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Denis Campbell / The Guardian:
UK's NHS launches first clinic to treat gaming addiction in people aged 13 to 25; referred patients can be treated in person or online via Skype   —  GPs will be able to refer young people, after ‘gaming disorder’ defined as a health problem  —  The NHS is opening the country's …
Oct 9, 2019, 5:40 AMIn context
Joseph Cox / VICE:
Microsoft updates privacy policy to say employees or contractors may listen to recordings from Cortana and Skype Translator, after reports revealed the practice   —  The change comes after Motherboard found that Microsoft hired contractors to listen to some Skype phone calls.
Aug 14, 2019, 12:55 PMIn context
Joseph Cox / VICE:
Source and documents show Microsoft contractors are listening to some Skype calls made using the app's translation service   —  Contractors working for Microsoft are listening to personal conversations of Skype users conducted through the app's translation service, according to a cache of internal documents …
Aug 7, 2019, 9:55 AMIn context
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:
Microsoft says Skype for Business Online will be “retired” on July 31, 2021; Skype consumer users will be able to communicate with Teams users starting Q1 2020   —  As part of its Skype for Business Online to Teams transition, Microsoft will enable Skype consumer users to communicate …
Jul 30, 2019, 1:45 PMIn context
Kyle Wiggers / VentureBeat:
Skype brings screen sharing to its iOS and Android apps alongside a redesign aimed at simplifying the video call interface   —  Skype often with your smartphone?  You'll be pleased to know that starting today, you'll be able to share your screen if you're on a supported Android or iOS device …
Jun 5, 2019, 8:15 AMIn context
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:
Microsoft doubles Skype's group call limit to 50 people, matching Facebook Messenger's limit and exceeding FaceTime's, which supports up to 32 people   —  Skype is capitalizing on Apple's struggles with Group FaceTime to attract attention to its own group calling features.
Apr 5, 2019, 7:20 PMIn context
Kyle Wiggers / VentureBeat:
Microsoft rolls out new Skype for Web with HD video calling, built-in call recording, and redesigned notifications   —  Hate installing Skype?  Good news: Microsoft's revamping the messaging app's browser-based client with a slew of new features.  The Seattle company today announced the rollout …
Mar 7, 2019, 3:45 PMIn context
Victoria Song / Gizmodo:
Microsoft introduces background blur feature to Skype, which uses AI to detect the user's hair, hands, and arms, and blur distracting objects in the background   —  Slobs of the world, don't work too hard KonMari-ing your apartment or office ahead of your next important Skype call.
Feb 6, 2019, 11:10 PMIn context
Kyle Wiggers / VentureBeat:
Google will retire classic Hangouts for G Suite customers in October, after its previous announcement that Hangouts would be split into Hangouts Chat, Meet apps   —  Google announced in March 2017 that it would split Hangouts, its cross-platform messaging service, into two core apps …
Jan 22, 2019, 2:35 PMIn context
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:
Microsoft launches Al-powered real-time captions and subtitles for Skype and says PowerPoint will also get them in early 2019   —  Alongside news that PowerPoint is getting real-time captions and subtitles in 2019, Microsoft announced similar technology is now available in Skype.
Dec 3, 2018, 11:45 AMIn context

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