November 1, 2023, 12:35 PM

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Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:
At the UK's AI Safety Summit, the UK releases the Bletchley Declaration, signed by 29 countries, and the US Commerce Secretary announces an AI Safety Institute  —  The world is locked in a race, and competition, over dominance in AI, but today, a few of them appeared to come together …
Financial Times:
Ahead of the UK's AI summit, Chinese scientists warned of AI's “existential risk to humanity”; the UK announces that South Korea will host the next AI Summit  —  Attendees of Bletchley Park gathering convened by UK premier Rishi Sunak warn of ‘existential risk to humanity’
Washington Post:
A look at Apple's ambition to revolutionize health care: some breakthroughs marred by philosophical disagreements, a culture of conservatism, and tech realities  —  The company is working on big things, but employees disagree over whether they should be serving people who are healthy or sick.
AI Snake Oil:
What Biden's EO means for AI openness, and why a compute threshold is unlikely to effectively anticipate individual models' riskiness, but may work in aggregate  —  Good news on paper, but the devil is in the details  —  The Biden-Harris administration has issued an executive order on artificial intelligence.
Ben Thompson / Stratechery:
Jason Schreier / Bloomberg:
Sources: Sony's Bungie cut ~100 jobs out of ~1,200 after executives said revenue was 45% below projections for the year, citing a drop in Destiny 2's popularity  —  - Sales at studio were running 45% below projections for year  — Layoffs are part of a bigger revamp at Sony PlayStation unit
New York Times:
On his final day of testimony, SBF denied knowing that billions of dollars in customer money had been misappropriated until shortly before FTX collapsed  —  The founder of the FTX crypto exchange was grilled by a federal prosecutor for a second day, just before both sides rested their case in the criminal fraud trial.
Joshua Oliver / Financial Times:
Brian Steinberg / Variety:
Shareholder letter: Netflix says its ad tier has 15M+ MAUs globally, accounting for ~30% of new sign-ups where it's available, and plans new ad formats for 2024  —  Netflix is ready to use “The Crown,” “Squid Game” and other signature series to take ad dollars from rival streamers.
Emma Roth / The Verge:
YouTube “launched a global effort” to encourage ad blocker users to allow ads or try YouTube Premium, after a “small experiment globally” started in June 2023  —  YouTube is broadening its efforts to crack down on ad blockers.  The platform has “launched a global effort” …
New York Times:
Check Point details Iran's monthslong hacking espionage campaign targeting the country's rivals, like Israel, underscoring Iran's improved hacking capabilities  —  A monthslong hacking campaign targeted the governments of regional rivals, including Israel, and marked a turn, a new report says …
Hayden Field / CNBC:
LinkedIn announces a GPT-4-powered AI chatbot that the company calls a “job seeker coach”, available to Premium users, and says the platform now has 1B+ members  —  - LinkedIn said it surpassed 1 billion members and debuted an AI chatbot billed as a “job seeker coach” and other generative AI tools for Premium members.
Tim Wu / The Atlantic:
Despite broad support by the US public and lawmakers for child internet laws, Congress has done nothing, even after holding 39 hearings on the topic since 2017  —  Americans are broadly united in support of laws to make the internet safer for kids.  So why doesn't Congress act?

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