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Tom Warren / The Verge:
Sources: Microsoft plans to launch select Xbox games on the PS5 and Switch, starting with Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, and Sea of Thieves, a seismic strategy shift  —  With rumors of some Xbox games coming to PS5 and Switch, Microsoft gets ready to lay out its vision for the future of Xbox.
Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft plans an Xbox business update event on February 15 at 12PM PT, delivered via a podcast hosted by Xbox's Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, and Matt Booty  —  After weeks of rumors of Xbox exclusives coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch, Microsoft is now planning to discuss its vision for the future of Xbox at an event later this week.
Samuel Stolton / Bloomberg:
The EU ends its DMA investigation into iMessage and Microsoft Bing, Edge, and Advertising, deciding not to regulate the services due to their lack of dominance  —  - Services not dominant enough to face Digital Markets Act … A probe concluded that the services don't hold a dominant enough position …
Tom Warren / The Verge:
Nvidia releases an early version of Chat with RTX, an app that lets users run an AI chatbot on a PC powered by an RTX 30- or 40-series GPU with 8GB+ of VRAM  —  Nvidia is releasing an early version of Chat with RTX today, a demo app that lets you run a personal AI chatbot on your PC.
Rebekah Valentine / IGN:
Interviews with 40+ developers detail the reasoning behind layoffs in gaming, including high costs, growing risks, and executives with little regard for staff  —  An estimated 10,000 game workers lost their jobs in 2023 alone.  —  In August of last year, Ascendant Studios developer Aaron …
Dan Mangan / CNBC:
US court notice: the sentencing of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao for money laundering has been postponed until April 30, 2024; CZ is free on a $175M release bond  —  - The sentencing of former Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao on a money laundering rule charge has been postponed until April 30, a notice in Seattle federal court shows.
Lucas Ropek / Gizmodo:
Flipper Devices, which makes the Flipper Zero multi-tool device, announces a new $49 Video Game Module, powered by a Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller  —  The creators behind the popular Flipper device have teamed up with Raspberry Pi to expand its capabilities.
John Archer / Forbes:
Amazon Prime Video's basic ad tier, which US subscribers who didn't pay extra were downgraded to on January 29, doesn't support Dolby Vision HDR or Dolby Atmos  —  Amazon AMZN caused a furor recently when it announced that it was introducing advertisements right across its Prime Video streaming service.
Rachel Phua / Bloomberg:
Dan Goodin / Ars Technica:
Proofpoint: unknown hackers are targeting hundreds of Azure accounts, some belonging to senior executives, to steal sensitive data and financial assets  —  The wide range of employee roles targeted indicates attacker's multifaceted approach.  —  Hundreds of Microsoft Azure accounts …
A look at Adobe's very cautious gambit to add AI to Creative Cloud, pushed by Dall-E and Midjourney, and questions over whether creatives will embrace the tools  —  Dall-E and Midjourney pushed the Photoshop behemoth to develop Firefly, a suite of AI tools.  Will creatives get on board?
Mia Sato / The Verge:
Websites with seemingly AI-generated obituaries litter Google search, sometimes listing living people as deceased and turning private individuals into clickbait  —  In the wake of death, AI-generated obituaries litter search results, turning even private individuals into clickbait. … part of /
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Zoë Schiffer / Platformer:
Q&A with Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko on the platform, its future, collaborating on ActivityPub with Meta's Threads team, why Bluesky should ditch AT, and more  —  The news last week that Bluesky is open to the public left me wondering how Mastodon, the original federated social network, is faring these days.
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