an advanced 7nm chip in China for Huawei in 2023  —  - SMIC used Applied Materials and Lam equipment to make 7nm chip  — US wants to further limit China's access to foreign chip tech
Tests show GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 systematically produce biases that disadvantage protected groups, based on their names, when screening and ranking job candidates  —  Recruiters are eager to use generative AI, but a Bloomberg experiment found bias against job candidates based on their names alone
Karissa Bell / Engadget:
X unveils Articles, a feature for writing and sharing long-form content in a basic text-editing interface, for verified organizations and Premium+ subscribers  —  Long-winded VCs on X now have a new way to be exhausting on main.  —  Journalists, creators and long-winded VCs on X now have a new way to be exhausting on main.
Abner Li / 9to5Google:
Google says Gemini Nano won't come to the Pixel 8 due to “some hardware limitations”, but plans to bring the LLM to more “high-end devices in the near future”  —  During The Android Show today, Google shared more about Gemini Nano, including how it won't be coming to the Pixel 8.
John Tozzi / Bloomberg:
UnitedHealth says electronic prescribing is restored and expects its payments platform back online by March 15, after a hack triggered disruptions two weeks ago  —  Electronic prescribing is now restored.  The company's payments platform will be back online March 15, and testing …
Evan Halper / Washington Post:
US data center demand for crypto mining and AI are putting new pressures on an overtaxed power grid, as bottlenecks mount and utilities struggle to keep up  —  AI and the boom in clean-tech manufacturing are pushing America's power grid to the brink.  Utilities can't keep up.
New York Times:
Sources: OpenAI CTO Mira Murati brought questions about Sam Altman's management to the board in 2023, before he was ousted; a new board is expected imminently  —  Mira Murati, OpenAI's chief technology officer, brought questions about Mr. Altman's management to the board last year before he was briefly ousted from the company.
Addie Morfoot / Variety:
How Netflix's stand-up specials, COVID-19, as well as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and podcasts have transformed the comedy business, broadening comedians' reach  —  Netflix, COVID and social media have been game changers for the comedy business, with the pandemic accelerating shifts already underway across the media landscape.

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