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Sander Lutz / Decrypt:
The White House publishes a roadmap for mitigating risks posed by cryptocurrencies and urges Congress to hasten efforts to create a crypto regulatory framework  —  Four senior Biden officials penned a note Friday urging lawmakers to hasten their efforts to create a regulatory framework for crypto.
Washington Post:
Sources detail the pressure inside Meta and Google to move faster on AI due to the surge of attention around ChatGPT, potentially sweeping safety concerns aside  —  Google, Facebook and Microsoft helped build the scaffolding of AI.  Smaller companies are taking it to the masses, forcing Big Tech to react.
Kat Bailey / IGN:
Q&A with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer on Xbox having no major 2022 releases, 2023 momentum, layoffs, the Activision deal amid the FTC lawsuit, and more  —  Xbox's CEO talks about the recent Developer Direct, 2022 struggles, layoffs, and what 2023 could hold.
David Ingram / NBC News:
San Francisco asked California regulators to halt or scale back the expansion of Cruise and Waymo, after repeated incidents with stopped and idle robotaxis  —  SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco is trying to slow the expansion of robotaxis after repeated incidents in which cars without drivers stopped …
Karmela Padavic-Callaghan / New Scientist:
Researchers detail how ProGen, an LLM trained on 280M proteins, designed proteins with anti-microbial properties that were tested in real life and shown to work  —  An AI was tasked with creating proteins with anti-microbial properties.  Researchers then created a subset of the proteins and found some did the job
Julia Angwin / The Markup:
Q&A with Princeton CS professor Arvind Narayanan on why he calls ChatGPT a “bullshit generator”, his worries over its boom, developing his AI taxonomy, and more  —  Hello, friends,  —  If you have been reading all the hype about the latest artificial intelligence chatbot …
Cory Doctorow / Pluralistic:
How the “enshittification” cycle, in which platforms first are good to users and business customers before abusing them, has infected TikTok, Amazon, and others  —  Today's links  — Tiktok's enshittification: The company manually allocates surplus to creators, and they can take it away again, too.
New York Times:
Court filing: the US DOJ accuses Sam Bankman-Fried of messaging FTX US' general counsel and a potential witness, and asks a judge to limit his communications  —  The move followed the disgraced cryptocurrency executive's attempt to contact a potential witness in his criminal case, prosecutors said.
Hannah Lang / Reuters:
The US Federal Reserve rejected Custodia Bank's application to become a Federal Reserve System member, citing safety risks with the bank's crypto-focused model  —  The U.S. Federal Reserve on Friday rejected crypto-focused Custodia Bank's application to become a member of the Federal Reserve System …

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