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EU lawmakers push forward an AI Act draft, which includes requiring companies deploying generative AI tools to disclose copyrighted material used for training  —  Companies deploying generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, will have to disclose any copyrighted material used to develop their systems …
Stephen Graves / Decrypt:
Bluesky is seeing an influx of users, including @dril and AOC, with some referring to posting on the Jack Dorsey-backed social network as “skeeting”  —  Instead of “tweeting,” the influx of new Bluesky users has coined a new term for sharing their thoughts on the decentralized social media app.
Olga Kharif / Bloomberg:
A US federal judge orders South Africa-based bitcoin pool operator Mirror Trading's CEO to pay $3.4B after CFTC charged the company with a $1.7B fraud in 2022  —  A US judge has ordered a South African executive to pay more than $3.4 billion in restitution and fines for a fraud scheme involving Bitcoin …
Steve Dent / Engadget:
Sony reports Q4 revenue up 30% YoY to ~$22.7B, and 6.3M PS5 sales, up from 2M YoY; Sony has sold 19.1M PS5s in FY 2022 and 38.4M PS5s in total since launch  —  Now that it's solved its supply shortages, Sony is seeing a lot of pent-up demand for PlayStation 5 consoles.
Jess Weatherbed / The Verge:
The US sentences ex-Apple worker Dhirendra Prasad to three years and orders him to pay $19M+ for stealing ~$17M from Apple via parts supplier kickbacks and more  —  A former Apple employee has been sentenced to three years in prison and must pay back over $19 million in restitution …
The New York City MTA ends its Twitter service alerts, saying the platform is “no longer reliable” and that the company demanded $50K per month for API access  —  New York City's mass-transit system is ending its real-time service alerts on Twitter for subway …
Financial Times:
A profile of Sarah Cardell, the UK CMA's CEO who played a key role in shaping the mergers policy that led to the agency blocking Microsoft's Activision takeover  —  Former corporate lawyer has attracted the ire of the US group by blocking its $75bn acquisition of Activision
Cecilia D'Anastasio / Bloomberg:

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