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Benedict Evans / Financial Times:
AI development will likely move faster and be more dispersed and less controlled after a failed coup at OpenAI, accelerating what the coup was trying to prevent  —  Failed coups, as seen at OpenAI, often accelerate the thing that they were trying to prevent  —  Over the past week, OpenAI's board went through four CEOs in five days.
Patrick McKenzie / Bits about Money:
A look at Binance and CZ's “Bond villain” compliance strategy and how their settlements will allow the US to deflate Binance while minimizing collateral damage  —  James Bond films have a certain formula to them.  It is more interesting when seen from the perspective of the villain.
New York Times:
Internal docs: X may lose ~$75M in ad revenue by 2023 end as Amazon, Microsoft, and other major brands halted or consider halting ads; X says it may lose $11M  —  Internal documents show companies like Airbnb, Coca-Cola and Microsoft have halted ads, or may do so, after Elon Musk's endorsement of an antisemitic conspiracy theory.
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:
Adobe: US online Black Friday sales hit $9.8B, up 7.5% YoY; Salesforce, which uses different metrics, says online sales hit $16.4B in the US and $70.9B globally  —  A rush of deep discounts and the growth of flexible payment options were the drivers behind $9.8 billion in online sales …
Natasha Singer / New York Times:
Unsealed docs in a lawsuit by 30+ state AGs: Meta received 1.1M+ reports of under-13s on Instagram since early 2019 yet it “disabled only a fraction” of those  —  Meta “routinely documented” children under 13 on Instagram and “unlawfully” collected their data, according to a newly unsealed complaint.
Mat Di Salvo / Decrypt:
A Bitcoin user seems to have accidentally paid a record $3M fee for a $5M transaction and sent $2M; in September, Paxos paid $500K, now returned, to send $2,000  —  Someone accidentally paid over $3 million in fees to send $2 million in BTC.  —  A luckless Bitcoin sender seemingly made a costly mistake …
Frank Bajak / Associated Press:
A look at Replicator, a Pentagon initiative expected to accelerate hard decisions on what AI tech is reliable enough to deploy, including on weaponized systems  —  NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. (AP) — Artificial intelligence employed by the U.S. military has piloted pint-sized surveillance drones …
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Kevin O'Reilly / iFixit News:
A side-by-side teardown of the Steam Deck OLED and Lenovo Legion Go: both are designed to be repaired by users; Steam Deck OLED scores 9/10 and Legion Go 7/10  —  The holiday gaming season has brought us two cutting-edge handheld gaming devices.  In one corner, we have the upstart Legion Go …
Mark Gimein / The Atlantic:
As safety demands strip Llama 2, ChatGPT, and others of anything remotely controversial, some programmers are building uncensored LLMs without safety guardrails  —  A chatbot that can't say anything controversial isn't worth much.  Bring on the uncensored models.
Anton Shilov / Tom's Hardware:
China's Sunway unveils new CPUs with a maximum FP64 throughput of 13.8 TFLOPS, which could let China build high-performance supercomputers despite US sanctions  —  China continues to advance supercomputing technologies despite U.S. sanctions.  —  Earlier this year, the National Supercomputing Center …

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