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New York Times:
Washington Post:
Uber's hacker, who claims to be 18 years old, says he hacked Uber for fun, using social engineering, might leak source code, and has access to its AWS account  —  The company said in a tweet it was “responding to a cybersecurity incident”  —  SAN FRANCISCO — Uber's computer systems …
Andrew J. Hawkins / The Verge:
Uber says there is “no evidence” the hacker accessed sensitive user info, like trip histories, during the breach and that all its products are now “operational”  —  Uber says there is “no evidence” that any of its users' private information was compromised in a breach of its internal computer systems.
Tim Hakki / Decrypt:
The White House releases a “comprehensive framework” for US crypto regulation, outlining various federal agencies' recommendations after six months of study  —  The White House's recommendations are built on six months of wide-ranging research across the digital asset sector.
Abner Li / 9to5Google:
Intel says the company plans to replace its Pentium and Celeron brands, debuted in 1993 and 1998, with Intel Processor, starting with notebooks in 2023  —  While there are more and more premium Chrome OS devices, the category very much excels at the cheaper end of the market.
Joe Schneider / Bloomberg:
A US federal appeals court upholds the Texas social media content moderation law, lifting an injunction that blocked it and remanding it back to the lower court  —  A federal appeals court upheld the validity of a Texas social-media law that companies like Twitter Inc. and Meta Platforms Inc …
Makena Kelly / The Verge:
Parler restructures as Parlement Technologies after raising a $16M Series B and acquires Dynascale to offer “uncancelable” cloud services for online businesses  —  On Friday, Parler announced that it was entering the internet infrastructure industry in order to provide new …
Nico Grant / New York Times:
Leaked audio: YouTube will lower the barriers to entry for its partner program and bring ads to Shorts, paying creators 45% of ad money vs. 55% for YouTube ads  —  The video platform will let more creators earn payments and place ads in Shorts, its TikTok competitor, according to audio from an internal meeting.
New York Times:
Former TikTok and ByteDance staff say TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew's power is limited; ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming and other executives make most of the decisions  —  Shou Zi Chew, TikTok's chief executive, is balancing how to be an autonomous leader while juggling the demands of the app's Chinese parent company.
Danny Nelson / CoinDesk:
Sources: due to an accounting bug, Binance erroneously disbursed ~4.8M of Helium's HNT tokens, worth ~$19M, to some of its users, many of whom quickly sold them  —  The Helium network has two tokens, HNT and MOBILE.  Binance counted them as one, HNT, resulting in a windfall for customers who deposited the MOBILE.
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PitchBook: the Adobe deal makes Figma the largest VC-backed exit in 20+ years; source: Figma's biggest outside shareholder is Index Ventures with a 12%+ stake  —  Danny Rimer first invested in Figma in 2012, shortly after the company was established and began developing software tools for designers.
Mike Truppa / The Block:
Ethereum activates its long-awaited Merge upgrade, in development since 2020, and transactions are now being processed under proof of stake  —  - The Merge upgrade is transitioning Ethereum from proof of work to proof of stake.  — The Merge is one of the largest technological events in the industry to date.
Wall Street Journal:

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