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Emma Roth / The Verge:
Twitter says it will remove tweets and accounts promoting their presence on Facebook, Mastodon, and more; Elon Musk compares the policy to a “no spam rule”  —  Twitter will no longer allow users to promote their presence on certain social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram …
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Washington Post:
Elon Musk says Twitter polls will decide “major policy changes” and launches a poll asking, “Should I step down as head of Twitter?”; “Yes” leads by over 10%  —  After a new policy prompted a backlash, Twitter CEO Elon Musk said future policies would be determined by polls.
Brian Fung / CNN:
Twitter deletes @TwitterSafety's thread and a webpage detailing its new policy to prevent accounts from promoting other social media platforms  —  Twitter deleted its controversial new policy on Sunday evening that had banned links to certain other social media platforms, less than 24 hours after the policy's initial introduction.
After Elon Musk said polls will decide major new policies, @TwitterSafety posts a poll on whether accounts primarily promoting other platforms should be allowed  —  Should we have a policy preventing the creation of or use of existing accounts for the main purpose of advertising other social media platforms?
Mark Gurman / Bloomberg:
Sources: Apple is working on a Mac Pro with an M2 Ultra but cancelled the M2 “Extreme” with double the compute power; the Mac Pro could be produced in Vietnam  —  The new high-end Mac Pro with Apple silicon is behind schedule, and you can blame changes to the company's chip and manufacturing plans.
Jasper Ward / Reuters:
Source: Sam Bankman-Fried plans to reverse his decision to contest extradition to the US; legal experts say any trial is likely more than a year away  —  Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is expected to appear in court in the Bahamas on Monday to reverse his decision to contest extradition …
New York Times:
A profile of ex-FTX Digital Markets co-CEO Ryan Salame, a big GOP donor who emerged as a central player in the FTX scandal after flagging fraud to regulators  —  The co-chief executive of an FTX unit who told regulators about wrongdoing at the exchange was a big Republican donor.  He also bought restaurants.
James Hercher / AdExchanger:
A look at Performance Max, Google's black box ad product for all its owned media that can't break down by price, ad format, media channel, or creative elements  —  Lost in the Sturm und Drang of Q4 (Q for quarantine) 2020, Google introduced a beta program called Performance Max, its first ad product spanning all Google-owned media.
Gené Teare / Crunchbase News:
Q&A with Coinbase Ventures' head Shan Aggarwal on the impact of FTX's collapse on his VC firm's 400+ company portfolio, ramifications for the industry, and more  —  What does the world's most active crypto and blockchain investor make of the spectacular collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX?
Bryce Elder / Financial Times:
Douyin has become China's fourth biggest e-commerce company by GMV, as short videos prove ideal bait for long ads by delivering higher purchase conversion rates  —  Understanding the appeal of adverts for adverts  —  Once again, very serious people are talking very seriously about the geopolitical threat posed by dance skits.

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