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Ivan Mehta / TechCrunch:
Instagram head Adam Mosseri says Threads is working on an API, despite concerns that “it'll mean a lot more publisher content and not much more creator content”  —  Instagram head Adam Mosseri said today that a Threads API is in the works.  This will give chance to developers …
Jay Peters / The Verge:
Trisha Thadani / Washington Post:
As Cruise suspends all its driverless operations, a look at the lack of clear federal regulations and fragmented oversight governing self-driving cars in the US  —  The whiplash from approval to ban in just two months highlights the fragmented oversight governing the fledgling industry
The Citizen Lab:
Research details how vulnerabilities in signaling protocols used by mobile network operators for international roaming can be exploited to geolocate devices  —  Table of Contents  —  2. Geolocation Attacks Against Telecommunications Networks  —  4. Incentives Enabling Geolocation Attacks
The Guardian:
UK Minister for Policing Chris Philp encourages the police to double its use of retrospective facial recognition software by May 2024 to track down offenders  —  Policing minister Chris Philp suggests target of more than 200,000 searches over next six months
Washington Post:
A look at the hard right tilt of X, which once served as the hub of real-time news and global debate, and how its political shift could intensify business woes  —  The billionaire bought Twitter to revive its business and make it less “woke.”  He has succeeded at only one of those goals.
New York Times:
AI fakes related to the Israel-Hamas war have been limited and unconvincing, but the possibility of such fakes circulating leads some to dismiss genuine content  —  Fakes related to the conflict have been limited and largely unconvincing, but their presence has people doubting real evidence.
Emily Parker / CoinDesk:
Japan is leading the race to regulate stablecoins, starting with a law that took effect in June 2023 and has terms to protect the assets underlying stablecoins  —  Japan's new law tries to address one of the biggest fears about major stablecoins: Do issuers really have the assets to back them?
David Pierce / The Verge:
Hands-on with Apple's Journal, an incredibly basic journaling app, with an interesting Moments page that uses the Suggestions API to prompt users to add entries  —  The Apple Journal app is so simple that, at first, it felt like I was missing something.  The whole app is just one screen …

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