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Khari Johnson / Wired:
The Office of Management and Budget releases draft rules for US federal agencies to assess AI in health care, law enforcement, and housing for potential harms  —  Draft rules from the White House would require federal agencies to assess AI systems currently in use in law enforcement …
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:
Tom Warren / The Verge:
After major Azure attacks, Microsoft launches the Secure Future Initiative, with plans to use AI and automation to identify vulnerabilities and respond faster  —  Microsoft has had a rough few years of cybersecurity incidents.  It found itself at the center of the SolarWinds attack nearly three years ago …
Elizabeth Lopatto / The Verge:
Amanda Chicago Lewis / The Verge:
A critical look at the SEO industry: users complain that Google isn't as useful anymore, some experts complain it's harder to game Google's algorithm, and more  —  As the public begins to believe Google isn't as useful anymore, what happens to the cottage industry of search engine optimization experts …
Joe Duball / IAPP:
The EDPB instructs the Irish DPC to ban Meta's use of Facebook and Instagram users' personal data for behavioral ads in EU and EEA countries within two weeks  —  An unprecedented shakeup in the advertising technology space has arrived in Europe.  Changes are coming to adtech's approach …
Niket Nishant / Reuters:
PayPal discloses that the company received an SEC subpoena tied to its US dollar stablecoin, launched in August 2023  —  Payments firm PayPal Holdings (PYPL.O) said on Thursday it had received a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) tied to its U.S. dollar stablecoin.
Adamya Sharma / Android Authority:
US v. Google: Apple said “Android is a massive tracking device” and detailed its privacy stance in a 2013 internal presentation sent from Eddy Cue to Tim Cook  —  - Apple's internal presentation from 2013 is part of new exhibits posted by the Department of Justice in the ongoing Google antitrust trial.
The Walt Disney Company:
Disney plans to acquire NBCU's 33% stake in Hulu, gaining full ownership, and expects to pay ~$8.61B, representing NBCU's share of a $27.5B guaranteed floor  —  The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) announced today that it will acquire the 33% stake in Hulu, LLC held by Comcast Corp.'s (NASDAQ …
Boeing investigates a cyber incident that impacted its parts and distribution business, days after LockBit announced stealing “a tremendous amount” of its data  —  Boeing (BA.N), one of the world's largest defense and space contractors, said on Wednesday it was investigating …
Les Pounder / Tom's Hardware:
Arm acquires a minority stake in Raspberry Pi, extending the long-term partnership between the two companies that has seen Arm CPUs feature in all Pi SoCs  —  Arm wants a slice of Pi  —  Arm Holdings plc today announced that it has made a strategic investment, a minority stake in Raspberry Pi Ltd …
Jay Goldberg / Digits to Dollars:
Apple's M3 series shows a return to core messaging themes around user human usability; producing three M3 chips likely has to be close to $1B in tape-out costs  —  Earlier this week Apple unveiled the latest in its line of CPUs - the M3 family.  There has been a lot of CPU news in the past weeks …
Ryan Browne / CNBC:
The UK plans to invest £225M into Isambard-AI, an AI supercomputer 10x faster “than the UK's current quickest machine”, to be built by the University of Bristol  —  - The U.K. government said Wednesday that it will invest £225 million, or $273 million, into an AI supercomputer …
Lauren Feiner / CNBC:
New York AG Letitia James says Uber and Lyft agreed to pay a combined $328M to settle allegations they withheld wages from drivers and did not provide sick pay  —  - Uber and Lyft agreed to pay a total of $328 million to settle allegations that they unlawfully withheld wages from drivers …
Filipe Espósito / 9to5Mac:
Apple quietly discontinued Apple Music's $4.99/month Voice Plan, introduced in 2021 to let users access the Apple Music catalog exclusively via Siri  —  Apple this week held a special event to announce new Macs, but what the company didn't tell is that it has just quietly discontinued the …
Leah Nylen / Bloomberg:
US v. Google: Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker says Firefox's switch to Yahoo in 2014 degraded the UX and Firefox struggled to compete on mobile because of defaults  —  - Mozilla's Firefox switched to Yahoo from Google in 2014  — Difficulty of switching search engines is key to DOJ case
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