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Tom Dotan / Wall Street Journal:
AWS begins offering customers access to LLMs made by Anthropic, Stability AI, AI21 Labs, and AWS, aiming to become a neutral platform for generative AI features  —  The world's largest cloud provider wants to become the Switzerland of generative AI and let companies pick their own software and models
Alex Weprin / The Hollywood Reporter:
Filing: Amazon paid Andy Jassy $1.3M in 2022, after awarding him a $200M+ stock grant in 2021; Jassy talks efficiency, ads, LLMs, and more in his annual letter  —  Jassy had earned $212 million in 2021.  —  Amazon CEO Andy Jassy saw his 2022 compensation crater in 2022 …
Joe Eskenazi / Mission Local:
Sources: SFPD arrested IT firm owner Nima Momeni for allegedly killing Bob Lee; they purportedly knew each other and were driving together before the killing  —  Mission Local is informed that the San Francisco Police Department early this morning made an arrest in the April 4 killing …
Ethereum completes its Shanghai and Capella upgrade, letting users withdraw staked ether; ETH passes $2,000 as ~1.2M ETH is expected to be withdrawn in a week  —  The Ethereum blockchain, the most important commercial highway in the digital-asset sector, successfully implemented a widely anticipated software upgrade.
Sankalp Phartiyal / Bloomberg:
Sources: Apple made $7B+ worth of iPhones in India in the FY ended March 2023 and exported ~$5B worth; ~7% of iPhones are now made in India, up from ~1% in 2021  —  Apple Inc. assembled more than $7 billion of iPhones in India last fiscal year, tripling production in the world's fastest …
Nikkei Asia:
Sources: Apple is in talks with suppliers to make MacBooks in Thailand instead of China and has been mass producing Apple Watches in Thailand for over a year  —  U.S. tech giant turning out Apple Watch in Southeast Asian country  —  For Apple and other tech companies …
Robert McMillan / Wall Street Journal:
How the US is making arrests and seizing crypto funds, like James Zhong's 50K+ bitcoin, using Chainalysis and other tools to identify criminals via transactions  —  Federal authorities are making arrests and seizing funds with the help of new tools to identify criminals through cryptocurrency transactions
Ian Hogarth / Financial Times:
Raphael Satter / Reuters:
Discord says the company is cooperating with US law enforcement's investigation into a leak of classified documents of international US intelligence assessments  —  Instant messaging platform Discord said on Wednesday it was cooperating with U.S. law enforcement's investigation into a leak …
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai / TechCrunch:
One of the Western Digital hackers claims they have stolen ~10TB of data, including customer data, and says they are asking for a ransom of “minimum 8 figures”  —  One of the hackers claimed to have stolen customer data and said they are asking for a “minim 8 figures” as a ramsom.
Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft plans to roll out Windows 11 to HoloLens 2 for free, improving app performance and letting developers integrate web technologies into native apps  —  Microsoft is bringing Windows 11 to its HoloLens 2 headset.  The update will be available free of charge, and Microsoft …
Nate Rogers / The Ringer:
A profile of Paul Dochney, the 35-year-old man behind @dril, a character born on the comedy site Something Awful before becoming an influential Twitter account  —  Paul Dochney posted his way into the halls of internet lore.  After 15 years of anonymity, can he emerge without compromising his act?
Jess Weatherbed / The Verge:
Adobe rolls out support for images and PDFs in cloud-based video collaboration service and plans to add text-based editing to Premiere Pro in May 2023  —  Adobe has announced several product updates ahead of the 2023 NAB Show, including the addition of text-based video editing features …
Kyle Wiggers / TechCrunch:
A study finds that using the ChatGPT API to assign a persona, like “a bad person” or certain historical figures, to the chatbot increases its toxicity sixfold  —  It's no secret that OpenAI's viral AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT, can be prompted to say sexist, racist and pretty vile things.
New York Times:
NPR decides to “no longer be active on Twitter” after the platform took “actions that undermine our credibility” by implying NPR is not editorially independent  —  The broadcaster said that the label undermined its credibility “by falsely implying that we are not editorially independent.”
Faiz Siddiqui / Washington Post:
Natasha Lomas / TechCrunch:
Italy outlines its compliance demands for lifting ChatGPT's suspension, including requiring OpenAI to publish info about its data processing and age gating  —  Italy's data protection watchdog has laid out what OpenAI needs to do for it to lift an order against ChatGPT issued at the end of last month …
Financial Times:

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