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Matt Taibbi / Racket News:
Matt Taibbi plans to use Substack Notes instead of Twitter after learning Twitter is blocking Substack links because the company is upset about Substack Notes  —  On staying at Substack, and leaving Twitter, I guess  —  Earlier this afternoon, I learned Substack links were being blocked on Twitter.
Mitchell Clark / The Verge:
Substack says Twitter “unexpectedly restricted access to embedding tweets”; Twitter seemingly disabled likes and retweets for some tweets with Substack links  —  Writers trying to embed tweets in their Substack stories are in for a rude surprise: after pasting a link to the site …
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The Verge:
Twitter starts marking Substack links with a warning that the link “has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially spammy or unsafe”  —  Twitter has started marking links to Substack as unsafe.  If you click on a link on Twitter with in the URL …
The Verge:
New York Times:
Sources and docs: ChatGPT's success made Microsoft and Google willing to take greater risks with their ethical guidelines for ensuring tech doesn't hurt society  —  Technology companies were once leery of what some artificial intelligence could do.  Now the priority is winning control of the industry's next big thing.
Nathan Edwards / The Verge:
Google plans to end support for the Dropcam and the Nest Secure home security system on April 8, 2024, continuing to drop products outside of Google Home  —  Google is ending support for the Dropcam and the Nest Secure home security system in exactly one year, on April 8th, 2024.
Michael Kan / PCMag:
MSI confirms a data breach after a ransomware gang claimed to have stolen its source code, and warns users not to download updates from third-party sources  —  The ransomware group is reportedly demanding $4 million or it will leak the stolen data, which includes company source code.
Anthropic's Series C pitch deck shows the AI startup aims to raise up to $5B over the next two years to take on OpenAI and enter over a dozen major industries  —  Anthropic plans to train a powerful model with billions in new funding  —  AI research startup Anthropic aims to raise …
Sergiu Gatlan / BleepingComputer:
Amazon bans the sale of Flipper Zero, a $169 portable security penetration testing tool for wireless devices, tagging the product as a card-skimming device  —  Amazon has banned the sale of the Flipper Zero portable multi-tool for pen-testers as it no longer allows its sale on the platform after tagging it as a card-skimming device.
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Naomi Nix / Washington Post:
Sohee Kim / Bloomberg:
Samsung plans to cut memory chip production to a “meaningful level” after estimating that its Q1 operating profit fell 95%+ YoY to ~$450M, its lowest since 2009  —  Samsung Electronics Co. said it is cutting memory chip production after reporting its slimmest profit since …
Dan Primack / Axios:
Substack shares its financials as required by crowdfunding rules: $11.9M in 2021 gross revenue vs. $2.4M in 2020 and a $22.9M net loss in 2021 vs. $2.3M in 2020  —  When newsletter platform Substack last month launched a crowdfunding campaign, its writers and fans responded with more than $7.5 million …
The US Treasury warns that DeFi services that aren't compliant with AML and terrorist financing rules pose “the most significant current illicit finance risk”  —  The department's first analysis of illicit finance risks associated with DeFi recommends the U.S. look at enhancements …

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