November 14, 2023, 3:50 PM

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Chris Velazco / Washington Post:
Nothing plans to roll out an early version of Nothing Chats, a Sunbird-based app that lets Phone (2) users send iMessages to iPhone contacts, on November 17  —  Nothing, Sunbird and other upstarts are taking iMessage where it's never been before  —  Here's a glimmer of hope for anyone …
Davey Alba / Bloomberg:
YouTube plans to require users to disclose when they have uploaded realistic-looking manipulated or synthetic content, including using its own tools, in 2024  —  Site's creators who repeatedly fail to disclose AI use will face penalties  —  YouTube, the video platform owned by Alphabet Inc.'s Google …
Clive Cookson / Financial Times:
Google DeepMind details weather forecasting AI model GraphCast AI, more accurate than the best conventional systems for three to 10 day predictions, an AI first  —  Google DeepMind's model beat world's leading system in 90% of metrics used and took only a fraction of the time
James Somers / New Yorker:
A eulogy for coding, which has felt like an endlessly deep and rich domain, after LLMs swallowed bodies of knowledge and skills that take lifetimes to master  —  Coding has always felt to me like an endlessly deep and rich domain.  Now I find myself wanting to write a eulogy for it.
Emanuel Maiberg / 404 Media:
Civitai, where users share AI models and AI-made images, including nonconsensual porn of real people, debuts a bounties feature and raised a $5.1M a16z-led seed  —  Andreessen Horowitz, also known as a16z, the influential Silicon Valley venture capital firm that was an early investor in Facebook …
Cristina Criddle / Financial Times:
Irish Council for Civil Liberties: data brokers collect and sell browsing data in greater detail than previously known, including on those in sensitive jobs  —  Campaigners warn proliferation of categories describing sensitive professions could leave users open to blackmail
Paul Alcorn / Tom's Hardware:
Berber Jin / Wall Street Journal:
Khosla Ventures is raising a $500M seed fund, a $1.6B venture fund, and a $900M growth fund, larger than their $300M, $1B, and $550M predecessors, respectively  —  The fundraise is one of the largest completed by a VC firm this year, defying startup slump  —  Khosla Ventures is in the final stages …
Jay Peters / The Verge:
Meta rolls out the option for users to delete their Threads profile without having to delete their Instagram account, addressing an early complaint with the app  —  Meta is rolling out a way for you to delete your Threads profile without having to delete your Instagram account, too.
Harry McCracken / Fast Company:
A profile of, and interview with, tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee on how he changed tech gadget reviews, business strategy, reaching 17.7M subscribers, and more  —  Marques Brownlee has rewired the way people shop for gadgets—and how companies sell them.  Inside the humble workshop …
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