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Energy And Commerce Committee / YouTube:
Recording of House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on platform misinformation with Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Jack Dorsey  —  The Subcommittee on Communications and Technology and the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce of the Committee on Energy and Commerce …
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Makena Kelly / The Verge:
House tech hearing revealed unorganized lawmakers who conflated issues of competition, privacy, and moderation, and were unable to move past personal grievances  —  It's time to move past listening and into legislating  —  This story is part of a group of stories called
Brian Fung / CNN:
In the hearing, lawmakers accused CEOs of being smug, evasive, and condescending; CEOs appeared barely to restrain their own exasperation with yes/no questions  —  Washington (CNN Business)The chief executives of Facebook, Google and Twitter faced withering criticism from members of Congress …
Ken Klippenstein / The Intercept:
Internal Amazon documents show Amazon was aware of the practice of employees using pee bottles, identifying it as a “Tier 1” infraction that can lead to firing  —  In anticipation of Sen. Bernie Sanders's scheduled trip to Bessemer, Alabama, to support the unionization drive …
Lauren Kaori Gurley / VICE:
Wall Street Journal:
Sources: Microsoft is in exclusive talks to acquire Discord for $10B+ and could complete the deal next month  —  Deal valuing chat app at $10 billion or more could be completed next month  —  Microsoft Corp. is in advanced talks to acquire messaging platform Discord Inc. for $10 billion or more …
Owen Thomas / Protocol:
Stewart Butterfield says Slack will introduce audio messages and a Clubhouse-like feature that will allow users to drop into rooms without an invitation  —  Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said on Clubhouse that Clubhouse-like additions will soon be coming to the app.
Source: Biden EO draft would require many software vendors to notify their federal govt. clients of cybersecurity breaches and preserve accompanying data logs  —  SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A planned Biden administration executive order will require many software vendors to notify …
Jane Chung / Public Citizen:
Analysis of Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon US lobbying: $124M spent on lobbying and campaign donations during 2020 cycle; Facebook and Google are top spenders  —  An updated analysis of the rise in lobbying and campaign contributions from the Big Tech companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google
Arjun Kharpal / CNBC:
H&M removed from Chinese e-commerce sites and mapping apps after its statement last year on forced labor in Xinjiang resurfaced and caused a backlash on Weibo  —  - H&M faced backlash on Chinese social media service Weibo over a statement reportedly from last year in which the retailer said it was …
Hamish McKenzie / Substack Blog:
Substack offers further clarity on its content moderation guidelines, detailing its stance on harassment, doxxing, hate, and more  —  In December, we published a statement about our philosophy on content moderation.  In the time since, content moderation policies across all platforms have become only more consequential and debated.

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