October 22, 2023, 4:35 PM

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Mark Gurman / Bloomberg:
Sources: Apple was caught flat-footed by the generative AI fever and is on course to spend ~$1B/year to add the tech across iOS 18, Siri, Music, and other apps  —  But the company is now preparing its response and plans to develop features for its full range of devices.
Hartley Charlton / MacRumors:
Gurman: Apple is planning a “Mac-centered product launch” around October's end and may release an updated 24-inch iMac; the current model launched in April 2021  —  Apple is planning a Mac-focused product launch, likely including the announcement of a refreshed 24-inch iMac …
Beth Wang / Bloomberg Law:
A US jury finds Google guilty of gender bias and awards female executive Ulku Rowe $1M+, the first pay discrimination case against Google since 2018's walkouts  —  Google LLC treated female executive Ulku Rowe differently than other employees because of her gender and must pay her more than $1 million …
More: The Verge and Engadget
Rohan Goswami / CNBC:
Okta's stock closed down 11.57% on October 20 after the cybersecurity firm said a hacker used a stolen credential to access its support system and client files  —  - Cybersecurity firm Okta said an unidentified hacker had accessed the company's support system and viewed client files.
Amy Thomson / Bloomberg:
Paddy Cosgrave steps down as the CEO of Web Summit, which plans to appoint a new CEO; the event, set to start on November 13 in Lisbon, will go ahead as planned  —  Paddy Cosgrave has stepped down from his role as chief executive officer of Web Summit after his remarks following attacks …
Elizabeth Dwoskin / Washington Post:
How Russia helped overthrow governments in Burkina Faso and the surrounding French-speaking Sahel region using wide-ranging online disinformation campaigns  —  This never-before-told tale reveals how covert online battles in the French-speaking Sahel region helped topple governments.
Financial Times:
The Global Times: China opens a Foxconn investigation over tax and land use, inspecting Guangdong, Jiangsu, Henan, and Hubei sites; Foxconn plans to cooperate  —  Tax authorities said to have inspected a number of the Apple supplier's sites in provinces  —  China has launched an investigation …
Richard Sandomir / New York Times:
Martin Goetz, who received the first US software patent, died on October 10 at 93; Goetz was awarded a patent for data-sorting software for mainframes in 1968  —  “I knew at some point in time the patent office would recognize” computer software, he said.  It happened in 1968, helping to ignite the software market.
Steve Lohr / New York Times:
A look at the Allen Institute for AI's plan to build “open” generative AI model OLMo; the nonprofit research center is led by former Apple ML leader Ali Farhadi  —  The nonprofit Allen Institute for AI, led by a respected computer scientist who sold his company to Apple, is trying to democratize cutting-edge research.
Jay Peters / The Verge:
Twitch now lets creators simulcast across any live streaming service, with caveats, and adds doxxing and swatting to its Off-Service Conduct enforcement list  —  Previously, streamers could simulcast on mobile platforms like TikTok and Instagram, but as of Friday, Twitch is significantly broadening …
Wall Street Journal:
How Meta is struggling to moderate Israel-Hamas war content amid internal staff friction and its tools' failure to parse Arabic dialects and lack of Hebrew data  —  In trying to prevent Instagram and Facebook from contributing to further violence, Meta is juggling internal friction and limited tools

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