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Nikhilesh De / CoinDesk:
TRM Labs: North Korea-affiliated hackers were responsible for a third of all crypto thefts in 2023, stealing $600M+, which is about 30% less than in 2022  —  U.S. national security officials have raised concerns about North Korea's use of stolen crypto to develop nuclear weapons.  —  Register Now
Wall Street Journal:
Sources: some executives and board members at companies run by Elon Musk fear his use of drugs, including LSD, cocaine, and ecstasy, could harm his companies  —  Some executives and board members fear the billionaire's use of drugs—including LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, mushrooms and ketamine—could harm his companies
Steven Levy / Wired:
A defense of AI hallucinations, which can spur human creativity and, by forcing users to fact-check, act as a firewall in the transition to superintelligent AI  —  It's a big problem when chatbots spew untruths.  But we should also celebrate these hallucinations as prompts for human creativity and a barrier to machines taking over.
Lawrence Abrams / BleepingComputer:
Google downplays reports of malware abusing an undocumented Chrome API to generate new authentication cookies, saying such token theft attacks “are not new”  —  Google is downplaying reports of malware abusing an undocumented Google Chrome API to generate new authentication cookies when previously stolen ones have expired.
Lawrence Abrams / BleepingComputer:
Users say X is increasingly showing malicious crypto ads, including links to crypto drainers, fake airdrops, and Telegram channels promoting pump and dumps  —  Cybercriminals are abusing X advertisements to promote websites that lead to crypto drainers, fake airdrops, and other scams.
Jay Peters / The Verge:
Adam Mosseri says Threads had some issues with “low quality recommendations” over the last few weeks and should get “much better over the next few weeks”  —  Adam Mosseri says that Threads has had some issues with what he calls “low quality recommendations” over the last few weeks.
Benj Edwards / Ars Technica:
Hands-on with Midjourney v6: generates highly detailed images that sometimes seem unrealistic, a different approach to prompting compared to v5, and more  —  As Midjourney rolls out new features, it continues to make some artists furious.  —  In December, just before Christmas …
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Washington Post:
Legal experts offer mixed opinions about how earlier copyright and fair use cases could affect The New York Times' case against OpenAI and Microsoft  —  A lawsuit accuses OpenAI and Microsoft of violating the New York Times's copyright.  But the law is anything but clear.
Ann Carrns / New York Times:
The US IRS starts testing its free, “mobile friendly” direct e-filing system with some low- and moderate-income taxpayers in 12 US states  —  Residents of 12 states are eligible to participate if they meet certain criteria.  But the agency's plans have already met resistance from tax preparation companies.
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