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Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft releases a Windows 11 2023 Update that replaces Chat with Microsoft Teams (Free); big features like Copilot and AI-powered Paint arrived in September  —  Microsoft is releasing its Windows 11 2023 Update today, which was originally supposed to be one of the biggest updates to Windows 11.
Ryan Browne / CNBC:
DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis pushes back on claims by Meta's Yann LeCun that he, Sam Altman, and Dario Amodei are fearmongering to achieve AI regulatory capture  —  - Google DeepMind boss Demis Hassabis told CNBC that the company wasn't trying to achieve “regulatory capture” when it came to the discussion on how best to approach AI.
John Davidson / Australian Financial Review:
Kevin Roose / New York Times:
Wall Street Journal:
Sources: WeWork plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as early as next week; WE drops 40%+ after hours  —  Once a venture capital-backed star with an astronomical valuation, the flexible-office-space provider is now preparing for chapter 11 protection  —  WeWork is planning to file …
Tim Hardwick / MacRumors:
Apple's new M3 Pro has fewer performance and GPU cores than the M2 Pro and 25% less memory bandwidth than the M1 Pro and M2 Pro  —  Apple's latest M3 Pro chip in the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro has 25% less memory bandwidth than the M1 Pro and M2 Pro chips used in equivalent models from the two previous generations.
Emma Roth / The Verge:
YouTube says it “launched a global effort” to encourage users with ad blockers to allow ads or try YouTube Premium, after a “small experiment” earlier this year  —  YouTube is broadening its efforts to crack down on ad blockers.  The platform has “launched a global effort” …
Dan Milmo / The Guardian:
The Guardian says its reputation was damaged after Microsoft Start placed an AI-generated poll about a woman's death next to the outlet's article about her  —  Publisher says poll speculating on cause of woman's death that appeared next to Guardian article caused ‘significant reputational damage’
Jason Schreier / Bloomberg:
Sources: Bungie cut ~100 jobs after executives said the company's revenue was 45% below projections for the year, citing a drop in Destiny 2's popularity  —  - Sales at studio were running 45% below projections for year  — Layoffs are part of a bigger revamp at Sony PlayStation unit
Zeba Siddiqui / Reuters:
The US says 40 countries plan to sign a pledge to never pay a ransom to cybercriminals and to work toward eliminating the hackers' funding mechanism  —  Forty countries in a U.S.-led alliance plan to sign a pledge never to pay ransom to cybercriminals and to work toward eliminating …
Tesla wins its first US trial over allegations that Autopilot led to a death, in a jury trial in a California court, but faces more lawsuits and investigations  —  Tesla (TSLA.O) on Tuesday won the first U.S. trial over allegations that its Autopilot driver assistant feature led to a death …
Chavi Mehta / Reuters:
AMD Q3: revenue up 4% YoY to $5.8B, vs. $5.7B est., net income up 353% YoY to $299M, Data Center revenue flat at $1.6B, and Q4 revenue forecast below estimates  —  Chip designer Advanced Micro Devices (AMD.O) forecast fourth-quarter revenue below Wall Street estimates on Tuesday …
Kyle Wiggers / TechCrunch:
DeepMind says its latest AlphaFold model can generate predictions for nearly all molecules in the Protein Data Bank and for ligands, nucleic acids, and more  —  Nearly five years ago, DeepMind, one of Google's more prolific AI-centered research labs, debuted AlphaFold, an AI system …
Abner Li / 9to5Google:
Google updates Chrome on iOS, but not Chrome on Android, with the option to let users move the address bar to the bottom of the screen, like Safari  —  Visually, Chrome on iOS is pretty different from the Android version.  That disparity continues to grow today with the new ability to move …
Christopher Dring /
Despite several video games with record sales in 2023 and strong overall sales, the industry is still facing layoffs, fewer job openings, and studio closures  —  We look at the data to analyse the video games industry's current contradictory crisis  —  Feature by Christopher Dring Head of Games B2B
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Samuel Stolton / Bloomberg:
Doc: a Dutch regulator ruled in July that Apple's fees on some app subscriptions violate EU antitrust laws, after Apple offered to drop its cut from 30% to 27%  —  - Watchdog issued confidential July decision on App Store abuses  — Regulator previously warned Apple over in-app payment rules
New York Times:
On his final day of testimony, SBF denied knowing that billions of dollars in customer money had been misappropriated until shortly before FTX collapsed  —  The founder of the FTX crypto exchange was grilled by a federal prosecutor for a second day, just before both sides rested their case in the criminal fraud trial.
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:
Palo Alto Networks acquires Tel Aviv-based Dig Security, which helps organizations manage and protect data assets in the cloud, sources say for $400M  —  We reported in September that Palo Alto was getting ready to make yet more security acquisitions out of Israel, specifically of Dig Security and Talon.
Washington Post:
Ahead of the UK's AI Summit, set to host Elon Musk, VP Harris, and others, the UK has highlighted doomsday scenarios while the US has focused on tangible issues  —  Vice President Harris, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and other top executives are heading to the United Kingdom's Bletchley Park …
Maria Heeter / The Information:
Health care automation startup Olive, which was valued at $4B in July 2021, plans to shut down and has sold parts of its business to Waystar and Humata Health  —  Olive AI, the healthcare automation company once valued at $4 billion, has sold itself off in pieces to healthcare companies Waystar …
More: Olive and Axios
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