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Mark Gurman / Bloomberg:
A look at Apple's recent executive promotions; sources: a cheaper Vision Pro may not have EyeSight and M3-based MacBook Pros could come in early or spring 2024  —  Still, it's losing a top hardware executive.  Also: There are fresh details on efforts to lower the price of the Vision Pro …
Emanuel Maiberg / 404 Media:
Some AI image detectors are labeling real photographs from the Israel-Hamas war as fake, creating what an expert calls a “second level of disinformation”  —  Content warning: This story contains graphic images of violence.  —  A free AI image detector that's been covered …
Elizabeth Dwoskin / Washington Post:
How social media is inducing a fog of war surpassing previous clashes between Israel and Hamas, shaping the views of panicked citizens and a global public  —  The barrage of false images, memes, videos and posts — mostly generated from within the region itself — is making it difficult to assess what is real.
Diane Bartz / Reuters:
Tom Warren / The Verge:
Simon Willison / Simon Willison's Weblog:
GPT-4V, the new mode of GPT-4 that lets users upload images as part of conversations, allows for prompt injection attacks by following instructions in images  —  GPT4-V is the new mode of GPT-4 that allows you to upload images as part of your conversations.  It's absolutely brilliant.
Thomas Claburn / The Register:
Researchers find that a modest amount of fine-tuning can bypass safety efforts aiming to prevent LLMs such as OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo from spewing toxic content  —  OpenAI GPT-3.5 Turbo chatbot defenses dissolve with ‘20 cents’ of API tickling  —  The “guardrails” created to prevent large language models …
Lily Hay Newman / Wired:
Eradicating the HTTP/2 Rapid Reset flaw, which hackers exploited to launch record-setting DDoS attacks, requires patching virtually every web server globally  —  Dubbed “HTTP/2 Rapid Reset,” the flaw requires making patches available for virtually every web server around the world before the problem can be eradicated.
Manish Singh / TechCrunch:
Disney+ Hotstar reclaims the global on-demand video streaming record with 35M concurrent viewers of the India-Pakistan ICC Cricket World Cup match on October 14  —  In India, few events garner as much attention as a cricket game.  A high-profile match between neighbors India and Pakistan delivered …
Kate Irwin / Decrypt:
DappRadar: blockchain gaming projects have raised ~$600M in Q3 2023, down 38% QoQ, and $2.3B so far in 2023, which is only 30% of what was raised in all of 2022  —  While the gaming industry continues to be plagued by mass layoffs, crypto gaming is still seeing many millions invested each quarter.
Jared Newman / Fast Company:
A look at Obsidian, an indie, Electron-based note-taking app that has developed a cult following on Discord and Reddit; Obsidian estimates its app has ~1M users  —  The indie darling rejects everything you know about modern software.  And its strategy is working.

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