September 4, 2022, 2:00 AM

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Washington Post:
Cloudflare says it has blocked Kiwi Farms, citing “an unprecedented emergency and immediate threat to human life” after a recent rise in targeted threats  —  — Reversing course under growing public pressure, major tech security company Cloudflare Inc. announced Saturday …
NBC News:
A profile of Kiwi Farms, a forum owned and operated by former 8chan admin Josh Moon, that has become synonymous with doxxing, swatting, and harassment campaigns  —  A trans streamer and a Republican congresswoman were targeted at their homes in the last month.  Experts warn this is just the beginning.
A source details the behavior of iPhone 14 Pro's always-on display, including Widgets fading in and out to prevent OLED burn-in and customizable visual elements  —  The iPhone 14 Pro will feature unique behavior on the Lock Screen and significant changes to the status bar thanks to its always-on display …
Emily Nicolle / Bloomberg:
Amid mass layoffs, Snap says Web3 is not a priority since it doesn't directly contribute to the company's AR efforts, in sharp contrast to moves by rival Meta  —  Snap Inc. is sunsetting efforts focused on building products for the much-vaunted next generation of the internet known as web3 …
Amazon quietly introduces a 72-hour delay for all user reviews posted to Prime Video to determine whether the review is genuine or created by a bot or a troll  —  Amazon has introduced a new weapon in the battle against internet trolls: delays.  —  Starting around the time of the launch …
Anatoly Kurmanaev / New York Times:
US officials say sanctioned countries are increasingly manipulating the GPS-based automatic identification systems, or AIS, of ships to evade international law  —  A technology enabling the transmission of fake locations to carry out murky or even illegal business operations …
Washington Post:
Some online disinformation experts criticize Twitter's stance on Libs of TikTok, as some US children's hospitals face threats inspired by the anti-LGBTQ account  —  Employees are warning colleagues to take action against the anti-LGBTQ account, saying it's ‘only a matter of time’ its posts lead to violence.
Jennifer Maas / Variety:
Amazon says The Rings of Power's first two episodes drew 25M viewers globally in its first day, revealing viewership for a Prime Video series for the first time  —  Amazon broke a long-held precedent Saturday by revealing viewership data for a Prime Video series for the first time ever …
Melissa Heikkilä / MIT Technology Review:
A look at the privacy concerns raised by OpenAI's GPT-3, Google's LaMDA, Meta's OPT-175B, and other large language models trained on troves of personal data  —  Large language models are trained on troves of personal data hoovered from the internet.  So I wanted to know: What does it have on me?

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