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Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft rebrands Bing Chat as Microsoft Copilot to take on ChatGPT, pitching Copilot as the free version and Copilot for Microsoft 365 as the paid version  —  Microsoft launched its big AI push earlier this year as part of its Bing search engine, integrating a ChatGPT-like interface directly into its search results.
Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft unveils Copilot Studio, a no-code tool that lets companies customize Microsoft 365 Copilot or integrate custom ChatGPT chatbots made with OpenAI's GPT  —  Last week OpenAI announced its new GPT platform to let anyone create their own version of ChatGPT, and now Microsoft is following …
Emma Roth / The Verge:
Benjamin Mayo / 9to5Mac:
Apple extends free Emergency SOS usage on the iPhone 14 for two more years, to September 2025; the company has not yet announced how much the feature will cost  —  Apple today announced it is extending the free usage period for Emergency SOS satellite features for iPhone 14 users.
Kristi Hines / Search Engine Journal:
Sam Altman says that OpenAI is pausing new ChatGPT Plus signups “for a bit” as “the surge in usage” after the company's DevDay event “has exceeded our capacity”  —  OpenAI has paused new ChatGPT Plus signups due to overwhelming demand for new features introduced at recent DevDay conference.
Dan Goodin / Ars Technica:
Intel patches a bug affecting virtually all modern Intel CPUs that lets code running inside a VM crash the hypervisor, a risk to cloud providers in particular  —  Among other things, bug allows code running inside a VM to crash hypervisors.  —  Intel on Tuesday pushed microcode updates …
Kevin Okemwa / Windows Central:
Microsoft launches Loop, a Notion-like collaboration and productivity app, in general availability on the web and mobile, after a public preview in March 2023  —  Everyone's looped in.  —  What you need to know  — Microsoft Loop is now shipping to commercial customers on web and mobile platforms.
Salvador Rodriguez / Wall Street Journal:
Andrew J. Hawkins / The Verge:
Google updates Google Maps to add transit directions for “lowest cost”, “less walking”, “fewer transfers,” and more, emoji reactions, and collaborative lists  —  Google announced a slew of updates to Maps, including improved transit directions, emoji reactions, and collaborative lists.
Nico Grant / New York Times:
Epic v. Google: Sundar Pichai confirms Google paid Apple 36% of the search revenue generated on iPhones, saying the total payment “was well over $10B” in 2022  —  Sundar Pichai, Google's chief executive, testified on Tuesday for the second time in two weeks to defend his company against monopoly claims.
Mike Masnick / Techdirt:
Javier Espinoza / Financial Times:
Meta appeals against the EU's decision to designate Facebook's Messenger and Marketplace as “core” services under the DMA  —  Company argues that Facebook's Messenger and Marketplace should not be designated as ‘core’ services  —  Meta has become the first company to publicly challenge …
More: Bloomberg, Euractiv, and Reuters
Andy Greenberg / Wired:
Three young hackers behind Mirai talk about building the DDoS botnet, losing control of their monster, their work for the FBI as part of a plea deal, and more  —  Netflix, Spotify, Twitter, PayPal, Slack.  All down for millions of people.  How a group of teen friends plunged into an underworld …
Jay Peters / The Verge:
Google launches Notes, an experiment to let users that opt-in via Search Labs annotate search results, including with images and colorful fonts  —  Ever wanted to add your own annotations to search results you find on Google?  With Google's new “Notes” experiment, launching Wednesday as an opt …
Washington Post:
Meta calls for legislation requiring app stores to get parental approval for kids aged 13 to 15 to download apps, pushing Google and Apple to play a bigger role  —  The tech giant is calling for legislation requiring that parents approve teens' downloads on app stores like Google and Apple
Abner Li / 9to5Google:
Google rolls out new Google Photos features, including AI auto-grouping Photo Stacks and improved recognition and categorization of screenshots and documents  —  Following the big app redesign, Google Photos is rolling out a trio of new features, like auto-grouping Photo Stacks.
Jonathan Greig / The Record:
The FBI dismantles the IPStorm botnet proxy network and its infrastructure following a September plea deal with Sergei Makinin, the hacker behind the operation  —  The FBI dismantled the IPStorm botnet proxy network and its infrastructure this week following a September plea deal with the hacker behind the operation.
Daniel Cooper / Engadget:
Amazon announces Astro for Business, letting SMBs buy its Alexa-powered Astro security robot for $2,350 per unit for sites no larger than 5,000 square feet  —  Astro for Business aims to automate nighttime patrols.  —  It's been a couple of years since Amazon first showed off Astro …

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