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DeFi lending platform Celsius pauses “all withdrawals, Swap, and transfers between accounts”, due to “extreme market conditions” and citing its Terms of Use  —  We are writing with a very important message for our community.  —  Due to extreme market conditions …
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Brandy Betz / CoinDesk:
Major cryptocurrencies crash as the crypto market cap falls below $1T: bitcoin drops 16%+ to ~$23K, ether drops 18%+ to ~$1.2K, and Solana drops 16%+ to ~$28  —  Bitcoin plunged to the lowest in about 18 months in Asia trading Monday as the impact of Friday's shock US inflation data continued to reverberate through global risk assets.
Matt Turner / Bloomberg:
As cryptocurrencies tumble, MicroStrategy, which owns 129K+ bitcoins, drops up to 28%; Coinbase, Riot Blockchain, and Marathon Digital each drop as far as 15%+  —  Cryptocurrency-related stocks plunged on Monday as Bitcoin tumbled to its lowest level in 18 months amid a deepening selloff …
Gary Marcus / The Road to AI We Can Trust:
Despite differences within the AI community, pretty much all AI experts find the notion that Google's LaMDA might be sentient completely ridiculous  —  No, LaMDA is not sentient.  Not even slightly. … Blaise Aguera y Arcas, polymath, novelist, and Google VP, has a way with words.
New York Times:
Microsoft and the CWA union announce a deal that would make it easier for Activision Blizzard's ~7,000 US employees to unionize after the acquisition closes  —  The accord could ease the path for thousands of workers to unionize at the game company Microsoft is acquiring and addresses an antitrust objection.
Sarah Lord / CNET:
Amazon plans to test drone deliveries in Lockeford, California, after receiving FAA approval to service the town, for products ordered through Amazon Prime Air  —  The service will be called Prime Air and will use drones with sense-and-avoid systems to deliver packages safely.  —  Sarah Lord
Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft updates Teams to improve echo cancellation and room acoustics on calls using ML models, resulting in less clipping when callers interrupt each other  —  Your Teams calls should sound a lot better  —  Microsoft has spent the past two years adding flashy new productivity features to Teams …
Muyao Shen / Bloomberg:
A look at Ethereum staking service Lido Finance, which holds 4M+ ETH or 32% of the total staked, raising centralization-related security concerns about Eth2  —  A cryptocurrency project touted as helping to democratize the Ethereum blockchain is coming under criticism for potentially taking …
Molly White:
A skeptical look at whether crypto can offer self-sovereign identity services without dystopian outcomes, as Buterin, Dorsey, and others explore the idea  —  Anonymity and trustlessness are central to the crypto world.  People don't have to attach real-world identities to crypto wallets …

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