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Samuel Stolton / Bloomberg:
The EU confirms requesting further explanations from Apple over removing Epic's developer account under the DMA, and is examining if Apple broke any other rules  —  - Epic Games barred by Apple from opening own iPhone app store  — EU says it is looking to see if firm has broken new tech law
Eva Dou / Washington Post:
As the EU's DMA takes effect, sources say the Biden administration, which sent two letters protesting the DMA, stopped short of pushing the issue with the EU  —  The European Union's landmark Digital Markets Act comes into effect today, requiring changes at five U.S. internet giants
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:
Letter to Epic: Apple's lawyers cite Tim Sweeney's attacks, including an X post, and say Epic is part of a “global effort to undermine or evade Apple's rules”  —  In the latest installment of Things No One Should Lose Sleep Over, Epic Games says Apple has taken down its newly reinstated developer account in the EU.
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:
As part of its DMA compliance plan, Google details its new program that lets Play Store developers lead EEA users outside their app, including fees of 5% to 17%  —  Google today is sharing more details about the fees that will accompany its plan to comply with Europe's new Digital Markets Act …
Jon Porter / The Verge:
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:
Eric Tucker / Associated Press:
The US DOJ charges former Google software engineer Linwei Ding with stealing AI trade secrets from Google while secretly working with two China-based companies  —  A former software engineer at Google has been charged with stealing artificial intelligence technology from the company …
A deep dive into Apple's failed EV project: management's indecision, various prototypes, and partnership talks with Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, McLaren, and others  —  Tim Cook shut down plans to acquire Tesla before cycling through a junkyard's worth of self-driving designs over the past decade.
Filipe Espósito / 9to5Mac:
Kuo: Apple's only foldable device with a “clear development schedule” is the 20.3-inch MacBook, which is expected to enter mass production in 2027  —  We've been hearing a lot of rumors about Apple working on multiple foldable devices.  While most of them refer to devices similar …
Punchbowl News:
The White House is backing a bipartisan bill that would force ByteDance to sell TikTok if it wants to remain in US app stores  —  The Biden White House is backing a bipartisan bill that could lead to a ban on the hugely popular social media app TikTok in the United States.
Cynthia Kroet / Euronews:
After IAB appeals, the EU's highest court rules that IAB Europe's advertising model uses personal data and is therefore subject to GDPR  —  After clarification from Luxembourg, the Belgian Court of Appeal will now rule on the case.  —  IAB Europe's online advertising model uses personal data …
Filing: BlockFi and FTX reach a tentative agreement to settle all litigation, with BlockFi receiving claims of $185.2M against FTX and $689.3M against Alameda  —  The agreement between the two bankrupt crypto companies awaits court approval  —  BlockFi and FTX have reached a tentative agreement …
Jonathan Vanian / CNBC:
Facebook is working on an AI system for its video recommendations across its entire ecosystem, and tests have led to an 8% to 10% gain in Reels watch time  —  - Tom Alison, the head of Facebook, said on Wednesday that the company is working on a AI model to “power our entire video ecosystem.”
Mike Wheatley / SiliconANGLE:
Paris-based Zama, an open-source cryptography startup developing fully homomorphic encryption technology for blockchain and AI apps, raised a $73M Series A  —  Zama SAS, an open-source cryptography startup focused on building fully homomorphic encryption or FHE technology to protect privacy …
Ryan Gallagher / Bloomberg:
How Microsoft has run a local version of Bing in China since 2009, helping Beijing maintain its Great Firewall; China was just 1.8% of Microsoft's sales in 2020  —  The company's search engine does good business in China, a market Google and Facebook abandoned years ago.
Dina Genkina / IEEE Spectrum:
Research suggests that prompt engineering is best done by the LLM itself, raising suspicions that a fair portion of prompt engineering jobs may be a passing fad  —  Since ChatGPT dropped in the fall of 2022, everyone and their donkey has tried their hand at prompt engineering …
Tatiana Siegel / Variety:
A look at Apple's studio business: sources say the company spent $700M+ of its reported $1B+ annual 2023 spend on just three films, which earned $466M combined  —  On March 10, the tech giant has 13 shots to take home an Oscar via two historical epics, “Killers of the Flower Moon” and …
Ian Allison / CoinDesk:
DCG files a motion to dismiss NY AG Letitia James' lawsuit over an alleged $3B investor fraud, and CEO Barry Silbert files to dismiss accusations he hid losses  —  The crypto firm's boss, Barry Silbert, also filed a motion to dismiss the Attorney General's accusation that he concealed losses …

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