November 12, 2023, 12:40 PM

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Shanti Das / The Guardian:
Investigation: Biobank, the UK's biomedical research database, shared sensitive health data of ~500K volunteers with insurance companies despite pledging not to  —  Observer investigation reveals UK Biobank opened its biomedical database to insurance firms despite pledge it would not do so
Andi Yu / ABC:
DP World Australia, the country's second largest port operator, shuts down after a cyber attack, impacting the movement of goods in and out of the country  —  Australia's second largest port operator has shut down because of a cyber security incident, impacting the movement of goods in and out of the country.
Jack Ewing / New York Times:
How Lukasz Krupski, a Tesla whistleblower in Norway, leaked personnel records and Autopilot data that caught the attention of regulators in several countries  —  An employee who was fired after expressing safety concerns leaked personnel records and sensitive data about driver-assistance software.
David Gilbert / Wired:
Experts say terrorist groups are using generative AI tools to evade the hashing algorithms used by tech companies to automatically remove extremist content  —  Experts are finding thousands of examples of AI-created content every week that could allow terrorist groups and other violent extremists to bypass automated detection systems.
Wall Street Journal:
Ex-FTX execs, including general counsel Can Sun, plan to launch crypto exchange Backpack and say they want to protect user funds with lessons from FTX's failure  —  Ex-FTX lawyer Can Sun and other former company executives want the new exchange to allow customers to verify holdings at any time
David Gilbert / Wired:
Google's Jigsaw and Tech Against Terrorism launch Altitude, a free tool for smaller platforms to detect terrorist content on their networks and remove it  —  Small platforms without resources to handle takedown requests have been weaponized by terrorist groups that share their content online.
Jonathan Randles / Bloomberg:
Filing: FTX sues crypto exchange Bybit and two affiliates to recover ~$953M that they allegedly withdrew using “VIP” status just before FTX filed Chapter 11  —  - FTX claims Bybit affiliate used “VIP” status to withdraw funds  — Bybit's Mirana withdrew $327 million just before FTX pause

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