November 13, 2023, 4:15 PM

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Leah Nylen / Bloomberg:
Google pays Apple 36% of the revenue the internet giant earns from search ads through Safari, per the US v. Google testimony of Alphabet's main economics expert  —  Kevin Murphy, a University of Chicago professor, disclosed the number during his testimony in Google's defense at the Justice Department's antitrust trial in Washington.
Madhumita Murgia / Financial Times:
Sam Altman expects “to raise a lot more over time” from Microsoft and other investors to keep up with the punishing costs of building more sophisticated LLMs  —  Sam Altman expects big tech group will back start-up's mission to create software as intelligent as humans
Sharon Goldman / VentureBeat:
A look at OpenAI's structure where a six-member non-profit board can decide if AGI has been achieved, at which point Microsoft is excluded from some IP licenses  —  According to OpenAI, the six members of its nonprofit board of directors will determine when the company has “attained AGI” …
John D. McKinnon / Wall Street Journal:
Google sues unnamed individuals in India and Vietnam for tricking US-based SMB owners with Facebook accounts into clicking fake Bard ads that install malware  —  Lawsuit attributes the alleged scheme to hackers in India and Vietnam  —  Scammers are capitalizing on the rush of consumer interest …
Maddie Stone / The Verge:
After Apple voiced support for California's Right to Repair Act, a look at what's next for the movement, like tackling unsustainable designs and software locks  —  Apple stunned the world when it came out in support of California's right-to-repair law.  But software locks and other obstacles seem …
Dan Goodin / Ars Technica:
In a first, researchers show that a large portion of cryptographic keys used to protect data in computer-to-server SSH traffic are vulnerable to full compromise  —  An error as small as a single flipped memory bit is all it takes to expose a private key.  —  For the first time …
Ryan Smith / AnandTech:
Nvidia announces the H200, an update to its standalone H100 accelerator that swaps 5.3Gbps/pin HBM3 memory for 6.5Gbps/pin HBM3E memory and ships in Q2 2024  —  With faster and higher capacity HBM3E memory set to come online early in 2024, NVIDIA has been preparing its current-generation server GPU products to use the new memory.
Aisha Malik / TechCrunch:
WhatsApp launches a Discord-like voice chat feature for large groups that is designed to be less disruptive than a group call, which rings every group member  —  WhatsApp is rolling out a new Discord-like voice chat feature for large groups, the Meta-owned company announced on Monday.

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