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Coinbase says it received an SEC notice warning the exchange of potential US securities law violations that could lead to enforcement actions; COIN drops 10%+  —  - The SEC issued crypto exchange Coinbase a Wells notice, warning the exchange that it identified potential violations of U.S. securities law.
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Nikhilesh De / CoinDesk:
The US SEC sues Tron founder Justin Sun and his companies for the alleged “unregistered offer and sale of crypto asset securities” TRX and BTT, fraud, and more  —  The SEC alleged TRX, BTT are unregistered securities, and claimed Sun created an “extensive wash trading” program to boost their trading volume.
Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul, and other celebrities agree to pay a combined $400K to settle SEC charges over promoting TRX and BTT without disclosing compensation  —  - The SEC unveiled charges against diplomat Justin Sun for fraud and securities violations, while also charging celebrity backers including Jake Paul and Lindsay Lohan.
Stu Woo / Wall Street Journal:
A profile of TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew, a Singaporean army reservist and an ex-Goldman Sachs banker, as he prepares to defend TikTok before a skeptical Congress  —  Singapore army reservist and ex-Goldman banker says misconceptions about Chinese-owned app need to be clarified  —  How TikTok Could Become a U.S. Company
Washington Post:
A poll of 1,027 US adults: 41% support a TikTok ban, 25% oppose it, and 71% are concerned that ByteDance is based in China; 17% of US daily users support a ban  —  As D.C. pushes for action against TikTok, a Washington Post poll finds more support than oppose banning the app
Washington Post:
Akash Sriram / Reuters:
Sam Altman says OpenAI has fixed a “significant issue” in ChatGPT after a bug in an open-source library let some users see titles of other users' chat history  —  ChatGPT-owner OpenAI said on Wednesday it had fixed a bug that caused a “significant issue” of a small set of users …
WhatsApp announces an updated Windows app, which loads faster and enables group video calls with up to eight people and audio calls with up to 32 people  —  Takeaways  — We're launching a new WhatsApp app for Windows desktop that loads faster and enables group video calls with up to eight people …
Giles Turner / Bloomberg:
Sources: Apple considers bidding for the streaming rights to a range of English soccer games, including showing Premier League games in the UK, following Amazon  —  Apple Inc. is considering bidding for the streaming rights to a range of English football games, according to people familiar …
Alex Konrad / Forbes:
Canva debuts AI-based tools, including Magic Design that makes personalized templates from images and Magic Presentation that creates slideshows from prompts  —  Covering venture capital, cloud and startups  —  The ten-year-old Australian startup led by Melanie Perkins said annualized revenue …
New York Times:
A look at RightWingGPT, an experimental AI model fine-tuned to manifest conservative viewpoints, made by a researcher who claims ChatGPT has a left-leaning bias  —  After criticizing A.I. companies for liberal bias, programmers started envisioning right-wing alternatives, making chatbots a new front in the culture wars.
Kate Park / TechCrunch:
South Korea-based luxury goods resale platform Kream raised a ~$168M Series C led by Altos Ventures at a ~$742M valuation, up from ~$306M in October 2021  —  The startup funding environment is more challenging right now, but some companies and industries still draw investors' attention and money.
Patrick Temple-West / Financial Times:
Intel, IBM, Nvidia, and other chip companies have joined industrial materials businesses to fight proposed clampdowns on “forever chemicals” across the US  —  Intel helped form lobbying group that has opposed state legislation on PFAS  —  Intel and other semiconductor companies …
Ellen Huet / Bloomberg:
A look at Replika's decision to block adult content in its AI companion chatbot; 60% of paying customers had a romantic element in their Replika relationship  —  Eugenia Kuyda didn't set out to build sexting chatbots.  The startup she ran was struggling to find direction when her best friend died in a car crash in 2015.

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