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Parmy Olson / Bloomberg:
Google's video demo of Gemini's multimodal AI capabilities wasn't carried out in real time or in voice; the model was shown still images and given text prompts  —  The tech giant's latest AI model is only marginally better than the one from OpenAI that's been out for eight months.
Nikkei Asia:
Sources: in a first, Apple is working with China's BYD to move iPad product development to Vietnam, with test production set to begin around mid-February 2024  —  China's BYD helps American giant with shift to alternative tech hubs  —  Vietnam is emerging as an increasingly important production hub …
Wall Street Journal:
Sources: Apple and its suppliers aim to make 50M+ iPhones annually in India in two to three years, which would account for a quarter of global iPhone production  —  Supplier Foxconn plans to build more factories and give India a production role once limited mostly to China
Sankalp Phartiyal / Bloomberg:
Sources: Tata plans to build one of India's largest iPhone plants, employing 50,000 workers within two years, and expects operations to begin in 12 to 18 months  —  - New plant would speed up Apple's diversification beyond China  — Tata wants more Apple business after buying one iPhone factory
Lily Hay Newman / Wired:
How Meta addressed the technical challenges of developing E2EE for Messenger, including creating an encrypted storage protocol and re-architecting chat features  —  Mark Zuckerberg personally promised that the privacy feature would launch by default on Messenger and Instagram chat.
The UK CMA is considering an antitrust investigation into Microsoft and OpenAI's partnership, and is taking comments until January 3 before making a decision  —  - CMA seeking views on whether the relationship should be probed  — Move is less than two months since watchdog cleared Activision
Wall Street Journal:
The US and the UK accuse Russia's FSB of orchestrating a global hacking campaign since 2015 to interfere in UK elections and target US energy networks and spies  —  The cyberattacks also allegedly took aim at U.S. energy networks and American spies  —  LONDON—The U.S. and U.K. governments …
Jessica Lyons Hardcastle / The Register:
A researcher says a years-old Bluetooth authentication flaw lets attackers inject keystrokes to run arbitrary commands on Apple, Android, and some Linux devices  —  Issue has been around since at least 2012  —  A years-old Bluetooth authentication bypass vulnerability allows miscreants to connect to Apple …
Jacob Knutson / Axios:
23andMe changed its TOS to prevent lawsuits days after its October data breach; to opt out, customers must email the company that they disagree within 30 days  —  Days after a data breach allowed hackers to steal 6.9 million 23andMe users' personal details, the genetic testing company changed …
Abner Li / 9to5Google:
Allison Johnson / The Verge:
Mobile network companies have backed themselves into a corner by racing to roll out 5G, taking on piles of debt with few returns to show for their investments  —  Networks spent years telling us that 5G would change everything.  But the flashiest use cases are nowhere to be found …
Spencer Soper / Bloomberg:
Amazon sues an “international fraud organization” for allegedly stealing millions of dollars in merchandise from the company through a series of refund scams  —  - Shoppers took gaming consoles, smartphones, tires and gold  — Scammers live in US, five other countries, according to suit
Elizabeth Lopatto / The Verge:
Maxwell Zeff / Gizmodo:

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