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Nick Statt / The Verge:
WhatsApp group calling for voice and video, announced at F8, now live globally on iOS and Android, with end-to-end encryption and support for up to four users   —  Up to four people can chat simultaneously  —  Back at Facebook's F8 developer conference in May, WhatsApp announced …
Jul 30, 2018, 7:45 PMIn context
Casey Newton / The Verge:
Facebook and YouTube, with rules like the “three strikes policy” that assume good faith users, are unprepared for actors like Infowars that exploit loopholes   —  Facebook and YouTube never anticipated a site like Infowars  —  Two weeks ago, CNN's Oliver Darcy put a question …
Jul 29, 2018, 2:00 AMIn context
Dieter Bohn / The Verge:
Review of Google Assistant-powered Lenovo Smart Display, the first device to run on Android Things, available July 27 with 8"/10" screens for $199 and $249   —  Google Assistant gets a screen  —  The basic idea behind the new Google-powered Smart Displays that are coming this summer is simple …
Jul 26, 2018, 11:50 AMIn context
The Verge:
Twitter begins locking accounts that impersonate celebs like Elon Musk or Bill Gates to help combat cryptocurrency giveaway scams using their names   —  To combat cryptocurrency scammers dropping deceptive links in Musk's replies  —  Twitter has implemented a new method for combating cryptocurrency scammers …
Jul 25, 2018, 6:15 PMIn context
Casey Newton / The Verge:
Sources: YouTube removed four videos from Alex Jones' channel for hate speech and child endangerment, but counted the takedowns as one strike toward the channel   —  The video site removed four of Jones' videos on Tuesday  —  Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' YouTube channel received a strike …
Jul 25, 2018, 1:55 PMIn context
Dieter Bohn / The Verge:
2018 MacBook Pro review: great chip performance after latest software update, keyboard slightly nicer to type on, better security and “Hey Siri” with T2 chip   —  They have a lot to live up to  —  Additional reporting and photography by Vjeran Pavic.  Video by Felicia Shivakumar and Vjeran Pavic.
Jul 25, 2018, 1:10 PMIn context
Colin Lecher / The Verge:
Q&A with Sen. Ron Wyden, who co-wrote Section 230 of Communications Decency Act, on privacy, content moderation, First Amendment, and tech giants like Facebook   —  There may not be a lawmaker in Congress who has done more to shape the internet than Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR).
Jul 25, 2018, 10:05 AMIn context
Nick Statt / The Verge:
Steam is rolling out Steam Chat, with new text and voice features to compete with gaming chat app Discord, to all users   —  In a bid to keep Discord from dominating the social space around PC gaming  —  Steam has begun rolling out its new text and voice features, as well as its updated friends list, to all users beginning today.
Jul 24, 2018, 6:20 PMIn context
Nick Statt / The Verge:
Washington AG says Facebook signed legal agreement to change ad platform so third parties can't discriminate based on ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation   —  The agreement with Washington state forces Facebook to make nationwide changes  —  Facebook has signed a new …
Jul 24, 2018, 4:40 PMIn context
The Verge:
Uber and Lyft driver in St. Louis has live-streamed hundreds of rides on Twitch without passenger consent; Uber and Lyft say the practice is legal in Missouri   —  It's legal  —  An Uber and Lyft driver in St. Louis, Missouri has given around 700 rides since March 2018 …
Jul 21, 2018, 2:35 PMIn context

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