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How the NSA is still harvesting your online data  —  Files show vast scale of current NSA metadata programs, with one stream alone celebrating ‘one trillion records processed’  —  A review of top-secret NSA documents suggests that the surveillance agency still collects and sifts through large quantities …
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Joel Rosenblatt / Bloomberg:
Apple Can't Add Galaxy S4 to Samsung Patent Lawsuit  —  Apple Inc. (AAPL) lost its bid in a lawsuit to add Samsung Electronics (005930) Co.'s Galaxy S4 smartphone to a list of products it alleges to infringe its patents.  —  The decision yesterday by U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal …
Kevin Poulsen / Wired:
WikiLeaks Volunteer Was a Paid Informant for the FBI  —  On an August workday in 2011, a cherubic 18-year-old Icelandic man named Sigurdur “Siggi” Thordarson walked through the stately doors of the U.S. embassy in Reykjavík, his jacket pocket concealing his calling card: a crumpled photocopy of an Australian passport.
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:
Yahoo News Gets A Makeover, But The Bigger Improvements Are Under The Hood  —  A little over a month after Yahoo partnered with Twitter to beef up its homepage news feed with relevant tweets from news organizations, the company is today announcing a major makeover for one of its flagship properties, Yahoo News.
Apple Spells Out iTunes Radio Terms for Record Labels  —  Ahead of its launch of an online radio service, Apple circulated terms to independent record labels last week, many of them more generous to the music companies than what rival Pandora Media currently pays.
Fred Wilson / A VC:
Valuation vs Ownership  —  I am talking at the PreMoney conference today (via Skype) and I woke up thinking about the challenges facing the VC industry.  I hope to talk a bit about this at the conference.  —  Some investors are ownership focused.  They want to own 20% of the business but care less about the valuation.
Billy Gallagher / TechCrunch:
Clinkle Raises Celebrity-Filled $25M Round As It Gears Up To Eliminate The Physical Wallet  —  Clinkle, a mobile payments startup that aims to put your entire wallet on your phone, has raised a $25 million round from over 18 investors.  —  The company, which has been in stealth mode since …
Catherine Shu / TechCrunch:
Digg Reader Now Available On Digg's iOS App  —  Digg Reader, Digg's alternative for the RSS aggregation addicts who will be bereft when Google Reader finally shuts down on July 1, is now available on the Digg iOS app.  An Android app is expected to make its debut in the next three to four weeks.
Kevin Fitchard / GigaOM:
Verizon wraps up LTE rollout; plans all-VoIP phone launch for late 2014  —  Verizon Wireless's LTE juggernaut has hit its 500th market, leading the carrier to declare on Thursday its rollout is “substantially complete.”  Verizon's 4G network now covers 298 million people and covers 95 percent of the U.S. population.
Greg Sandoval / The Verge:
Air attack: Aereo CEO talks up his tech, prepares Chicago launch  —  Armed with his DVRs and tiny antennas, Aereo says the shift in TV has begun  —  Chet Kanojia, Aereo's founder and CEO, strolls past the rows and rows of DVRs, TV antennas, and transcoders, and smiles when he recalls …
Tim Westergren / Pandora Blog:
Pandora and Royalties  —  (Warning: This is long, but I'd really like to fully articulate Pandora's perspective on royalties, which is simply impossible to do in just a few sentences.)  —  Over 13 years ago when I started this company, we set out with a singular mission …
Scott Buscemi / 9to5Mac:
iOS 7 includes the ability to control your iPhone or iPad using head movements [video]  —  Discovered by an anonymous tipster, iOS 7′s “Accessibility” section now includes a feature that allows you to control your iPhone or iPad with left or right head movements.
Haris Ramic / Google LatLong:
Google Earth 7.1 for Android and iOS, now with Street View  —  Whether you're on foot looking for the best sushi place in a new neighborhood or you'd like to do some virtual archaeology around Pompeii, we're all explorers of the world around us in our own way.
Peter Kafka / AllThingsD:
TouchCast Wants You to Watch Web Video With Your Fingers  —  The problem with most Web video startups is that you've seen them before.  Another compilation of cheap clips posing as the next big cable channel.  Another solution for nonexistent “discovery” problems.  Another “Instagram for video” that won't be.
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Ryan Whitwam /
Cloudsweeper tells you how much your Gmail is worth to a hacker  —  The value of your data is the driving force behind much of the malware and malicious behavior on the internet.  If an attacker can gain access to a store of information, it can be sold off piece by piece until the evildoer …
Anthony Ha / TechCrunch:
Swell Launches A Personalized App For News Radio Listening  —  Swell, a smartphone app launching today, is quickly becoming my favorite way to listen to spoken-word content.  —  There are other apps focusing on that kind of content — for example, when we wrote about Stitcher's growth last year …
Kyle Orland / Ars Technica:
Microsoft: Kinect for Xbox One will not work on PCs  —  This Kinect is designed to only work on an Xbox One.  You'll need a different one to plug in to your PC.  —  When Microsoft announced a special next-generation Kinect for Windows pre-release developer program earlier today …
Adrianne Jeffries / The Verge:
Drug Enforcement Agency seizes 11 Bitcoins from alleged Silk Road dealer  —  The Drug Enforcement Agency has seized 11.02 Bitcoins worth $814.22 from an accused drug dealer in South Carolina, according to a government press release spotted by Bitcoin bloggers.

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