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Matt Binder / Mashable:
Microsoft plans to drop Twitter support from its ad platform on April 25; users won't be able to access or manage Twitter accounts through Microsoft's tool  —  Yet another big B2B service passes on paying for Twitter's new high-priced API.  —  Twitter is being removed from yet another big B2B platform.
Michael Kan / PCMag:
After Microsoft Advertising said it was dropping Twitter support, Elon Musk tweeted that it's “lawsuit time” over training “illegally using Twitter data”  —  Microsoft is winding down support for Twitter on its advertising platform, likely because the social media platform wants …
Washington Post:
Analysis: Google's C4 dataset, used to train LLMs like Meta's LLaMA, has troubling content from 4chan, Kiwi Farms, white supremacist site Stormfront, and more  —  AI chatbots have exploded in popularity over the past four months, stunning the public with their awesome abilities …
Sources: Google released Bard despite staff concerns; one employee called the chatbot “a pathological liar” and one said its answers may cause “injury or death”  —  Shortly before Google introduced Bard, its AI chatbot, to the public in March, it asked employees to test the tool.
Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft starts naming threat actor groups after weather events, like typhoon, sandstorm, and blizzard; each name represents a nation state or a motivation  —  Microsoft has started naming hackers after the weather in a new naming taxonomy update.  Hackers will now be named after events like storms …
Lawrence Abrams / BleepingComputer:
The US, the UK, and Cisco warn Russian hacking group APT28 is deploying custom malware on Cisco IOS routers, allowing unauthenticated access to the devices  —  The US, UK, and Cisco are warning of Russian state-sponsored APT28 hackers deploying a custom malware named ‘Jaguar Tooth’ on Cisco IOS routers …
Kyle Wiggers / TechCrunch:
Stability AI debuts StableLM, its first suite of instruction fine-tuned LLMs, in alpha, starting with 3B and 7B parameters, with 15B to 65B versions to follow  —  Stability AI, the startup behind the generative AI art tool Stable Diffusion, today open-sourced a suite of text-generating AI models intended …
Jeff John Roberts / Fortune:
Coinbase says it received a license to operate in Bermuda; source: the company plans to launch an offshore derivatives exchange in Bermuda as soon as next week  —  Coinbase has received a license to operate in the off-shore haven of Bermuda, signaling that the company is doubling-down on plans …
Alex Heath / The Verge:
Snap expands My AI to all users for free and says the chatbot can now be added to group chats and recommend AR filters or places, and will soon generate photos  —  The OpenAI-powered chatbot is also being added to group chats, gaining the ability to make recommendations for things like AR filters …
Zac Bowden / Windows Central:
Sources: Microsoft plans to release its first ARM-powered Surface Go, the Surface Go 4, in 2023, and is working on a smaller Surface Pro with an 11-inch display  —  Microsoft plans wave of smaller 2-in-1 Windows tablets.  —  What you need to know  — Microsoft is planning to ship the Surface Go 4 with ARM for the first time.
Financial Times:
In a joint statement, the FBI, Interpol, and 13 other law enforcement agencies say Meta's plan to expand the use of E2EE in its apps “blindfolds” them to CSAM  —  FBI, Interpol and UK National Crime Agency among law enforcement groups warning about tech company's plans
Natasha Lomas / TechCrunch:
The UK CMA opens a consultation on Google's proposal to let developers use alternative payment methods for IAP and reduce its cut to settle an antitrust probe  —  Google has proposed letting developers offering apps through its UK Play mobile app store to have the option to use alternative payment processors …
Wall Street Journal:
Some iPhone users say Apple's policies made it harder to regain access to their accounts after thieves used the optional 28-digit recovery key to lock them out  —  The recovery key was designed to make Apple IDs safer.  Instead, these victims permanently lost family photos and other precious digital possessions.
Brandy Betz / CoinDesk:
Microsoft and decentralized data service Space and Time, in which M12 invested, partner to offer developers real-time blockchain data from the Azure Marketplace  —  The agreement comes seven months after the tech giant led a strategic funding round for the crypto firm.
M. Sriram / Reuters:

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