December 5, 2023, 12:00 PM

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Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft updates Copilot with OpenAI's latest models, including GPT-4 Turbo, and adds a new code interpreter feature and “Deep Search” functionality for Bing  —  Microsoft is detailing a number of new features coming to its Copilot service soon, including OpenAI's latest models.
Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge:
Beeper debuts an Android app, Beeper Mini, to let users send iMessages with E2EE, without having to use a new number or log in with an Apple ID, for $2/month  —  Earlier this year, a developer slid into Eric Migicovsky's DMs with a spectacular claim: that he had reverse engineered Apple's iMessage …
Alexandra Barinka / Bloomberg:
Meta, IBM, and over 50 other companies and organizations form the AI Alliance, a coalition to work on open-source AI, including to share tech and reduce risks  —  Meta Platforms Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. are joining more than 40 companies and organizations to create …
Emanuel Maiberg / 404 Media:
Leaked docs show concern at OctoML over helping its customer Civitai make AI images; OctoML co-founder Thierry Moreau said some “could be categorized as” CSAM  —  Content warning: This story covers synthetic child sexual abuse images.  —  OctoML, a Seattle-based startup …
Bruce Schneier / Schneier on Security:
AI chatbots' conversational nature makes them more trustworthy, which could cause problems, like “hidden exploitation”, outright fraud, and mistaken expertise  —  I trusted a lot today.  I trusted my phone to wake me on time.  I trusted Uber to arrange a taxi for me, and the driver to get me to the airport safely.
Docs: Apple warned India that its EU-style charger rules will lower local production targets and on November 28 asked to exempt or delay existing iPhone models  —  Apple (AAPL.O) has told India its local production targets will be hit if New Delhi follows the European Union and requires existing iPhones …
Vishal Chawla / The Block:
Web3 developer platform thirdweb discloses a major vulnerability in an open-source library used by several NFT collections; thirdweb became aware on November 20  —  - Thirdweb, a web3 developer platform, disclosed a security vulnerability in its open-source library.
Jake Kanter / Deadline:
Amazon fails to renew its live English Premier League rights deal, as part of Sky and TNT's new £6.7B UK TV rights deal for four soccer seasons from 2025/2026  —  - BBC Names Royals Accused In Omid Scobie Book Of Commenting On Skin Color Of Harry & Meghan's Son
Jon Porter / The Verge:
Ofcom starts a consultation on draft guidelines on how porn sites should lock out underage users, including having a bank or mobile network confirm a user's age  —  UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has laid out how porn sites could verify users' ages under the newly passed Online Safety Act.
An analysis of 36GB of US school network logs for January 2022 to August 2023 finds widespread internet censoring filters, such as for health and sexuality info  —  A WIRED investigation into internet censorship in US schools found widespread use of filters to censor health, identity, and other crucial information.
Ron Amadeo / Ars Technica:
Google upgrades Gmail's spam filters with RETVec, a text vectorizer that understands “adversarial text manipulations” like emojis, typos, and special characters  —  Gmail's spam filters can now understand “adversarial text manipulations.”  —  The latest post on the Google …
Tesla whistleblower Łukasz Krupski says Autopilot is not safe to use on public roads due to its hardware and software not being “ready”  —  A former Tesla employee has told the BBC he believes the technology powering the firm's self-driving vehicles is not safe enough to be used on public roads.
Kyle Bradshaw / 9to5Google:
Meta says cross-app chatting between Messenger and Instagram will be discontinued in “mid-December 2023”, after announcing the feature in September 2020  —  Meta is beginning the process of disconnecting the ability to have “cross-app chats” with your Instagram contacts via Facebook Messenger and vice-versa.
Cecilia D'Anastasio / Bloomberg:
Rockstar releases the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, set in a fictional Miami, featuring a male and a female protagonist, ahead of a planned 2025 launch  —  Crime-themed franchise is among the most successful in video-game history  —  Rockstar Games released the first trailer …

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