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Alphabet - Investor Relations:
Alphabet reports Q2 revenue of $74.6B, up 7% YoY, net income of $18.37B, up from $16B YoY, Google Cloud revenue of $8.03B, up from $6.28B YoY; GOOG is up 6%+  —  Announces Plans for Chief Financial Officer Transition and Appointment of President and Chief Investment Officer MOUNTAIN VIEW …
Ivan Mehta / TechCrunch:
Google says 2B+ logged-in monthly users are watching YouTube Shorts, up from 1.5B+ in June 2022, and YouTube is reaching 150M people on their TVs in the US  —  Google said today that more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users are watching YouTube Shorts, giving it an edge over competitors like TikTok and Instagram Reels.
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Wall Street Journal:
Emails: X offers discounts on new video ads in the US and UK and warns advertisers that they will lose verified status unless they reach spending thresholds  —  Social-media site X is offering hefty discounts to lure back ad dollars  —  X Corp. is cutting ad prices as it tries to woo brands back to the Elon Musk-owned platform.
Ivan Mehta / TechCrunch:
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Vlad Savov / Bloomberg:
Casey Newton / Platformer:
Microsoft - Investor Relations:
Microsoft reports Q4 net income up 20% YoY to $20.1B, revenue up 8% YoY to $56.2B, Office Commercial up 12% YoY, Dynamics 365 up 26% YoY, and LinkedIn up 5% YoY  —  , as compared to the corresponding period of last fiscal year:  · Revenue was $56.2 billion and increased 8% (up 10% in constant currency)
Jordan Novet / CNBC:
Tom Warren / The Verge:
Ben Tarnoff / The Guardian:
A profile of Joseph Weizenbaum, who created the first chatbot in 1966 but turned against AI, believing the computer revolution constricted our humanity  —  Computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum was there at the dawn of artificial intelligence - but he was also adamant that we must never confuse computers with humans
Jason Nelson / Decrypt:
David Pierce / The Verge:
The Browser Company launches Arc on macOS and iOS after a two-year waitlist; the browser helps users take notes, redesign webpages, organize tabs, and more  —  Arc, the Mac and iOS browser from The Browser Company, is finally ditching its waitlist.  The company has been testing the app …
Josh Sisco / Politico:
Sources: the FTC is finalizing its antitrust suit against Amazon and is likely to file its case in federal court rather than its own tribunal as soon as August  —  A case would be a high-water mark for FTC Chair Lina Khan who gained prominence criticizing the company's dominance.
Jeff Wilser / CoinDesk:
A look at the origins of Worldcoin's eye-scanning orb, how the company is trying to safeguard user privacy, its tokenomics, policy challenges, and more  —  Is Sam Altman's UBI startup a smart countermeasure to AI, or a privacy nightmare?  Jeff Wilser reports.  —  I've traveled to Berlin to stare into the future.
Anto Antony / Bloomberg:
A profile of Indian edtech giant Byju's CEO Byju Raveendran, who has been in crisis mode for months but is expecting a $1B equity investment as early as August  —  - Indian firm has struggled to overcome issues with liquidity  — US investors accused Byju's of hiding half a billion dollars
More: Tech in Asia, Livemint, MediaNama, Reuters, and TechCrunch
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