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Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft releases Windows 11's first major update, adding Start menu folders, more Snap Layouts, dark mode improvements, Live Captions, Voice Access, and more  —  The first major Windows 11 update makes the renovations feel more complete … When Microsoft launched Windows 11 last year, it was clear the PC was back.
Giorgio Sardo / Windows Experience Blog:
Microsoft plans to expand Windows 11's support for 20K+ Android apps and games via the Amazon Appstore to 31 countries “within the next few weeks”  —  Content is at the heart of the Windows PC experience - from the apps that fuel productivity, to movies that transport and games that connect.
Tom Warren / The Verge:
Nvidia announces the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 GPUs; the $1,599 RTX 4090 is 2x-4x faster than the 3090 Ti, comes with 24GB of GDDR6X memory, and ships on October 12  —  Nvidia is officially announcing its RTX 40-series GPUs today.  After months of rumors and some recent teasing from Nvidia, the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 are now both official.
Sam Machkovech / Ars Technica:
Nvidia details the RTX 4080: 2x-4x faster than the 3080 Ti, built on TSMC's “4N” 5nm process, starting at $899 for 12GB and $1,199 for 16GB, coming in November  —  4090 launches on October 12, with 4080 to follow in “November.”  —  After weeks of teases, Nvidia's next generation …
Karissa Bell / Engadget:
YouTube plans to expand its Partner Program to give 45% of Shorts ad revenue to creators with 1,000+ subscribers and 10M views on Shorts within a 90-day period  —  YouTube just announced a major change to its Partner Program that will allow its short-form video creators to make a lot more money from its platform.
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:
Ash Parrish / The Verge:
Twitch plans to prohibit streaming unlicensed gambling sites with slots, roulette, or dice games on October 18, amid the fallout from a streamer's gambling scam  —  As the conversation concerning Twitch and the platform's allowance of gambling streams continues to swirl, the platform has struck its first blow.
Tim Copeland / The Block:
Crypto market maker Wintermute says hackers stole $160M from its DeFi operations but the firm remains solvent; 90 assets were stolen, most worth less than $1M  —  - Crypto market making firm Wintermute has been hacked.  — The firm maintains that it is solvent.
Kyle Wiens / iFixit News:
A teardown of the iPhone 14 Pro Max shows the new X65 satellite modem and a similar internal design to the 13 Pro Max, making the device difficult to repair  —  The iPhone Pro Max 14 is out, and the general consensus among tech reviewers seems to be that it's better than the last one …
Chris Matthews / MarketWatch:
Lina Khan says she's “extremely disturbed” by, and looking closely at, Mudge's claim that Twitter misled the FTC about its compliance with a 2011 consent decree  —  FTC is ‘looking at this closely,’ Khan said  —  Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Lina Khan said Tuesday she was …
Sami Fathi / MacRumors:
SpeedSmart: the iPhone 14 Pro has faster 5G upload and download speeds than the iPhone 13 Pro, peaking at 255.91Mbps down on T-Mobile vs the 13 Pro's 173.81Mbps  —  The iPhone 14 Pro features faster 5G speeds on the T-Mobile and Verizon networks in the United States compared to the iPhone 13 Pro …
Anumeha Chaturvedi / The Economic Times:
WhatsApp announces an “expanded partnership” with Salesforce to let businesses manage their WhatsApp conversations with customers from the Salesforce platform  —  WhatsApp on Tuesday announced an ‘expanded partnership’ with Salesforce to get their business customers up and running on the messaging app.
Emily Baker-White / Forbes:
Internal meetings: TikTok employed a two-tiered moderation system with “more lenient” treatment for influencers, celebrities, and other VIPs with 5M+ followers  —  Content from accounts with more than 5 million followers has been routed through a designated, “more lenient” …
David Pierce / The Verge:
Google plans to integrate Google Tasks reminders across G Suite apps including Assistant, Calendar, Docs, and Sheets in the coming months, as opt-in at first  —  Google is working on a big update to Google Tasks, the company said today.  It's bringing a couple of new features to the app …
Stephen Shankland / CNET:
Nvidia announces the Drive Thor processor with 77B transistors for self-driving vehicles, arriving in 2024 for cars coming in 2025, starting with Zeekr's 001 EV  —  The AI chip is due to arrive in cars in 2025, Nvidia says at its GTC event to showcase its GPU technology.  —  Stephen Shankland
Andrew Hayward / Decrypt:
Nova Labs and T-Mobile sign a five-year deal to launch Helium Mobile, a 5G MVNO service for smartphones that combines coverage from the two companies' networks  —  Helium Mobile will tap both the decentralized 5G network and T-Mobile's service while also offering crypto rewards to users.  —  In brief
Kyle Wiggers / TechCrunch:
Nvidia launches new services to help developers adapt large language models for a range of use cases, avoid having to create the models from scratch, and more  —  As interest around large AI models — particularly large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI's GPT-3 — grows …
J. Clara Chan / The Hollywood Reporter:
Spotify launches a US audiobook service with 300K titles from major and independent publishers; users purchase and download individual books to play in its app  —  The audio giant, which is offering 300,000 audiobooks for purchase at launch, is positioning its books service as separate …

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