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Sean Hollister / The Verge:
Twitter says only Blue subscribers will be able to use SMS-based 2FA after March 20, 2023; all users can use an authenticator app or a physical security key  —  In fact, if you don't start paying for Twitter Blue ($8 a month on Android; $11 a month on iOS) or switch your account to use a far …
Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft limits Bing chats to five questions per session and 50 questions per day; after five questions, Bing will prompt users to start a new topic  —  Microsoft says it's implementing some conversation limits to its Bing AI just days after the chatbot went off the rails multiple times for users.
John Herrman / New York Magazine:
The transcripts of various interactions with Bing's AI show that the chatbot is doing what it was trained to do, albeit more broadly than Microsoft would prefer  —  In his 1976 book, Computer Power and Human Reason: From Judgment to Calculation, the computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum observed …
Phineas Rueckert / Forbidden Stories:
Leaked docs detail reputation management company Eliminalia's tactics to remove public-interest info from the internet, like via fake sites and copyright claims  —  Leaked documents obtained by Forbidden Stories reveal the inner world of Eliminalia, a Spanish reputation management company.
Cam Thompson / CoinDesk:
OpenSea temporarily drops marketplace fees to compete with no-fee marketplace Blur, which on February 15 beat OpenSea in daily trading volume for the first time  —  The top NFT marketplace's policy shift stems from competition with popular zero-fee marketplace Blur.
Paul Kiernan / Wall Street Journal:
A look at Bitcoin's five maintainers scattered globally, who steward the open-source Bitcoin Core, after four turnovers in 18 months cited burnout or legal risk  —  Developers with power to change the cryptocurrency's software hold an unorthodox role, are elusive—and have been known to head off disaster for the coin
US regulators expanding their crypto investigations has led some companies to look to financial hubs overseas, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, and Dubai  —  A spate of crypto probes in the US is prompting battered digital-asset firms to look toward financial hubs overseas …
Li Yuan / New York Times:
Experts say China is behind the US in AI tools like ChatGPT due to censorship, geopolitical tensions, and the government's growing control of the private sector  —  The state's hardening censorship and heavier hand have held back its tech industry; so has entrepreneurs' reluctance to invest for the long term.
Pradeep Viswanathan / BigTechWire:
Microsoft plans to increase the price of using Bing Search APIs by up to 10x starting on May 1, including for image and news search, and adds APIs for LLMs  —  Microsoft Bing Search APIs allows developers to build web-connected apps and services that find webpages, images, news, videos, and more without advertisements.
Cagan Koc / Bloomberg:
The theft of ASML's IP in China, the company's third-biggest market, could spark even tighter controls on ASML, creating problems for its growth in the country  —  In the 10 years that Peter Wennink has run ASML Holding NV, China has gone from a rounding error to the chip-technology company's third-biggest market.

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