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AnnaMaria Andriotis / Wall Street Journal:
Sources: Apple plans to exit its Goldman Sachs contract in 12 to 15 months, ending their consumer partnership, including for credit card and savings accounts  —  Tech giant proposed exiting contract in about 12-to-15 months  —  Apple is pulling the plug on its credit-card partnership with Goldman Sachs …
Mike Seymour / fxguide:
Unity plans to cut 265 jobs, or 3.8% of its workforce, and end its services deal with VFX company Wētā FX to focus on its core business in a “company reset”  —  UPDATE: Scroll down for a statement from WētāFX:  —  Reuters is reporting that Unity Software …
Robert De Niro criticizes Apple and the Gotham Awards, after sources say Apple cut part of his speech slamming Donald Trump, which he read anyway from his phone  —  The “Killers of the Flower Moon” actor was gearing up to slam Donald Trump at Monday's Gotham Awards, but when he took the stage …
Graham Starr / Bloomberg:
Okta tells customers that hackers who breached its network stole information on all users of its customer support system, greater than the 1% claimed previously  —  - Okta had earlier said breach affected about 1% of customers  — Company said some Okta employee information was also stolen
Ann-Marie Alcántara / Wall Street Journal:
Spotify launches Spotify Wrapped 2023, adding a new Me in 2023 feature to assign users 12 themes that describe their listening, available on mobile and desktop  —  The listening recap, available Wednesday, takes over social media every year  —  It's the time of year many people have been anxiously awaiting: Spotify Wrapped season.
Steven J. Horowitz / Variety:
Spotify details the most-streamed albums, songs, and podcasts in 2023: Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny, Flowers by Miley Cyrus, The Joe Rogan Experience, and more  —  Spotify has revealed its annual Wrapped campaign for 2023, announcing the top-streamed artists, albums, songs and podcasts in addition …
Amir Efrati / The Information:
Source: OpenAI's revamped board does not plan to offer a seat to Microsoft and other outside investors, a sign of prioritizing safety ahead of financial returns  —  OpenAI's revamped board of directors doesn't plan to include representatives from outside investors, according to a person familiar with the situation.
Emma Roth / The Verge:
Google Registry launches a new .meme top level domain, adding to .dad, .boo, .ing, and its other unconventional domain names  —  If you ever wanted to make your website sound a little more silly, now's your chance.  Google Registry just released a new top-level domain that lets you slap a big ol' .meme at the end of your website.
How a group of deepfake porn victims in NYC suburb Levittown helped convict the perpetrator, an ordeal that was further complicated by the lack of clear laws  —  A group of young women in a New York City suburb, horrified to learn their photographs had been manipulated and posted online, took matters into their own hands.
Andrew Romero / 9to5Google:
Samsung launches its Samsung Internet browser on Windows via the Microsoft Store, offering a similar design to Chrome  —  Samsung Internet has moved out of the mobile space and onto the desktop with a new version available through the Microsoft Store for Windows PCs.
Scott Hayden / Road to VR:
Meta pauses shipments of the Quest 3's Elite Strap with Battery after widespread user reports of a charging fault that renders the battery useless  —  Meta paused shipments of its Elite Strap with Battery for Quest 3 amid widespread user reports of a charging fault that renders the battery useless.
Karen Weise / New York Times:
Meta tells US officials that the company plans to block new political ads on Facebook and Instagram one week before the 2024 election, similar to past elections  —  - Facebook owner to block political ads one week before US vote  — First US election with broad generative AI will test democracy
David Pierce / The Verge:
A look at Ayaneo's new $199+ Retro Mini PC AM01, styled on Apple's 1980s-era Macintosh, with AMD Ryzen chips, up to 32GB of RAM, and up to 1TB of storage  —  Ayaneo, which is mostly known for making handheld gaming consoles, just fully revealed the new Retro Mini PC AM01 after teasing it a few weeks ago.
Rest of World:
A look at Foxconn's struggles to manufacture the iPhone 15 in India, contending with language barriers, labor disputes, regulatory hurdles, and more  —  Chinese engineers are flying to India to train the next generation of iPhone builders.  —  • SUNGUVARCHATRAM, INDIA
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:
Apple launches Apple Music Replay, letting users review their 2023 history like top songs and artists, but the feature is still no match for Spotify Wrapped  —  Apple's year-end review and answer to Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay, has arrived, but it's still no match for Spotify's personalized look back at your year in music.

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