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Wall Street Journal:
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Brian McGleenon / The Block:
As the UK FCA widens its financial promotions rules for crypto, Coinbase, OKX, Binance, and others partner with UK companies to try to keep serving UK customers  —  - Coinbase and OKX have partnered with crypto startup Archax to get financial promotions approved.
Washington Post:
Investigation: earlier in 2023, Vietnam tried to plant Predator spyware on the phones of US Congress members, CNN journalists, and US policy experts via X posts  —  The attempts appear to have been unsuccessful, but came as the U.S. and Vietnam were negotiating an agreement that President Biden signed last month in Hanoi
Investors and analysts: Intel, Nvidia, and other companies in Israel are set to fortify security after Hamas' attacks; Nvidia cancels its AI summit in Tel Aviv  —  Tech companies operating in Israel are expected to fortify security as they could face disruptions, said investors and analysts …
China outlines a plan to target 300+ exaflops of computing capacity, up from 220 in 2023, bigger optical networks, more advanced data storage, and more by 2025  —  - Country aims to build more data centers, high-speed networks  — Effort to benefit local suppliers due to security concerns
Natalie Weiner / The Verge:
A look at Discogs, a user-generated music database and marketplace for physical music media, as sellers complain about the website's old tech and increased fees  —  A home for music diehards has been fractured by increased fees that are pushing sellers and shoppers to other platforms.
Andy Greenberg / Wired:
An investigation details FTX trying to stop a crypto heist the night right after declaring bankruptcy, ultimately losing $415M to $432M to unidentified hackers  —  The same chaotic day FTX declared bankruptcy, someone began stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from its coffers.
David Pierce / The Verge:
Meta Quest 3 review: more comfortable, much-improved displays, and snappy performance, but there isn't much MR content and passthrough isn't quite sharp enough  —  Meta's new headset is better than its predecessors in almost every way.  But until there's more to do in mixed reality …

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