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Ina Fried / Axios:
OpenAI reaches a deal in principle for Sam Altman to return as CEO, with an initial board of Bret Taylor as Chair alongside Larry Summers and Adam D'Angelo  —  OpenAI said late Tuesday that it had reached a deal in principle for Sam Altman to return as CEO, with a new board chaired by former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor.
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The Verge:
Source: OpenAI's initial board plans to vet and appoint a new formal board of up to nine people; Adam D'Angelo remained to give the prior board representation  —  Sam Altman will return as CEO of OpenAI, overcoming an attempted boardroom coup that sent the company into chaos over the past several days.
Amir Efrati / The Information:
Source: as part of the deal, Sam Altman and Greg Brockman will not reclaim their board seats; Altman had pushed for more control; OpenAI retains its structure  —  Sam Altman, who was fired on Friday as CEO of OpenAI and was reinstated Tuesday night after a dramatic battle with the company's board …
New York Times:
Sources: before his ousting, Sam Altman moved to push out board member Helen Toner over a paper he thought was critical of OpenAI, among other board tensions  —  Sam Altman attacked a member over a research paper that discussed the company, while directors disagreed about who should fill board vacancies open for months.
Deepa Seetharaman / Wall Street Journal:
Source: OpenAI's initial board and Sam Altman's camp have agreed to conduct an independent investigation into the ouster of Sam Altman and its aftermath  —  Company says it will have new initial board of Bret Taylor, Larry Summers and Adam D'Angelo  —  OpenAI said Sam Altman will return …
Washington Post:
Sources: in 2019, Paul Graham flew from the UK to San Francisco to fire his protégé Sam Altman from YC, worried that Altman put his interests ahead of YC  —  Before OpenAI, Altman was asked to leave by his mentor at the prominent start-up incubator Y Combinator …
Mark Bergen / Bloomberg:
Larry Summers, now on OpenAI's interim board, believes AI is coming for white-collar jobs; Summers sits on Block's and Skillsoft's boards and advised a16z  —  Late on Tuesday night, OpenAI announced the return of Sam Altman, its ousted chief executive officer, along with a revamped board …
Wall Street Journal:
Changpeng Zhao steps down as CEO of Binance, saying “it is the right thing to do”, replaced by Richard Teng, formerly the Global Head of Regional Markets  —  Today, I stepped down as CEO of Binance.  Admittedly, it was not easy to let go emotionally.  But I know it is the right thing to do.
Binance and CZ plead guilty to federal charges as part of a $4.3B settlement with the US DOJ; charges include violating sanctions and anti-money laundering laws  —  - The U.S. Department of Justice has brought criminal charges against Binance and its billionaire founder and CEO, Changpeng Zhao.
Timmy Shen / The Block:
David Voreacos / Bloomberg:
Olga Kharif / Bloomberg:
Jordan Novet / CNBC:
Nvidia reports Q3 revenue up 206% YoY to $18.12B, vs. $16.18B est., Data Center revenue up 279% YoY to $14.51B, and net income up 1,259% YoY to $9.2B  —  - Nvidia's results surpassed analysts' projections for revenue and income in the fiscal fourth quarter.
Michael Acton / Financial Times:
Blackwing Intelligence:
At Microsoft's request, researchers find multiple flaws in the top three fingerprint sensors in laptops and used for Windows Hello fingerprint authentication  —  Authors:  —  TL;DR  —  Microsoft's Offensive Research and Security Engineering (MORSE) asked us to evaluate the security …
Alex Konrad / Forbes:
Inflection AI debuts Inflection-2, an LLM the company claims outperforms Llama 2 and Google's PaLM in some tests, and plans to add the model to its Pi chatbot  —  The startup behind the chatbot Pi says its Inflection-2 model outpaces popular alternatives from Google and Meta, and is catching up to OpenAI's flagship fast.
Kyle Wiggers / TechCrunch:
OpenAI makes ChatGPT with voice now available to all free users  —  Ex-OpenAI president Greg Brockman — who, as far as we're aware, isn't currently employed at OpenAI in any capacity — is posting updates about OpenAI products on X, including one today about ChatGPT's voice narration feature being made available to all ChatGPT users.

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