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Report: in emails sent to three creators, Coinbase says it is “temporarily shutting down” its US affiliate program on July 19 and plans to relaunch it in 2023  —  According to a Business Insider article, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will “temporarily shut down” its US affiliate-marketing programme on July 19.
Financial Times:
Chinese grocery delivery firm Missfresh, which had raised $1B+ in VC funding from Tiger, Goldman, others, falls in market cap on Nasdaq from $3B in 2021 to $88M  —  Chinese grocery delivery group valued at $3bn a year ago is now worth just $88mn  —  Tiger Global-backed grocery delivery start …
Nathan Grayson / Washington Post:
A look at YouTube's strategy, started in 2019, of signing Twitch streamers with a network of creators that can simulate community and build its own game culture  —  Listen  —  Gift Article  —  Where once the departure of Twitch stars for YouTube Gaming elicited shock and awe …
Wall Street Journal:
Adam Neumann's Flowcarbon and some other startups offering cryptocurrencies backed by carbon-offset credits have slowed product rollouts amid the crypto crash  —  Investors rushed to startups offering cryptocurrencies backed by carbon-offset credits, then the markets tanked
Karen Hao / Wall Street Journal:
Researchers say Alibaba's cloud platform that hosted Shanghai's now-leaked police database used outdated systems that didn't offer the ability to set a password  —  Cybersecurity companies say Alibaba's cloud platform that hosted Shanghai's police database used outdated systems that didn't offer ability to set a password
Nikkei Asia:
Tracxn: ~$8.5B in VC funding was raised by Indian education startups from 2014 to 2021, with about half of that in 2021 alone, as they vie for US marketshare  —  Grab for market share takes on extra urgency as valuation woes and job cuts bite  —  AKITO TANAKA, Nikkei Asia chief business news correspondent …
Sabah Gurmat / Rest of World:
An app for India's largest public employment program is jeopardizing the livelihood of 82M+ due to technical glitches, an English-only UI, and poor connectivity  —  Poor connectivity and an English-only interface make the app unusable for many who rely on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.
Christopher Mims / Wall Street Journal:
MakeMyMove: at least 71 US cities and towns now offer cash grants and other perks to attract remote workers, mostly in tech, up from at least 24 in October 2021  —  Incentives are drawing high-paid tech workers, and challenging how we think about local economic development
Arielle Pardes / Wired:
Rapid delivery startups, which surged during the pandemic, have either retreated from some cities or shut down after struggling to make the economics work  —  Companies that promise groceries delivered in 15 minutes surged during the pandemic—but are now in retreat.

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